Animal Communication Weekend Special

Course Information

The intention for the weekend is to create a relaxed, informal and supportive learning environment where you can magically connect with the animals. Above all, it will be a fun and enjoyable experience—not to mention inspiring and quite mind-blowing as you learn to connect with, and hear, the animals talk!

Working over 2 days allows us to work so much more deeply. This creates deeper understanding of animal communication whilst providing more opportunities to practice your communication skills in a supportive environment.. It also provides space for you to identify any blocks to animal communication that may arise for you—allowing me to support you with this and explore techniques you can use to overcome them.

Each day will be a careful blend of theory and hands on practice. We will cover:-

Day One: Saturday

Purpose:- Guiding you to that quiet part of the mind that opens the door to intuitive communication
Supporting you in finding your key communication tool/s

  • Understanding the science behind the animal communication process
  • How animals send and receive information
  • Activities that stimulate and enhance your intuition
  • Meeting your Power Animal & Guides
  • Learning and practicing with 4 of the 7 key communication tools
  • Working with live animals to build your experience and confidence

Day Two: Sunday

Purpose:- Build upon the teachings of day one to enhance and consolidate learning

  • Meditations to identify any blocks to animal communication
  • Self-healing practices to overcome identified blocks
  • Enhanced intuition exercises
  • Learn the additional 3 key communication tools
  • Use Body Scanning to identify areas of dis-ease and pain within an animal’s body
  • Working with animals long-distance
  • Opportunities to work with animals that have crossed over the rainbow bridge
  • Have questions about your own animals answered by fellow students


Please note the following for the East Sussex Workshop:-


The college have allocated 12 single rooms for this workshop and they are available on a first come, first served basis.

The price below includes 2 nights accommodation and meals:-

Friday: Supper and Accommodation

Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch, Supper and Accommodation

Sunday: Breakfast and Lunch

Vegetarian Lunch Only Option

There is a lunch only option for those attending the workshop but not staying over:- £8.50 per day

Friday Evening

I will be doing an informal and interactive talk on Animal Communication on Friday evening 7:30pm—9pm. Cost for attending this is just £5.

East Sussex

Dates: 7/8 May 2016
Times: Sat: 10—6pm & Sun:10—4pm
Venue: Emerson College (Foundation for Water Building)

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Webinar Special £190 £170


Friday Evening Talk 7:30-9pm: – £5
Weekend Accommodation and Meals: – £112
Lunch Only: Saturday – £8.50
Lunch Only: Sunday – £8.50
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