Personalised Prescription Service – creating unique blends perfect for you and/or your animal friend

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have the exact emotional support that you needed – either for yourself or your animal friend – at any given time?  Well you can!

Sarah-Jane has been using dowsing for over a decade to identify:-

  • Geopathic Stress disturbance in our homes, offices and energy fields
  • Electomagnetic Stress disturbance in our homes, offices and energy fields
  • Food Intolerances
  • Chemical and Environmental Intolerances
  • Optimum Health Care/Treatment Packages

Using these same dowsing methods, Sarah-Jane will test all 38 Flower Remedies against you or your animal’s energy field.  By testing the energetic vibration of the Flower Remedies against the energetic vibration of you or your animal friend’s energy field, your own unique vibration will identify which Flower Remedies are required to bring balance to your energy field.

Please note that Sarah-Jane is not a Bach Flower Remedy Consultant but as a trained Energy Practitioner (in 4 different energy disciplines) and a trained Dowser (trained by Elizabeth Brown, author of “Dowsing – The ultimate guide for the 21st Century) she has been using Dowsing successfully for more than a decade to support all aspects of both people and animal health care.

As an Energy Practitioner, it makes complete sense to Sarah-Jane – and the way that she works with energy – that the energy vibration of the Flower Remedies can be felt and measured against the energy field of the person or animal they are being tested for.  Hence, being able to identify what any energy field requires for balance at any given point in time.

Do you know what your Energy Field requires for balance?

They joy of using the Personalised Prescription Service is that a unique Flower Remedy Prescription Blend will be created just for you based on exactly what your energy field requires. This is far more efficient for your emotional support and long term health goals and takes all the guess work out of trying to identify what individual Flower Remedies are right for you (not to mention that a Personalised Prescription works out cheaper too!).

Examples of Personalised Prescriptions include:-

  • Calming Blends for animals or people who are anxious, nervous or fearful
  • Post Operative blends to enhance and aid recovery
  • Confidence Boosters
  • Complex situations where many different and opposing factors are present
  • Blends specifically created for those in pain, with long-term health problems or illness
  • Supporting animals who have come from traumatic backgrounds
  • Depression and mood imbalances
  • Supporting the transition of change or adjustment ie work, home, relocation
  • Support for environmental allergens and toxins – strengthening the system
  • Preparation for stressful situations to come ie fireworks, hospitalization, operations, vet visits, etc

Using our Personalised Prescription Service is as easy as 1,2,3!!!

Simply make payment then send us:

  • Your name or the name of your animal friend
  • Your address
  • A photograph if you have one handy, but this is not essential as Sarah-Jane can tune into the energy of the name and the address

It’s really as easy as that!

Your Personalised Prescription Service is just £24  – specific for your needs and cheaper than buying and second guessing with individual remedies!

Personalised Precription Service