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Hi Everyone,

Well I just thought I would post a little blog and let you all know whats been going on here at Pet Whisperer. Sarah-Jane has had another busy week at work carrying out lots of Communication sessions as well as providing therapy sessions to some new clients as well as to our beloved regular clients. This week also sees sarah-Jane preparing to head of to the lake District for a whole week of intensive training. I will still be here holding the fort so if anyone needs help with anything just get in touch. Love & Light Sharon x x

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  1. I’m back now – thank you Sharon for holding the fort so incredibly well.
    I had an amazing time in the Lake District working with some amazing animals and people! Working with Carol Gurney was incredible and I know my journey with her isn’t finished yet…

    I had the amazing – and tearful – privilege of working with Inka, an orphaned organutang – watch this space for updates on her and the Organutang Conservation Project.

    If you want to learn how to communicate with animals, then pop over and see the Workshop Schedule – you can even learn how to talk to animals without leaving the comfort of your favourite armchair! I look forward to working with you and supporting you in your own quest to communicate with animals. x

  2. Brenda Mead says:

    Well hallo, They tell me change is a good thing and I certainly hope the new regime works out well for you.I have been following you on facebook and hope you enjoyed your holiday break.
    I would like to stay in touch and will look in from time to time. Good Luck to you and I hope you have a good response.

    Yours Brenda

    • Congratulations on being the first to comment Brenda! And thank you for your kind words – having Richard on board is working out really well and allowing me some space to get creative! As a result my Animal Communication CD is nearly finished! Yippee – it’s been a long held dream to make that happen. I look forward to linking up with you again on facebook Brenda. x

  3. jan lees says:

    Am so delighted that you now have help at hand in the form of Richard
    Hope as well as all the new work projects you are taking time out for your lovely family and yourselfLook forward to hearing about what you have been up to x

    • Thank you Jan. Yes, I am taking some time out for myself and my family too – and really enjoying it – LOTS of play! So important for relaxation – and creativity! That will be why all the ideas are flowing so easily…. Everything is SO exciting just now – the new CD is just about finished, an inspirational book half done, pungent sage all bagged ready for those serious about cleansing and then our beautiful little Chakra Healing Kits. It’s all coming together and I feel I am finally being able to serve you all in the ways you have asked. Feeling good:))))

  4. izzi andrews says:

    great to hear excitement in the air of change for the better ,it’s happening here too, i have decided to go full time at tiny bubbles and resigning my post at care home tomorrow mon 5th august and since i made this decision, i feel like a large rock has been lifted from my shoulders, my energy has been stagnating for a long time and bereavement in recent monthes has disabled my mojo and i know i need a kickstart sarah -jane ,so i have to get on a workshop for animal communication to get me back on track,i will now get more time to meditate and study ,hope to hear from you soon.wishing the new changes are great for you too as they are for me ,in light and love ..izzi andrews

    • Congratulations Izzi on taking such a HUGE and very BRAVE step forward! I am SO proud of you. The universe is supporting your decision by lifting that weight you were carrying around on your shoulders. Your lightness will now be reflected in all you do – and in all those you touch. It’s great that you now feel back on track – and I’m glad to have you back on track – doing the amazing work with animals that you do! The nearest course to you is a 2 day workshop in Edinburgh on 16/17 November. A really exciting weekend full of animal communication and connections. What could be better for you! It would be great to see you there. x

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