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Sarah-Jane has had the amazing honour – and joy – of working with a wide variety of animals – ranging from fearful furries and love sick dogs to depressed camels and show off dolphins!  She is always in awe of our wonderful animals and treats each and every one of them with the respect, compassion and love that they deserve.

Every animal’s story is both special and important.  Unfortunately there are too many stories to tell here on this one page, so please enjoy a selection that have been carefully chosen to demonstrate the breadth of emotion, capacity and connection that our animals have.

We aim to regularly update this page with the many stories we have.  This keeps it fresh for the returning viewer and allows more animals to shine.  If you haven’t seen the stories change recently, please get in touch and remind us!

Kai Bunting, 12yr old cat (just hadn’t been quite himself, off his food, lethargic and refusing to take antibiotics

S Bunting, West Yorkshire

Shadow, Black Lab, 11 years old (given no more than 2 weeks to live September 2011)

Shadow had been monitored by the vet for 18 months for suspected Cushings Disease.  Each test drew a blank and in September 2011 Shadow took 3 fits.  An overnight stay in hospital diagnosed 3 unrelated tumours and her family were advised that her condition was terminal and she had no more than 2 weeks to live.

“We were told that she had no more than two weeks to live. Medication would make her more comfortable but ultimately our girl was about to leave us. Our world fell apart. Over the next few days Shadow was not left alone, even when I went to work her Granny (my mum!) came and sat with her. And then there came comfort in the form of Animal Communication and Sarah Jane.

Following her initial communication via a photograph, Shadow and I shared a phone call with Sarah-Jane which was to be one of the most reassuring and loving conversations I have ever taken part in. Shadow was able to explain how she feels and how we can help her. She expressed her love for the family and her thanks for the way she is loved in return. Through Sarah-Jane, Shadow was able to talk about her role in the family and how she even helps my mum by looking after her, because as she says “we’ve both got old legs and we keep each other going!” The conversation was wonderful and Shadow was happy to share her thoughts and love. It was so reassuring to be able to tell her how much she is loved and know that she understands without a doubt.

Since then Shadow has had a course of treatments from Sarah-Jane and is currently receiving monthly top-up treatments. It is now coming up to Christmas and we are blessed to still have her with us and see her still enjoying a good quality of life. Following each treatment Shadow is more energised and the ever present sparkle in her eyes glints just that little bit more. The vets are astounded. At her check-up last week we were told to go home and enjoy Christmas together. A time we didn’t think we would have.

We know that the time for her to cross the Rainbow Bridge will come but with Sarah-Jane’s help we hope it won’t be quite yet. I know that Shadow will let us know when she is ready to make her trip.

Animal Communication and Bi-Aura Therapy has given our girl comfort, relief and more time to love and be loved. I would recommend it to anyone.
To say thank you seems not enough, but never have these words been so sincerely meant:

“Thank you Sarah-Jane, from the bottom of our hearts”.

Shadow and the Priddis family – Shadow is still with us as of this upload March 2012 – 6 months later

Barney is a wise dog who’s guardian wanted to know if he was happy and if there was anything she could do to improve his life.

“As a bit of a sceptic I was unsure if it was possible for anyone to ‘talk’ to my dog, however I was amazed by the information Sarah-Jane was able to give me. My dog was asked a series of questions to which only I knew the answer, and Sarah-Jane was able to tell me the answers with surprising accuracy. The accuracy and detail of the reading has assured me communication did take place and I feel it has benefitted the relationship between my dog and I greatly

The information I received on my dog related not only to his emotional wellbeing, but also his physical condition. Sarah correctly diagnosed his hip dysplasia and was able to pass on information regarding the effectiveness of his medication. My dog was able to communicate what he actually needed in order to control his condition which has resulted in his pain being reduced dramatically and the stiffness in his back legs no longer noticable.

The relationship between my dog and I is now much stronger and closer and I
would recommend Sarah-Jane to anyone to perform a reading.

Claire, Dog Behaviourist, Australia

Fox’s guardian wanted to ask if Fox was happy and if there was anything she could do to make Fox’s life better.

I couldn’t believe how accurately Sarah-Jane described my horse – she was spot on that she was a grumpy mare and incredibly tempermental.  Amazing!  She also knew that Fox wasn’t that happy with things at the current time (as I too had suspected) and that she was incredibly frustrated with several different things.  Some of these things I knew I could fix and others were outwith my control.  At the second session, Sarah-Jane was able to comfort Fox and advise her that I was doing all that I could and that things would get better.  Sarah-Jane was also able to tell me that Fox was grieving.  Greiving the loss of a “foal-hood” that she never had.  Sarah-Jane felt that Fox had been overworked in her early years by a previous owner (which I was able to confirm) and she now wanted – and needed – a more leisurely life with me – which she felt she was getting.  Sarah-Jane recommended a course of therapy work to support fox in dealing with her past issues of grief and loss – and I now have a completely different horse!  It really is quite amazing.  I would always have described her as a “Time Bomb waiting to go off” and yet here we are now able to hack out without her usual nonsense and her eyes are so soft.  It’s beautiful.  Thank you ever so much.

S Shanks, Horse Guardian, Coupar Angus, Scotland

The owner of the Fauna Park, Western Australia invited Sarah-Jane into the Puppy Dingo enclosure for her to communicate with the gorgeous 2 pups as he was a little concerned about one of them.

Although admittedly it wouldn’t have taken an Animal Communicator to identify which one was the more boisterous of the two pups, Sarah-Jane was absolutely spot on at being able to identify that the shyness of the second pup was much more of a problem.  She was less shy and much more ferral (an inherent wild, survival instinct making her fearful of humans).  I had been concerned about this and it was comforting to know that my gut instincts had been accurate.  On a more humorous note Sarah-Jane was able to tell me that the pups needed more stimulation – and if they didn’t get it they would create it themselves.  She was quick to point out that the boisterous pup always instigatged the mischief but the shy pup wasn’t so shy at quickly joining in!  I laughed as I invited Sarah-Jane around the back of the enclosure to see the incredibly costly water pipes that had to be renewed and relaid after the pups latest adventure!

I was so impressed with Sarah-Jane’s accuracy and intrigued in this ability to communicate with animals that I invited her to talk to my one of my wallabys (who she said was a grumpy character who liked to be in charge – spot on!), a Gauld Monitor Lizard I was incredibly concerned about (she told me he was sick and had a sore tummy – he hadn’t eaten in days!) and finally Ruby and Duncan my wonderful Dingos.  Ruby is ferral and doesn’t come near people so I was absolutely astounded when she came nearer to Sarah-Jane than she ever has anyone.  Duncan covered her in kisses and told her that Ruby was a fantastic mother (which she is) and that she had had 3 litters – all amazingly spot on!  What a day it was!  Thank you.

Fauna Park, Western Australia

Keira, (fussy eater)

I contacted Sarah-Jane because I worried about my cat and her fussy eating.  She would go for days without eating and despite offering her an array of wonderful dishes, she would turn her nose up at them.  She was also distant and I didn’t know how to help her – I was worried she was really sick. 

Sarah-Jane revealed that Keira was insecure and using food to gain attention. She believed that Keira didn’t know how to engage intimately and therefore used food to get the attention she so needed. Sarah-Jane recommended that I do some grounding work with Keira whilst she did some healing work.  I now have an expressive cat who literally hangs around my neck and showers me with love and affection – something she couldn’t do before.  Sarah-Jane has also supported me in developing confidence in my  intuition with Keira and I now can give healing to her myself when she needs it.  Amazing.

S Bunting, England

Bombay, Rabbit

I just wanted to know that Bombay, our rabbit, was okay so when I had the opportunity to have Sarah-Jane work with him when she was teaching in Ireland, I jumped at the chance.  Whilst overall it was a humorous occasion with Bombay having the students in stitches – especially when Sarah-Jane accurately described his unrequited love affair with our cat, there were some serious issues going on for him.  He was bereft at the loss of his long-term friend Dave and frustrated at me creating a “pre-arranged marriage” with the introduction of a new rabbit.  Sarah-Jane confirmed my instincts that we didn’t have the “angry” rabbit the pet shop described when they gave him to us free.  He wasn’t angry, he was lonely, unheard, frustrated and so sad.  I was delighted to hear that Bombay is happy with us and has been able to let go of this past painful experience”.

Molly von Tunk, Daschund (incredibly anxious, aggressive towards other dogs, looks sad and depressed and her behaviour was impacting on all the dogs she lived with)

A number of things were wonderful about the Communication and healing experience with Molly.  Namely that Bunty, our puppy has also changed! She is back to her old puppy self that I haven’t seen for months now.  I just knew that had been made possible by the change in Molly.  Molly felt responsible for us all and you said that she was so afraid she was getting her attack in first.  Well, Molly, seems to have more trust in the world now.  The fact that she is able to relax and say hello to other dogs instead of attacking or shaking and pleading with me to move on is fantastic.  The nerves and shaking have all gone – completely – which is such an amazing transformation.  Pru is also more relaxed and barking at other dogs less too – clearly following Molly’s new lead.

At home Molly has been changing too.  No shaking or anxiety when friends visit.  In fact, she lay with her belly up for tickling right in front of my friend.  Overall, she is much less nervous, less ‘lost’ looking.  I feel she has been coming to me less as if she needs less reassurance…I also see something different in her eyes.  Molly has beautiful, big, ‘googly’ eyes.  They are so big you can see all sorts of different looks in them.  And you can also see a vacant, empty look, the kind you see in a traumatised person.  She used to have this look.  I haven’t seen it since you started working with her. She is clearly growing into herself now and the whole pack is benefiting. These are just some of the many things I have noticed.  Thank you so much.

E McAllister & D von Tunk, Langford, Bedfordshire

Update: Molly told you she missed her friend Merlin dreadfully and grieved the loss of their relationship.  She told you that he was missing her too and he didn’t like the new dog in his house.  We now have Merlin living with us.  Here they are happy to be reunited and catching some rays together…

Murphy Hall, 3yr old Lurcher (doesn’t mix with other dogs, aggressive on lead, gained a “poor reputation” locally and a recent fight had his family wondering what on earth more they could do with him.  They were at their wits end)

I had read an article about Sarah-Jane in a national newspaper and kept the details.  Eighteen months later I remembered Sarah-Jane as I struggled to understand my new dog Murphy’s behaviour and inability to mix with other dogs.  Sarah-Jane told me that he had been taken away from his mother too young (he was going to be a rescue dog if we hadn’t had him) and that he hadn’t learnt any social graces from her.  He was also frightened I was going to leave him.  He didn’t like behaving the way he did and it was very upsettting for him, he also had a lot of emotional issues which he couldn’t move on from.  Sarah-Jane recommended some grounding work and therapeutic support for him in conjunction with a different approach to his behaviour.  The day after his grounding and therapy work he was extremely subdued and gradually there became a real difference in his general behaviour.  Murphy also told Sarah-Jane that he would like training classes but they had to be the right ones and that I would know when he was ready.  This took a couple of months but I finally knew he was ready to move on when…he  sat with me in the garden on the lead whilst a behaviourist brought dogs in to meet him.  Murphy didn’t do anything and was as good as gold.  No barking, growling or lunging.  We let him off the lead and he just ran around and played nicely with them.   It was a real turning point and I finally knew that with the right sort of class he would be able to mix with other dogs.  Something he had never been able to do before.

I can’t ever thank Sarah-Jane enough for showing us the way forward, without her help I may well have rehomed him.  We are taking one step at a time… and I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

S Hall, Exeter, England

One Year On:- “The change has been incredible and Murphy is now doing agility and really enjoying it. He’s so much happier and calmer.  Thank you!”

Jack Withey, horse (behavioural problems, can’t be left, doesn’t ride out well, won’t load) 

I just wanted to let you know that since your communication session with Jack, my relationship with him has blossomed into something that was unimagineable last year.  I love him so much and he has turned into the most warm, loving horse.  I feel that he has found himself again – his ‘horse’ self and let go of all the conditioned patterns that he’d learned during his early ridden years.   

I would like to thank you so much for your part in Jack’s healing journey and therefore in my own.

R Withey, Epona Approved Riding Instructor, Specialist Riding Coach, England

Hattie Hagger, Chocolate Point Siamese (Urination throughout house for over a year.  Vet’s advice was at a standstill and mum and dad physically and emotionally exhausted with constant cleaning.  They were at their wits end.  Hattie was also nervous and would run away from mum and even more so from dad)

I was at the end of my tether with the urinating.  The easiest option would have been to rehome her, but I just couldn’t even though the vet couldn’t offer any more help or advice.

Hattie was also so very nervous, skittering away from both of us, but even faster from Dave.   She clearly had a fear of men.   You unravelled the intentional injury by a man, which explained the behaviour. You also uncovered how much she felt scared and emotionally threatened by my 2yr old grandson being around.  Understanding that she felt vulnerable and feared we didn’t love her also helped us comprehend her distant behaviour toward us- as well as the increased urination when our grandson was visiting!

Hattie is now so much friendlier, loving and intimate, still nervous, but making huge efforts to come up and welcome visitors, female and male alike.  She purrs so much more readily and is calmer.

Well, to say we have a much changed Hattie is rather an understatement!  She’s lovely and her confidence has really come on.  I caught sight of her this morning wobbling along the top of a 6foot high fence – something she’s not done for months and months.  She spent this afternoon happily asleep in the conservatory alongside me, and purred and purred.  Thank you so much for supporting my girl in gaining confidence and opening up her heart to us.

J Hagger, Bedfordshire

Ruffles Chua, 6yr old West Highland Terrier (multiple skin and allergy conditions)

I just wanted to understand what Ruffles wanted and needed. She had multiple problems and required daily medication and bathing for her terrible skin complaint which kept her up at night with the incessant itching.  I was worried about the long term effects of being continually on antibiotics and steroids, so I contacted Sarah-Jane as I wanted to know whether Ruffles had any preference for how we treated her. Through the communication session we understood that Ruffles detested her daily baths and she didn’t like the shampoo and needed an alternative one. She also felt she would benefit more from therapeutic healing.  Her wish was my command and now we are so relieved that her skin is under control with regular therapy work. She is finally sleeping peacefully through the night – and so are we!  She no longer requires long-term medication or daily bathing unless she has the occasional flare-up. And she’s enjoying the dancing classes she asked us for!

L Chua, Singapore

Kayla Rayfield, Rottweiler (Communication No 1: hadn’t been herself for some months, off her food and lethargic.  Communication No 2: inoperable bone cancer given just 2 weeks to live)

When I first contacted Sarah-Jane I was worried sick about my beautiful girl. The communication work with Sarah-Jane identified that Kayla was grieving terribly and was heartbroken at the loss of her beloved husband Max and she literally had lost the will to live without him.  Sarah-Jane recommended a course of intensive therapy work and Kayla responded brilliantly. Within the first couple of treatments she was happy and loving life again.  Nearly a year later I contacted Sarah-Jane again as Kayla was given just weeks to live with inoperable bone cancer.  At this time Sarah-Jane thought she was now ready to go and she prepared me for the worst.  However, Sarah-Jane’s communication with Kayla identified that she wasn’t ready to go at all and she responded brilliantly to another course of therapy work.  She was happy, playing with the other dogs again and she had her appetite back – even swimming in the pool again under the hot african sun. She had been given no more than 2 weeks to live, yet supported by Sarah-Jane’s therapy work, she gave me 3 months of love whilst I prepared myself for letting her go.  She let her know when it was her time to go.  She had been so happy and I have no doubt that she is happy now – reunited with the great love of her life, her husband Max.  May you both forever run free together. God bless you both.

T Rayfield, South Africa

Oberon Thornton, Rottweiler Pup (aggressive, lunges out and withdrawn)

Oberon has been much more chilled out since the communication work and therapy treatments began.  He seems to be less hostile and a bit more friendly.  He has been really affectionate with me and just wants to cosy in all the time so there has definitely been an improvement. He also doesn’t lunge out anymore which makes walking so much more enjoyable for both of us!

Thanks again for all your hard work with my boy.  I have been viewing all of this as an investment in him and trust that with your communication and therapy work combined with my hard work I will end up with a well rounded lovely boy who is an ambassador for the breed.

Thank you so much.

Ali, guardian of Oberon an aggressive Rottweiler pup