4 Complaints In One Afternoon – Feeling SO Sad…I’m Retiring

I cannot begin to tell you how sad I felt as I closed up for the day having had 4 – yes, count ’em FOUR complaints about other “Professional” Animal Communicators in one single afternoon.

Now, you would be forgiven for thinking – as I did – that these people had contacted me on the back of my last newsletter where I laid out my concerns about people who were practicing as “Professional” Animal Communicators.  But when I enquired as to if that was their reason for getting in touch, none of these people had read my newsletter because they had only just been recommended to get in touch with me.  So, that only gives us a small glimpse as to how big this problem really is.  After all, if no-one had recommended that they get in touch, I would never have known about them.  So I really think this is merely the tip of the iceberg.  And it is an iceberg that I will do everything within my power to hack away at until it is no longer a problem!

Sadly, the 4 complaints were all completely different – again showing the breadth of this growing problem:-

  1. The first woman paid for a Communication Consultation – and the “Professional” Animal Communicator took the money and didn’t do the consultation.  Didn’t answer emails and didn’t return phone calls.  What is particularly frustrating is that this “Professional” has set back YEARS OF MY HARD BLOODY WORK!  And the work of other hard working Communicators across the world too.  Why?  Because a vet had recommended that the client seek out an Animal Communicator!  A Vet!  Do you know how many years it has taken me to get just a few vets to take my work seriously?  And finally, we have vets recognising the value that we can bring to understanding/solving animal’s issues – and this happens!  That will set us ALL back years!!!! 
  2. The second complaint was from a man who had gone through a Professional Animal Communicator Training Programme only to reach the end, receive his Certificate of Endorsement and yet had absolutely no idea whether he was actually competent in communicating with animals or not.  He received no feedback on his case studies, no assessment of his progress and no pointers for how to improve!  Seriously????  That is NOT teaching (or learning).  I don’t even know what you would call that…..
  3. The third complaint was from a woman who had signed up to an online Animal Communication Course and failed to receive the modules.  Her emails and subsequent phone calls requesting a refund were ignored.  Sadly, this one is a common complaint…..
  4. Last, but by no means least, I received an enquiry from a gentleman who saw that someone was running Animal Communication Workshops near his parent’s home.  As I have run workshops regularly in this area, a friend advised him to get in touch with me to see if it was one of my Graduates that was running the Workshop on my behalf.  It  was not – my Graduates require 2 years minimum fieldwork practice and Teacher Training before they can train under my name.  It transpires that the Practitioner was someone who had recently passed her Animal Communication Course.  Seriously?  Would you want to take driving lessons from someone who had just passed their own driving test?????  This worries me so much!  
So it was a very sad day indeed.  And whilst I was already aware of similar complaints over the years I had never had so many complaints in one day – one afternoon!  So I am taking it as a message.  And I am acting on it.  It’s time to retire…

I Am Retiring

As of April, I will be retiring from carrying out the day to day Animal Communication Consultations at my practice.  I will be handing over the bulk of this work to my two associates:
  • Colette Smith
  • Jan Lees
Both Jan and Colette have studied with me for more than 2 years and have been working on cases with me in the background preparing for this handover. 
They have not only come come through my rigorous Professional Practitioner’s Teaching Programme, but they have each collected a heap of accolades and merits along the way with their work being praised – and endorsed – by other Professionals in the Animal World, including vets, behaviourists and equine specialists.
They are both excellent Animal Communicators who so beautifully shine the light of understanding on the issues the animals present with.  Using the broad range of tools I have taught them, they are able to get to the root cause of the presenting issue.  And THAT is Professional Animal Communication.
I know you and your animals will be in the safest, and kindest, of hands when you work with Jan and Colette.  How do I know this for sure?  
These are the two I go to when I am worried about my animal family
I feel truly blessed to have Jan and Colette at my side looking after my community of animal lovers.  I am also extremely happy that I am able to fulfil my dream of supporting other Practitioners in achieving their dreams of carrying out this sacred and privileged work.  
This hugely important move will create the time that is needed for me to focus on raising my game even more in the Training World.  Doing whatever I can to raise the reputation of the Animal Communication Profession – and the “Professionals” that emerge from it. 
Full introductions to Jan and Colette will follow soon…..Watch this space…
AND….the results of the Survey are in and I have compiled a FREE GIFT for you – coming out very soon…..
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