A Tender Moment With Death & My 6yr Old Son

I have literally just experienced something so powerful – on so many levels – that I am just bursting to share it with you. But first, please let me update you with some very important news:
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And now, back to my truly momentous moment this morning with Death and my youngest son….
I was just leaving the house for my morning swim when I noticed a dead mouse under my car.  He was in perfect alignment with my front tyre and I knew I would run him over when I reversed.  Unable to bear the thought of this (even though I knew his soul would have moved on) I bent down to pick him up.  As I got closer, I noticed a slight raise of his chest – he was still alive!  I could see blood, injuries to his tiny back and sides and his both his back legs were clearly broken.  He was in a bad way!  I knew he needed to put out of his misery.  I also knew I couldn’t do that.  Time to call my husband!
A small crowd gathered and several options were offered, including reversing over him which everyone felt was the quickest and kindest thing to do.  I just couldn’t allow that to happen. And, despite his terrible state, my husband suggested that I carry out some healing – my intuition was telling me it was too late for that and to call in my Death & Dying Guides to take him over to the other side.
I asked my youngest son to go and get me the box from his new school shoes.  He refused saying that he needed it to keep his shoes in!  So I asked him to get me any old box from his room – but he informed me he needed them all!  Before I had time to get cross with him, my husband appeared with a perfectly sized box.  I then asked my son to go and some kitchen roll to line the box.  The box duly lined, I finally asked him to get me my Shamanic Drum so I could preform a Death Ceremony for this tiny little mouse, to which he replied like any typical 6yr old, “Oh! Why do I have to do everything?!?”.
Before I had time to contemplate (not for the first time!) just where on earth this child had come from and how he could even be part of my family, he arrived at my side with 2 drums and said “I didn’t know which one you wanted”.
I held the mouse in one hand and cupped my other hand over the top of him, sending him healing energy to whis whole body.  My son peered over my shoulder as I sat on the front door step and said “No mummy, you are doing it wrong”. He then pushed my upper hand away and preceded to do a Bi-Aura Energy “sweep” off the tiny little mouse’s body.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  My child – who was as interested in my healing work as he was in dolls and the colour pink! – was performing a perfect – yes perfect – energy sweep from this tiny creature’s body.  He looked at me and said “Is that how you do it mummy?  Is that right?”.   As I nodded, the mouse began to move!  He stretched his front legs and did a semi roll on his side offering his injuries to us.  My son continued to clear energy from his body as I held the mouse in the palm of my hand.  Then we heard it.  A queak!  Then another!  And another!  He was now moving his legs and his heart rate was coming down.  Instinctively, I began to clear his energy field with my free hand  (Top Tip for those interested in Bio-Energy Healing for Animals – when creatures are small enough to hold in the palm of your hand you can heal the whole body with the clearing technique instead of going through the individual chakras).
My son quickly told me to stop as that was his job!  I looked on as my independent, strong willed, determined (and often challenging) son stood and worked with such intensity and trust on that little mouse.  The mouse continued to squeak and make small movements. I then laid him down in the box, picked up my drum and brought in my Pyschopomp Guide and asked if  it was time to open the portal to the other side.  It was. As I began the ceremony, my son ran to the kitchen and brought bread crumbs for the mouse to eat incase he was hungry – such kindness from a child who often struggles with empathy.  I drummed and my son continued to clear the mouse’s energy field.  I saw the portal open, my Psychopomp Guide came forward and the soul began to lift from the mouse.  I had the privilege of seeing a whole family of mice waiting at the other side of the rainbow bridge urging their beloved one home.  Within moments, my son tapped my shoulder and said “Stop mummy.  You can stop now”.
I looked up with a huge lump in my throat and tears threatening to fall from my eyes.  My son had a tear in his eye, and wiped his face with his pyjama top.  I put my arm around him as he held the box containing the mouse and we shed our tears whilst I explained to him that his healing work had given the mouse the strength he needed to transition to the other side – and his squeaking was him saying thank you to him.
What a beautiful, tender moment I had just shared with my son and the mouse – each of us connected, each in the moment.  This was made even more special as I had just had cross words with my son prior to this happening about his lack of kindness.  Yet what kindness and caring he showed without prompting.  Something that is often a challenge for my spirited and strong willed child.
It was truly the most tender of moments for us all – me, the mouse and my son.  What a privilege – and a blessing – this work is.  What gratitude I have for that mouse who provided a sacred moment for me to see who my child really is.
My son is now impatiently shouting on me, shovel in hand, waiting to go to the woods to bury the mouse (that he wanted to keep in his room).  “Remember mummy, we need to make a stone too.  Hurry up!”…..
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