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We have just finalised our workshop schedule for this year. However, instead of organizing our workshops in the usual way we thought we would try it a little differently this year and focus on the needs of you!  Below you will find a list of the only available dates we have for 2014. We are currently looking for someone like you to help us co-ordinate a workshop in your own local area.

We will help you every step of the way – as you can imagine organizing workshops is what we do – but with your local contacts and knowledge of your local area we could make it the best workshop ever! And, there really isn’t that much for you to do:-

  • find a suitable venue to hold the workshop in
  • identify animal teachers for the students to practice with
  • spread the word far and wide 

We do all the booking forms and finance, so you don’t need to do that. Your job is to spread the word.  To show our thanks and appreciation to anyone who helps co-ordinate a successful workshop, you will receive a free place:- our way of saying thank you for helping spread the word of Animal Communication and helping make a difference to the lives of animals.

Imagine – the opportunity for you to take the next step forward and begin the next stage of your own magical journey of Animal Communication – right on your door step and for free!

The following dates are up for grabs:-

  • Saturday 29th / Sunday 30th March 2014
  •  Saturday 27th / Sunday 28th September 2014
  •  Saturday 25th / 26th October 2014
  •  Saturday 6th / Sunday 7th December 2014

If you are interested in co-ordinating a workshop do not delay – as I said above we only have those 4 weekend slots available for 2014. Find out more now by clicking the link below and I will happily send you out more information.  Go on! Make 2014 your year to shine even brighter! All you need to do is send us a message stating your interest by clicking here.


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