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I Would Love To Help You - Even More - To Be The Very Best You Can Be For All The Animals In Your Life!

You are so ready aren’t you!

Ready to shift from where you currently are – where you are assuming what your companions need or want. You may already have that gut feeling of knowing when something’s wrong or recognising when they are unhappy, yet you are now ready to move from that place of assumption to:-

  • Taking the guess work out of all the decisions you make for your companions
  • Ready to move to a place of knowing exactly what they want and need
  • Read to move to a place of truly understanding their dreams and desires.

It’s a really exciting thought isn’t it? And totally possible for you!

And I can help you make that transformation from guessing, to knowing – with confidence – what your animal friend needs.

Yet, you may already be doubting you can do this, or fearing that you are not capable, but I know you are!

So, here’s the deal:   If you would like me to work with you one to one to help you identify how you can deepen your connection with your animal friend and provide you with a 4 Point Plan that’s customized to your specific situation, I’d love to. I really would. And it’s on me.

Yup, you read that right. Free. Nada. Squiggly-dit.

I am offering you a one hour
Coaching Call with me where I will:

  1. Establish how you are already connecting and communicating with your animal companions (because you will be, you just might not recognise it as Animal Communication)
  2. Identify your best or strongest method of communication
  3. Explore any blocks or fears that may be holding you back from being the best you can be
  4. And most importantly, you will leave our Coaching Call with the exact steps you can take to overcome your blocks and fears and start connecting more deeply with your furbaby

If you are someone who likes to cut straight to the chase, here is the link to Apply for a Coaching Call with me. In a nutshell, the criteria is you must be ready to commit to the process and do what it takes to follow the 4 Point Plan I lay out for you (full details below).


Here’s The Truth About Connecting And
Communicating With Your Animals

The steps are simple. Yes, they really are. Now I’m not saying they are easy. I am saying they are simple. As animal communication steadily becomes more mainstream, I am seeing more and more advice out there for animal lovers just like you. Sadly, this advice is often convoluting, unnecessarily complex and frankly, a bit of a turn off.

I have been using 7 simple techniques for more than 10 years to teach people just like you how to create deeper, more connected relationships with your animal companions. Teaching you how to understand them, hear them and honour them. When you adopt these techniques, you will start to feel the deepening of your connection. But when you combine the techniques with your unique 4 Point Plan, you will have the tools to take your heartfelt connection with your animal friend to the deepest level possible. And then the fun begins as you experience results in days and weeks rather than months – or even years.

It’s worth mentioning that whilst I state honestly that the strategy is simple, not everyone has what it takes to implement it.

Let’s face it, establishing a deep, soulful connection with your animal companion will take some effort on your part. That requires commitment and if you are committed, I’d love to help you!

“Working with your teachings has been amazing Sarah-Jane! Your course is second to none! It has forever changed my life – and the lives of my dogs. Not only have I fulfilled my dreams of being able to hear and understand them, but I feel so much more confident - in every area of my life - and for the first time in years, I am in control of my life!

And it that is not enough, you have given me the courage to step up and make my difference in the world. And now I am earning a living doing what I love – listening to animals and helping their people understand them. The best job in the world.”

Angela Wright

This Won’t Work For Everyone

It takes a special person with a “do whatever it takes” attitude to really get results. So, if you truly want my personal, one to one attention and support with this, there are a few qualifications that you must meet:-

  • I am taking it as a given that you love animals and really care about helping them. I do my best work with people who know they have a big difference to make in this world and want to help animals and their guardians. If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work, I can show you how.
  • You must be committed to succeeding at deepening your connection and understanding of animals and their unique, individual needs, wants and desires.
  • You must be someone who follows teachings in a timely manner and is committed to taking FAST action.
  • You must be open to expanding your learning
  • You must be absolutely committed to working on your own blocks (it’s often us that are the problem – not the animal)
  • You must have a “No Excuses” attitude when it comes to getting results (you can connect with animals and you can make excuses – but you can’t do both!).

If you are truly wanting to deepen your connection and understanding of animals, it would be my absolute pleasure to create, with you, a 4-Point Plan that will get you where you were born to go!

People come to me for a breakthrough in their connections with their pets and my clients and students will tell you that I always deliver!

““I approached you in dire need when my beloved snake was sick and no one knew what was wrong with him. You gently showed me how he was teaching me to release decades of repressed hurt and anger I had been holding onto. Once I implemented the 4 Point Plan you created for me and used your techniques to let go of those deeply held emotions, Mr Prickles started to eat and get well. Forever indebted.”

Bill Turner

What Happens Next

There are only a limited number of appointments available for 1:1 Coaching with me, so if this resonates with you and you’d like my help, click below and apply for your Coaching Call with me. This could be the breakthrough you have been praying for!