Chakra Balancing Course

Do you desire more ease, peace and balance in your life?

Are you fed up living a life that isn’t happy, fulfilled, purposeful or easeful?  Are you sick fed up being in pain or hitting the same old “ruts” that stop you having the life you desire? 

Or maybe your life is already pretty darn good and you just want to iron out the few creases that stop it being as perfect as you’d like.

And here is the Golden Key: did you know that your body – your amazing, intelligent body – has it’s own innate healing system that can clear physical, emotional and mental dis-ease that keeps you stuck in patterns of ill-health, undesirable behaviour and feeling less than good?

Whatever your situation, know this: 

Things can be different. 

And you can change them.


All you need, is a little information about your chakras – and how to heal them and bring them into balance.

What Are Chakras?

Healthy, balanced chakras are at the very core of your physical vitality, your emotional wellbeing and your personal and spiritual growth and development.

There are 7 major Chakras in the body that run along the central column of the body.  Each Chakra is responsible for the health and wellbeing of different body parts, body functions and emotions.  When they are balanced and flowing well, your physical body, body parts, organs, functions and emotions are well supported.  However, when your chakras are out of balance and not flowing well, it’s more difficult for them to support your physical body, body parts, body functions, organs and emotions – resulting in your health and wellbeing being impacted negatively.  And, it only takes one chakra to be out of balance to initially disrupt the flow of energy to the chakra immediately above and below it – then ultimately to disrupt the flow of energy to all the chakras. 

Over time, this disruption to the body’s energy flow starts to create more “dis-ease” – often resulting in physical conditions, emotional imbalances and a sense of disconnection from your purpose/sense of being in the world.

Example Of How Imbalances Can Show Up

Imbalances can show up in a variety of different ways ie physcially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually too.

Using the Root Chakra as an example:-

The Root Chakra is all about trust, survival, family and safety.  It also represents your connection with the physical body and the earth’s plane.  It is responsible for looking after the bones/skeletal system, muscles, teeth, legs, skin and hair (and tails in animals) as well as supporting the adrenal glands. 

When the Root Chakra is healthy and balanced, you experience physical vitality and a clear connection with the earth with a strong sense of being/wanting to be alive.  You feel safe and secure and experience abundance on all levels (health, wealth, relationships).

When the Root Chakra is imbalanced or weak, you experience health/ physical challenges and can feel a loss of connection with the earth and how you fit into life (at it’s worst, this can result in not wanting to live any more).  Arthritis and other bony issues may surface as well as skin problems like spots, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry skin.  In animals, the hair may fall out, thin or no longer lie flat and start to stick up in places.  They may also become reactive to touch and will be prone to being “clumsy”.

On an emotional level, fear and anxiety is experienced – as is depression.  Other feelings include not feeling safe/secure, distrusting others, lack of motivation and generally experiencing difficulties in relationships, prosperity and obtaining what you desire in life.

Behaviourally, Root Chakra Issues can present as overeating, obsessiveness, controlling behaviours, addictions (including workaholism) and resistance to change or being open to new ideas and ways.  

On a spiritual/personal development level, when the Root Chakra is blocked, spiritual connection/ personal growth can literally be cut off.

So, as you can see – exploring just one of the 7 main chakras – you can see that there are many different ways imbalances can play out, yet understanding each Chakra and how it operates helps you quickly see what area of life needs to be supported.  And how you can best support it.

Healing Your Chakras

Each Chakra has it’s own colour, it’s own vibration, it’s own purpose – and it’s own specific – and very important – job in supporting the body.  When you understand the role that each Chakra plays, you can easily see where – and how – your own Chakras are not performing as well as they could.

Every Chakra has it’s own individual preferences – and speediest responses – to healing, including:-

  • Colours to support healing and balance
  • Affirmations
  • Language preferences
  • Exercises to stimulate, activate and energise
  • Smell
  • Sound
  • Vibration
  • Crystals 
  • Techniques for clearing, healing and balancing

When you use the above approaches to heal your Chakras, you release blocks, traumas and other imprints on the Energy Field, creating improved energy flow to each Chakra resulting in better quality flow and support to the body, mind and spirit.

What Is My “Chakra Balancing Course”?

Converting a successful live group teaching programme into an online course, sees the creation of 8 teaching videos, delivered over the course of 7 weeks.  During this time, I will guide you through:-

  • How the Chakra System works
  • The role of each Chakra and how it supports your body, mind and spirit
  • How to diagnose the health of each of your Chakras
  • Techniques to cleanse, heal and balance each Chakra
  • Exercises to support the development of each Chakra and build them up
  • Strategies to support the release of excess energy in your Chakras and calm them down
  • Tips and Strategies to support your Chakras so you can:-
    • keep yourself safe and grounded 
    • protect yourself from others’ energy
    • protect yourself from others’ negativity
    • stay out of the drama
  • How to use colour with each of the Chakras for healing and balance
  • How to use language and Affirmations to support the positive development of each Chakra
  • You will have access to 3 Q&A classes recorded from previous courses which will support you as you move through the Programme and will answer any questions you may have about the Chakras and your experience of them as you work with the teaching materials.
  • I will guide you through a Clearing, Healing and Balancing Meditation for each Chakra
  • The teaching materials and all 7 meditations are yours to keep

Is This Chakra Balancing Course Right For You?

  • If you want to stand in your own power and not be influenced by the push, pull and drama of other people – yes!
  • If you are ready for better health and wellbeing – yes!
  • If you wish to understand the correlation between the physical and emotional bodies and how one impacts the other – yes!
  • If you want to improve your capability to self heal – yes!
  • If you want to recognise when your body is “talking to you” – yes!
  • If you want to understand what drives your behaviour, the behaviours of others, including animals -yes! 
  • If you want to be able to apply simple healing and balancing techniques to yourself, loved ones and animals – yes!
  • If you want forever access to expertly crafted Releasing, Healing and Balancing Meditations for each Chakra – yes!

Why Act Now?

  • There is never any better time to act than now.  If you have read this far, you know it is resonating with you.  So why wait?  Why delay your improved health, wellbeing and understanding about you, your body and how to heal yourself?
  • Knowledge is Power – once you know the basics of the Chakras you have the power to create change and healing for the rest of your life.  For yourself and for others.
  • I want you to know that you can feel different, be different, live different.  Now.
  • I want you to live a better life.  Because you can.  It’s all here.  For You.  For the taking.

I am ready to live my best life.  Now and forever.  £197


Technical Details

  • Once the office has received receipt of your payment (during office hours:- mon-fri, 9-5pm), you will be sent a receipt containing an access link to:-
    • All 8 Video Classes 
    • 7 Meditations
    • 3 Recorded Q&A calls with previous students that answer the most common questions – and more!  Most of the answers I gave went above and beyond an introductory course – and contain additional teachings within them too…
  • You have lifetime access to all the course materials and recordings (lifetime being my lifetime – for as long as I am alive and serving the world – and I plan to live a very long, chakra balanced, life!)

I am ready to live my best life.  Now and forever.  £197