Bach Flower Remedies – Natural Emotional Support for both People and Animals

PictureBach Flower Remedies
The complete range made using the traditional 1930s methods of Dr Bach
Genuine Bach Flower Remedies – made the way Dr Bach intended

PictureDr Bach Flower Remedies are used to help gently address transient emotional and behavioural problems naturally. They were discovered in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach.
Genuine Bach Flower Remedies are made according to the traditional and trusted methods developed by Dr Bach. We are also distinct in that we blend each individual stock bottle to the traditional stock concentration – direct from the ‘Mother’ tincture. Our Remedies are made the way Dr Bach intended & come from the birthplace of Bach’s Remedies.

Sarah-Jane has carefully chosen Creature Comforters as the supplier of her Bach Flower Remedies, Pet Blends and Peoples’ Blends as they are made to the traditional and trusted methods developed by Dr Edward Bach.  All Bach Flower Remedies, Pet Blends and People Blends sold by Pet Whisperer are made and bottled by hand – there is no machinery, no conveyor belts, no automated robots employed in the making of these Blends and Remedies!

Each and every bottle is made with dedicated care and attention.


Why use  Bach Flower Remedies for Yourself or Your Animals?

It is very few of us – and even fewer of our animal friends – that find ourselves successfully avoiding the emotional onslaught that life can often bring. Whether it be maintaining a sense of “self” in a difficult relationship, unfounded fears, low mood, loneliness, or a recent trauma, there are many reasons why we become out of kilter emotionally.  This impacts hugely on our sense of self and how we interact with daily living.

Dr Edward Bach identified 38 different Flower Essences to gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred and indecision which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole. The Bach Flower Remedies allow peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself.
The Bach Flower Remedies are made from wild flowers and are safe for the whole family to use including young children and animals.

Dr. Edward Bach wrote

  “Disease of the body itself is nothing but the result of the disharmony between soul and mind. Remove the disharmony, and we regain harmony between soul and mind, and the body is once more perfect in all its parts.”

“And may we ever have joy and gratitude in our hearts that the Great Creator of all things, in His Love for us, has placed the herbs in the fields for His healing.” “Heal Thyself by Dr. Bach”

Dr Bach wanted for us to be empowered to heal ourselves and be able to select the Flower Remedies that resonated with us the most.  Our animals will often intuitively self select what they need, when given the opportunity to do so.  For us mere humans who may have lost faith in our intuition, the process of self selection is made easier by reading the statements under each Flower Remedy – if they apply to you then that is the remedy you are most in need of.  If you are selecting for your animal friend, there are specific indications for animals under each remedy (remember that all indications may apply to either a person or an animal).

Should you find yourself agreeing with many of the statements/indications for either yourself or your animal friend, you may want to combine the different Flower Remedies to create your own blend.  You can safely blend up to 6 or 7 different remedies.

However, should you find that you are confused about what you or your animal friend needs or there are more than 6 or 7 remedies that resonate with you, you may wish to take advantage of our Personalised Prescription Service where Sarah-Jane will test all 38 remedies against you or your animal friend’s energy field, creating your own unique blend perfect for you and/or your animal friend (this usually works out less expensive than purchasing individual remedies – and you get the blend that is perfect for you or your animal friend!).


Agrimony Aspen Beech Centaury
Cerato Cherry Plum Chestnut Bud Chicory
Clematis Crab Apple Elm Gentian
Gorse Heather Holly Honeysuckle
Hornbeam Impatiens Larch Mimulus
Mustard Oak Olive Pine
Red Chestnut Rock Rose Rock Water Scleranthus
Star of Bethlehem Sweet Chestnut Vervain Vine
Walnut Water Violet White Chestnut Wild Oat
Wild Rose Willow Comforter Remedy



I hide my feelings behind a facade of cheerfulness
I dislike arguments and often give in to avoid conflict
I turn to food, work, alcohol, drugs, etc. when down

Animals: For the animal who never complains when in pain

Any form of skin irritations that cause the animal to chew herself raw

For the animal being tormented by ticks/fleas

For the restless animal who searches place to place but can’t get comfortable

Agrimony   £5.00

I feel anxious without knowing why
I have a secret fear that something bad will happen
I wake up feeling anxious I turn to food, work, alcohol, drugs, etc. when down

Animals: For animals who spook easily

When animals sense impending danger ie thunder, storms, earthquakes etc

For animals in kennels when sensing that other animals have been put to sleep and they are apprehensive that they are next

For the fear cattle experience who are awaiting slaughter. Their fear is justified.

Plants and trees also experience this apprehension when their surroundings are being destroyed

Aspen £5.00


I get annoyed by the habits of others

I focus on others’ mistakes
I am critical and intolerant

Animals: For picky eaters who usually refuse their food, especially cats

For the animal who barks, squaks, whines or complains all the time

For intolerance or irritations from grasses, heat, cold or humidity

For intolerance towards children, other animals,

For animals who do not want to tolerate a new relationship in their house ie cats spraying, dogs attacking/growling, birs who peck new intruder, horses who act up when not being mounted by their usual rider

Beech £5.00


I often neglect my own needs to please

I find it difficult to say “no”

I tend to be easily influenced

Animals: For animals who do not stand up for themselves and allow other animals to boss them around

For animals who please their guardians at all costs

Centaury increases the will to live, especially when fighting an illness, after an accident or even during a hard delivery

For plants that have very feeble looking limbs and die easily or when surrounding plants easily crowd them and block their space and light

Centaury £5.00


I constantly second-guess myself

I seek advice, mistrusting my own intuition

I often change my mind out of confusion

Animals: For the mentally flighty, inattentive animal

Use before training an animal – especially if the animal is easily distracted

During competitive show events to assure the animal’s ability to be undistracted and to listen to commands

Cerato £5.00


Cherry Plum
I’m afraid I might lose control of myself

I have sudden fits of rage

I feel like I’m going crazy

Animals: For the animal who loses control, becoming crazed and wild

For vicious animals who become dangerous when provoked

For the destructive animal who tears up the house/garden

To help remain in control when in competition and stressed by strange people, noises and animals

Training animals not to react to gun fire

For the animal who becomes frantic when travelling

For the animal who chews herself or chases their own tail uncontrollably

For staying away from/biting/chewing stitches after surgery

*Please note, Cherry Plum is one of the five remedies in the “Five Flower Blend” – Comforter Remedy

Cherry Plum £5.00


Chestnut Bud
I make the same mistakes over and over

I don’t learn from my experience
I keep repeating the same patterns

Animals: For the animal who chews shoes, gets into the bins, dogs who chase, horses who won’t leave the corral, dogs who jump up on everyone

For the animal who has a difficult time learning his lessons

During any new training sessions to increase memory retention – thereby learning quickly and remembering the lessons being taught each day

Excellent for training hunting dogs, watch dogs, police dogs in drugs etc

Chestnut Bud £5.00


I need to be needed and want my loved ones close

I feel unloved and unappreciated by my family
I easily feel slighted and hurt

Animals: For the animal who thinks they own you and the house

Or the overly possessive animal – with their litter, or household members

For the animal who demands to be fed, demands attention

For the animal who is emotionally unable to let go of an old guardian or animal mate they were attached to

For the over preening mothers who are overfull of care for their young

Chicory £5.00


I often feel spacey and absent minded

I find myself unable to concentrate for long
I get drowsy and sleep more than necessary

Animals: Increases attention span and ability to focus

When an animal is comatose or unconscious for any reason – returning to consciousness

After surgery to increase recovery alterness time

To return life to plants that are seemingly dead

*Please note, Clematis is one of the five remedies in the “Five Flower Blend” – Comforter Remedy

Clematis £5.00


Crab Apple
The cleansing remedy

I am overly concerned with cleanliness

I feel unclean or physically unattractive
I tend to obsess over little things

Animals: To alleviate the unclean feeling with an infestation ie lice, fleas, ticks, worms or other parasites

If poisoned, cleanses toxic material in the system

For any infectious or open wounds or rashes

To flush out emotional toxins if the animal is extremely distraught

To detoxify after a cold or viral or bacterial infection
For the animal who has a poor self image ie cowering, not holding head high during competition, after having their coats cut or being shaved and if the animal has been subjected to abuse

For plants that have a fungus or mould

Crab Apple £5.00


I feel overwhelmed by my responsibilities

I don’t cope well under pressure

I have temporarily lost my self-confidence

Animals: Anytime the animal is overwhelmed with present time happenings ie flying, changing locations, too many strangers, going to be groomed, horses being shod

Birds can become overwhelmed and frazzled ie when wings, nails and bills need trimming

Any naturally highly strung animal who is easily overwhelmed even by everyday events

For plants that have been stressed by being overwhelmed with too much water, heat, cold or dogs or children abusing them

Elm £5.00


For set backs of any kind

I become discouraged with small setbacks

I am easily disheartened when faced with difficulties

I am often skeptical and pessimistic

Animals: For long illness when a set back occurs – the animal is seemingly worse Arthritis type symptoms

Rehabilitation from surgery

When all of the babies are born dead

For the animal who lacks confidence and faith in their ability to conquer what has been set before them ie horse expected to jump hurdles, sled dogs expected to tolerate extreme physical endurance

Gentian £5.00


I feel hopeless, and can’t see a way out

I lack faith that things could get better in my life

I feel sullen and depressed

Animals: If there are signs of the animal giving up or feeling that the condition is hopeless

When animals refuse to eat or to improve

When battling cancer, arthritis-type complications, critical injury or surgery

Gorse £5.00


I am obsessed with my own troubles

I dislike being alone and I like to talk

I usually bring conversations back to myself

Animals: For the animal who has to be the centre of attention (Heather is in the loneliness category)

For animals who do not respond well to being left home alone

Especially for animals in kennels away from their guardians

For animals who are in shelters wanting any attention from anyone

Heather £5.00


I am suspicious of others

I feel discontented and unhappy

I am full of jealousy, mistrust, or hate

Animals: For animals who show signs of having a temper

Holly is the chief remedy whn there is a need for more love ie abused animals, neglected animals horses who are never ridden, shod or fed properly, dogs left chained outside

Animals who must endure torturous quarantine, especially birds

Plants that are neglected

Holly £5.00


I’m often homesick for the “way it was”

I think more about the past than the present

I often think about what might have been

Animals: To quit sulking after a loss of a beloved guardian or even a mate that has passed away or been taken away

Replenishes depleted energies ie horses who have been over exerted, sled dogs who become overly exhausted, any animal chased to exhaustion, exhausted after a long birthing ordeal.

When having to nurse and care for her young when mum is exhausted or recuperating from the birth or other extenuating circumstances

Honeysuckle is the chief remedy for homesickness ie being sold or given away, for animals placed in kennels or waiting to go home, when having to remain hospitalized at the vets

Honeysuckle £5.00


I often feel too tired to face the day ahead
I feel mentally exhausted
I tend to put things off

Animals: Lethargy or lack of enthusiasm to go anywhere

Shying away from anything which is demanding or requires activity or effort

A dog lacking enthusiasm to go for a walk

Hornbeam £5.00


Bach said Impatiens is for nervous conditions and for pain – any form of pain

I find it hard to wait for things
I am impatient and irritable
I prefer to work alone

Animals: For the very nervous or overly anxious animal especially at feeding times or before a race

For animals who have epileptic type fits especially when agitated by being overly excited or upset

*Please note, Impatiens is one of the five remedies in the “Five Flower Blend” – Comforter Remedy

Impatiens £5.00


I lack self-confidence
I feel inferior and often become discouraged
I never expect anything but failure

Animals: For increased confidence

For animals who have been beaten and abused causing increased confusion, creating a lack of confidence in the animal in general

Larch £5.00


I am afraid of things such as spiders, illness, etc.
I am shy, overly sensitive, and modest
I get nervous and embarrassed

Animals: For long time fears ie ofr being abused, of being starved, of stranger, of men, of lightening and thunder, fears of other animals, fears of abandonment

For the animals whoa re easily dominated by other animals

For illnesses that do not seem to respond to treatment

For plants that have a disease that is very difficult to cure (may even save an entire crop from ruin if caught early enough)

Mimulus £5.00


I get depressed without any reason.
I feel my moods swinging back and forth
I get gloomy feelings that come and go

Animals: For the animal who is experiencing a very deep depression, especially complicated with hormonal changes

For the animal who likes to be alone

Mustard £5.00


I tend to overwork and keep on in spite of exhaustion
I have a strong sense of duty and never give up
I neglect my own needs in order to complete a task g

Animals: For the animal who is a hard worker yet seems to be over burdened, needing to struggle with the task at hand

To rebuild the strength of animals who have been starved for any length of time

For the animal who never complains when taking more responsibility than other animals

For the fruit plant whose branches are not sturdy enough to bear the weight of their fruit

For trees to grow with stronger trunks

For all plants that have to struggle for life when in harsh environments

Oak £5.00


I feel completely exhausted, physically and/or mentally
I am totally drained of all energy with no reserves left
I have just been through a long period of illness or stress

Animals: For exhaustion from an especially long ordeal ie long perm pain

For the elderly animal who becomes easily exhausted

If plagued with allergies and the adrenals are stressed

Wild animals who are caged who have exhausted themselves in trying to escape or who constantly run the cage

Olive £5.00


I feel unworthy and inferior
I often feel guilty
I blame myself for everything that goes wrong

Animals: For the abused animal who feels rejected and less-than

For animals who are given away or left behind

If in competition, for the unlucky animal who never seems to win yet is capable of doing so

For the animal who reacts with guilt whenever the owner is upset, even when it is not directed at them

Pine £5.00


Red Chestnut
I am overly concerned and worried about my loved ones
I am distressed and disturbed by other people’s problems
I worry that harm may come to those I love

Animals: For animals who keep looking out the window, worrying about their guardians

For the worrying mother, overly concerned about her young

Red Chestnut £5.00


Rock Rose
I sometimes feel terror and panic
I become helpless and frozen when afraid
I suffer from nightmares

Animals: For any form of terror and panic ie after an accident, injury, fire or terrifying event

For the overly fearful animal who possibly was terrified sometime in their life but the fear does not dissolve away naturally

Rock Rose is for dauntless courage ie animals used in service to mankind such as police, fire and rescue etc

For the courageous animal to accentuate their already innate abilities

*Please note, Rock Rose is one of the five remedies in the “Five Flower Blend” – Comforter Remedy

Rock Rose £5.00


Rock Water
I set high standards for myself
I am strict with my health, work &/or spiritual discipline
I am very self-disciplined, always striving for perfection

Animals: For increased flexibility for animals who have become stiff in the joints/muscles

For the uncompromising picky eaters who are inflexible in their eating habits

Rock Water £5.00


I find it difficult to make decisions
I often change my opinions
I have intense mood swings

Animals: For the animal who has equilibrium difficulties

For neurological confusion such as might happen with some kinds of seizures

For one-sided complications such as animals who have stokes or are paralyzed on one side

For animals who are accused of being clumsy

Scleranthus £5.00


Star of Bethlehem
Star of Bethlehem is for all forms or trauma

I feel devastated due to a recent shock
I often change my opinions I am withdrawn due to traumatic events in my life

I have never recovered from loss or fright

Animals: For the emotional trauma of the loss of a loved one

Physical trauma after an injury of any kind

Birthing trauma

Traumatized by extreme cold or heat

Star of Bethlehem is needed anytime comfort is indicated ie when animals were abandoned or left in kennels feeling unloved

For an injured or ill animal who is required to remain at a veterinary clinic without their guardians to comfort them during their time of suffering

For plants that have endured a trauma from the elements or injury

*Please note, Star of Bethlehem is one of the five remedies in the “Five Flower Blend” – Comforter Remedy

Star of Bethlehem £5.00


Sweet Chestnut
I feel extreme mental or emotional heartache
I have reached the limits of my endurance

I am in complete despair, all hope gone

Animals: When being at their wits end ie being forced to remain in very close corners, kennels or small rooms

For the highly strung animal

To prevent “burn out” especially for show or race animals

Anytime there is need for endurance energy

For plants that are dying, seemingly at their wits ends

Sweet Chestnut £5.00


I get high-strung and very intense
I try to convince others of my way of thinking

I am sensitive to injustice, almost fanatical

Animals: For the very intense, hyperactive, high strung animal ie

The dog who runs the fence

Dogs who chase cars, bikes, etc

Horses who pace their corrals

Animals who will not quit barking, meowing, neighing

Vervain £5.00


I tend to take charge of projects, situations, etc.
I consider myself a natural leader

I am strong-willed, ambitious and often bossy

Animals: For the animal who thinks they are in charge of the house

For the animal who rules all of the other animals, the obvious boss

For competitive events to instil leadership quality: “I am the leader” attitude

Vine £5.00


I am experiencing change in my life–a move, new job, etc.
I get drained by people or situations

I want to be free to follow my own ambitions

Animals: Walnut stabilizes and adjusts to new surroundings ie moving house, living with new guardians, adjusting to travelling, flying, care, sea etc

Walnut protects from outside influences ie insecticides, pollutants, sensitivities to pollen and gresses

For the very sensitive who are easily disturbed by thunder storms or loud noises

Walnut £5.00


Water Violet
I give the impression that I’m aloof
I prefer to be alone when overwhelmed

I often don’t connect with people

Animals: For the animal, who, when sick, prefers to be left alone to heal themselves

Water Violet is for grief ie when their beloved guardian or mate dies or they are forced to be parted from them

Water violet is for quiet loneliness – the loners

Water Violet £5.00


White Chestnut
I am constantly thinking unwanted thoughts
I relive unhappy events or arguments over and over again

I am unable to sleep at times because I can’t stop thinking

Animals: For the animal whose negative or unwanted thoughts keeping going round and round and round

White Chestnut £5.00


Wild Oat
I can’t find my path in life
I am drifting in life and lack direction

I am ambitious but don’t know what to do

Animals: For the animal who was trained to do a specific purpose and then not used for this purpose

For the bored animal – feeling note useful

For the animal who chews the house or the cat who shreds the curtains

For competitive events to have more opportunities to win

Wild Oat £5.00


Wild Rose
I am apathetic and resigned to whatever happens
I have the attitude, “It doesn’t matter anyhow”

I feel no joy in life

Animals: For animals to remain happy and content ie when forced to remain in small areas or chained up

When an older animal is forced to keep company with a younger more annoying animal

Or for the (old) grouchy or cantankerous animals including birds

Plants that have lost their zeal for life

Wild Rose £5.00


I feel resentful and bitter

I have difficulty forgiving and forgetting

I think life is unfair and have a “Poor me attitude”

Animals: Willow is basically for resentment ie for

Cats who urinate on the bed because of something you did to them

The dog who chews up the house because you left them alone

For the animal who ignores you because you left them or placed them in a kennel

Willow £5.00


Comforter Remedy

The Comforter Essence is a pocket ‘First Aid in a bottle’. Used for immediate help for any distressing, alarming crisis or extreme situation. E.g. Emergencies, Exams, Interviews, Accidents, Stage fright, etc.

Animals: For accidents, trauma, attack, thunder, lightening,
*Comforter Essence contains the traditional Five Flower Combination of: Clematis, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem. This is the same 5 Remedies that Dr Bach put in his Rescue Remedy

Comforter Remedy £5.00


Unsure which Flower Remedies are right for you or your animal friend?  Use our Personalised Prescription Service to ensure you are getting the exact emotional support that is needed.