Animal Healing

As a trained and fully insured Bi-Aura Therapy Practitioner, Sarah-Jane provides therapeutic treatments for both people and animals.
The purpose of healing, whether for a person or an animal is to restore homeostasis (balance).  Bi-Aura Therapy is gentle and non-invasive and animals are particularly responsive to this form of energy work.  This ancient healing essentially reactivates the body’s natural energy flow and own regenerative abilities, thus enabling the body to heal itself unaided.  Bi-Aura Therapy is designed to complement and enhance traditional medical intervention so can be safely used alongside conventional medical care.  Due to it’s non-invasive and non-manipulative techniques it is ideal for working with babies, those sensitive to touch or manipulation and animals.  Animals in particular are incredibly responsive to this form of energy work.

If, during the course of a communication session, your animal friend asks for healing, or Sarah-Jane intuitively feels that healing would be beneficial, she provides “spot healing” free of charge.  “Spot healing” is healing administered to a specific “spot” or location/s in the body ie a pain site or the area of previous trauma.  Whilst often enough for most animals, it is not a full therapeutic treatment.

Should your animal friend request, or you think would benefit from, a full therapeutic treatment, this can be easily arranged separately by contacting the office via the website or by phone.

In accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, veterinary permission must be sought prior to treatments commencing.  Our office will issue you with a Permission Request Form.

Essential Information:

It is important to know that when an animal is booked in for a Bi-Aura Therapy Treatment, they have their own appointment with Sarah-Jane regardless of whether the treatment is carried out face to face or distantly.  Sarah-Jane does not do group healing for her clients.  Each animal has their own individual appointment time booked in the diary with Sarah-Jane.  All appointments are individual so she can work with each client’s energy field and tailor the treatment for the animal or person concerned.  And, as such, a detailed summary of the treatment is given afterwards.

Whilst Sarah-Jane is trained to do group healing and is happy to administer healing in this way where appropriate ie at workshops, at times of global disasters, in rescue situations/centres etc, it is not how she works with her paying clients.  A client has Sarah-Jane’s full, undivided therapeutic attention for the duration of their appointment.

For more information on Bi-Aura Therapy please go to our sister site  or contact the office for specific enquiries.  Sarah-Jane will personally answer all enquiries regarding the suitability of Therapeutic Intervention.

Benefits of Bi-Aura Therapy

Bi-Aura Therapy has been successfully used with a wide variety of conditions and there is no condition that Sarah-Jane is not prepared to work with.  As the healing takes place on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, benefits can be quite profound – and sometimes unexpected!  For example a cat who presents with a spraying issue might suddenly become more affectionate after treatment, or a shy dog with digestive problems becomes more confident and assertive after treatment.

Animal Conditions that have responded well to Bi-Aura Therapy include:

  • Aggression
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Back Pain
  • Bone/joint disorders
  • Breathing Disorders
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Digestive Problems
  • Emotional Problems
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Muscular Aches and Pains
  • Nervous Disorders
  • Stress Related Conditions


Jan was quite concerned about her horse Freckles who didn’t show any intimacy towards her or engage willingly with her.  We organised a course of treatments for Freckles and after just the first treatment I received this email:

“After she had eaten her feed and wandered off she allowed me to approach her again and I gave her a rub on the withers which normally elicits no response but she groomed my arm as I scratched her!!!!!  She has never interacted with me in this way before. She is much more open with me….She is certainly making progress.  

Thank you thank you thank you!”
J Lees, Knutsford, England

Don’t live anywhere near our Healing Clinic? Don’t worry! Because Bi-Aura Therapy is an energy therapy and we live in a world made of energy, it is possible for the same high quality treatments to be received by clients all over the world – simply by tapping into the right energy frequency – which practitioners are trained to do. Sarah-Jane has supported both animals and people with chronic and debilitating conditions without them ever having stepped into our treatment rooms. Don’t be limited by distance – you don’t have to be.

Ling lives in Singapore and contacted Sarah-Jane about 6 months ago about her dog Ruffles as she was quite worried about her multiple skin and allergy conditions and wanted to know how she could support her more.  Ruffles now has regular distant treatments from Sarah-Jane.  The thrill of receiving emails like the one below from clients who receive distant treatments never dulls for Sarah-Jane.

Thanks for your treatment with Ruffles today. ….Like last time, I knew you had already done it cos she ran up to me smiling and started licking me in gratitude!! Hahaha…she really enjoys the sessions with you!”

L Chua, Singapore