Energy Healing Workshops

Learn Energy Healing for Self, Friends, Family & Animals

As a trained Bi-Aura Therapy Practitioner and Trainer & Examiner for the Bi-Aura Foundation, Sarah-Jane is a huge advocate of the benefits of Energy Therapy.  Energy Therapy has transformed Sarah-Jane’s life as well as the lives of her numerous animal and people clients.  It is part of her life’s purpose to share this training with others – for their own benefit and for the benefit of their animals.

Sarah-Jane runs workshops and courses at  different levels for those wishing to train in Energy Therapy.  The one day workshops give you the basic tools of the trade that allow you to practice safely on yourself, friends, family and your own animals.  If you want to practice professionally, you must undertake the 8 month Professional Training Course in Bio-Energy Training (Diploma).

All Soul Therapy/Pet Whisperer Courses comprise a careful blend of theory, hands on practice and individual guidance and support.  Sarah-Jane warmly invites you to join her on any of these exciting personal journeys of discovery, joy and enlightenment.

Energy Healing Courses that Sarah-Jane offers include:-

Energy Healing Techniques Level One – for self, friends and family
Energy Healing Techniques Level Two – for animals
Diploma in Bio-Energy Training – for professional use
Chakra Balancing – for self healing and development


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Level One – 25th August – Glenrothes, Fife- click here for full details on Level One and booking information for the weekend

Level Two – 26th August – Glenrothes, Fife – click here for full details on Level Two and booking information for the weekend



Energy Healing Techniques:  Level One 

One Day workshop 




Easy to learn Basic Healing Techniques that can be used safely on self, friends & family.
Can be used as preparation for Bi-Aura Therapy Diploma

On the day you will:-

  • Learn how to feel your own energy
  • Learn how to feel other’s energy
  • Identify blockages in the energy field
  • Learn basic healing techniques to clear blockages
  • Perform energy treatments on other

Healing Techniques:  Level Two 

One Day workshop


Energy Healing Techniques: Level One







This Workshop is suitable for qualified Bi-Aura Practitioners or those who have undertaken Level One.

Using Level One as the starting point, this workshop focuses on adapting and applying the healing techniques learned in Level One to animals.

On the day you will:-

  • Learn energy sensitivity enhancing techniques
  • Refresh on feeling your own and other’s energy
  • Practice feeling animal’s energy fields
  • Detect blockages
  • Adapt techniques for animal practice


Chakra Balancing Course: 

8 week course (1 hour per week)

Throughout the Course learn how to:

  • Identify your own body’s imbalances  – and how to correct them
  • Understand the root cause of your body’s dis-ease
  • Alleviate some of your persistent health problems
  • Reduce / overcome the impact of traumatic life experiences
  • Develop confidence, energy, freedom and happiness

This is the tool kit for self healing and development.  The Chakra Balancing Course is the perfect introduction to chakras and energy work with practical, easy to use practices for improving your health and wellbeing.
The aim of the course is to increase your awareness of your energy field and increase your understanding of how it functions.  Each week we will explore one of the 7 major chakras (also called energy centres) and learn what influences it’s health and wellbeing.  Learn what blocks the energy flow to each chakra and, more importanly, what you can do to clear the blockages and bring greater flow and balance to your life.

In addition to each weeks’ theroretical teachings, you will learn basic healing practices, meditations and life practices that support the healing and natural flow of each chakra.

See Workshop Schedule


Diploma in Bio Energy Training: Professional Qualification: 


8 month Course – comprising one weekend per month
Cost:  £1975 (can be paid over 8 months)



  • Become a professional practitioner
  • An inspirational and life changing course
  • Change direction and train in someting new
  • Learn how to sense and direct powerful energies
  • Heal yourself and learn how to heal others
  • A fascinating journey in self discovery and working with energy


Please Note: Sarah-Jane is currently taking a back step from teaching Energy Training at Professional level so she can devote more time to her animal work.  If you are interested in the Diploma Course, please see the Bi-Aura Foundation website for details of a course near you.