Advanced Animal Communication Workshop: 14/15 March – Lincoln, Nottinghamshire

This 2 day workshop is an amazing opportunity to be supported in a small, intimate group by Sarah-Jane.  There will be a maximum of 8 participants so plenty of opportunity to receive one to one tuition from Sarah-Jane as you broaden your skills and delve deeper into the world of Animal Communication.

Don’t be scared that it’s an Advanced Course!  If you have attended a workshop or are following the Home Study Course and have experienced connecting with animals, then you have covered the basics and this Advanced Course is suitable for you!  The two days are about enhancing your basic skills with skilled questioning, and taking time to really focus on and perfect key subject areas

Saturday – Overcoming Challenging Behaviour

  • Do you have animals with challenging behaviour?
  • Do you never quite get to the bottom of the problem with an animal?
  • Do you not know what questions to ask?
  • Do you connect and then get stuck?
  • Do you communicate but the behaviour doesn’t change?
  • Are you frustrated with the situation?


Sunday – Past Lives

  • Do you ever wonder why your animal friend is in your life?
  • Do you have an exceptionally deep bond with your animal companion?
  • Do you feel like you have always known them?
  • Do you ever wonder why the relationship feels so intimate and strong?
  • Where you “just meant” to have your animal companion in your life?


If you are finding yourself answering Yes to any of the above questions, then you will be in the right place!  Over the two days we will cover:-

Saturday – Overcoming Challenging Behaviour

  • Understanding challenging behaviour
  • Learning what questions to ask
  • Finding out what triggers may be around for animals
  • Finding out what help the animal needs to change the behaviour

Sunday – Past Lives

  • Exploring what experiences you and your animal friend have already encountered
  • Have you experienced past life journeys with your companion or have they already been in your life in this current lifetime?
  • Find out why your animal friend has come into your life

Please don’t worry if you feel a little “out of practice”.  We will spent time each day grounding and doing some fun activities to get your right brain in gear!  As well as have plenty time to brush up your basic skills.

If you ever wanted to have an opportunity to study in a small group with individual support and tuition and enhance your communication skills even more – here it is!

Come and join in the magic!

14/15 March 2015 – £190  click here

Early Bird Booking Fee until 1st March – £170  click here