Animal Healing Circle

It has always been part of Sarah-Jane’s long-term vision to run a Healing Circle for animals where she can support sick and poorly animals as well as students learning animal healing.  In addition to creating a healing environment for animals, the intention for the Healing Circle is to create a positive experience for all who take part:

For The Animals:

Sick, poorly or emotionally distressed animals benefit from the comforting healing energies sent to them.

For the Participants:

You learn how to, or continue to develop your practice in, connecting with animals, identifying areas of depletion in the body and sending healing energy.

For the Guardians:

The Guardians also benefit from the healing energy in the circle, thus supporting them at what may be a time of worry and concern.

Come and join our exciting Healing Circle!

The Animal Healing Circle is run monthly on Monday evenings from 7:30pm – 9pm and is open to all animals and anyone interested in animal healing (dates at foot of page).   Whilst a practical evening of learning and practice, the evenings are relaxed with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and connect with other students. There are a few things to consider:



  • Whilst there is no charge for animals attending, all requests to attend must be put to the Pet Whisperer office and approval given prior to attendance
  • The Healing Clinic is not a substitute for veterinary care and in all cases veterinary permission must be granted
  • Healing is carried out by students and/or emerging practitioners and guided by Sarah-Jane.  If you would prefer healing treatments directly from Sarah-Jane, these can be arranged separately.More info>>>
  • Small animals must be brought in a suitable carrier, dogs must remain on leads, horses will be worked with outside on a lead rope, other large, non-domesticated animals should be contained in their travel box.
  • Please contact us if you are interested in bringing your animal friend along


  • Preferable that Energy Healing Level One training is completed
  • Preferable that Energy Healing Level Two training either completed or signed up for
  • Those who have undertaken the above training with Sarah-Jane are encouraged to attend as part of her “Continuing Support” programme
  • If you have not trained in the above and are interested in taking part in our Animal Healing Circle, please contact the office with your interest
  • There is a small fee for tuition which will help contribute to room hire and refreshments
    • Participants with Energy Healing Level One or Two: £5
    • Participants with no previous training with Sarah-Jane: £8


The Healing Circle is run from Kilgour House in Falkland, Fife.  Sarah-Jane feels extremely blessed to be able to run this Animal Healing Circle from Kilgour House as both the House and it’s surrounding lands have amazing healing energies.  This will only contribute to, and intensify, the healing work we do here with animals – as well as our own healing too!

Dates For 2012

Mondays: 7:30pm – 9pm
20th August
17th September
22nd October
19th November
17th December