Are you going to wait or create in 2015

Over the next few days or so you may start thinking about New Year Resolutions – or if like me, you don’t make New Year Resolutions, you may find yourself thinking about the impending new year and how you would like to see it unfold.
So, let me ask you this:  Do you want to reach the end of 2015 and reflect on what happened to you throughout the year or do you want to create what happens to you during 2015?
Personally, I like to feel more in control of what happens to me and I will share with you further on how I do that each year, but first let me share with you the following quote I came across just today.  It completely sums up the message of this newsletter:-

The future is not a result of choices among alternative paths offered by the present, but a place that is created, first in mind, next in will, then in activity.

The future is not some place we are going to, but a place we are creating.

The paths are not to be discovered, but made, and the activity of making the future changes both the maker and the destination.

This profound sentiment was written many, many years ago, by John Schaar, who had been a political theorist at the University of California.

And, if you are a client of mine, or have been part of my community for a while you will know how much importance I place on:
  1. Using visualisation as a means of creating our reality
  2. Each of us being the Director of our own lives
So the above quote sums those two notions up completely, for what John Schaar is talking about in the first sentence is not what is, but what could be.
For most people, the future actually does become the result of choices among alternative paths offered by the present situation. But it doesn’t have to.

You have a choice.  You can create your future rather than passively allowing life to creep up on you.

When you choose to create your future, simply follow the 3 key steps in the above quote (this is a very similar process to the Shakti Gawain’s techniques that I have taught and written about over the years).

  1. create your future firstly in your mind – what do you want it to be/look like?
  2. then in will – are you committed to do whatever it takes to make it real?
  3. and finally by taking action – actually doing whatever you have to do.

When you consciously create your future, two things happen:-

  1. You become the Director Of Your Life – instead of a victim of circumstances
  2. You reach the destination of your choice – instead of a destination that is thrust upon you by circumstances

The best way to deal effectively with the future is to create it, instead of waiting until it happens to you.  It really is that simple.

Make your choice – wait for 2015 to happen to you or create what YOU want to happen.


So how do I create my future each year?

Each year at the beginning of January I take some time out to play.  Yes, play. Two solid days – three if I can manage it!  I surround myself with old catalogues, magazines, pens and large sheets of paper.  I start my day with a long dog walk, immersing myself in nature and setting a clear intention that I am creating my year ahead  – in exactly the way I want it to play out for me.   I go home and spend some time meditating and journeying on my Soul’s Calling so I am truly in alignment with myself.  This helps me get clear on what my needs are and what needs may still need to be fulfilled. Then I play!  I cut out pictures, words, symbols and quotes that inspire me or reflect who and/or where I am aspiring to be or simply demonstrate where I want to be in life.  I aim large.  Huge!  No barriers or limitations whatsoever.  The world is my oyster!
The result is my Vision Board – my vision for my new year.  I include all aspects of my life: self, family, home, work, finance, passions, travel – everything that I aspire to achieve.  By identifying what is needed or wanted in my life, then committing it to paper and focussing positively on it, starts the manifestation process – bringing my dreams into reality.
Now, just incase you think I am perfect or have an easy life (yes, some of my clients have confessed that they do think that!), I want to be clear about a couple of things.  I start each year with a clear vision of where I want the year to go and, most importantly, I take appropriate action to make that a reality – that is essential.  However, sometimes life will throw me a curve ball or two.  That happens.  Sometimes these curve balls are huge and outwith my control like illness and death.  Yet there is always a choice (not always easy or clear choices, but always a choice) to how you respond to your circumstances.  So you don’t need to be de-railed from your vision by life’s curveballs:-
  1. Re-align with yourself and the calling of your soul
  2. Re-adjust what needs to be re-adjusted
  3. Re-apply the visioning steps


My Top Tip For You In Manifesting Your Future?

Get clear on what you need!
  • This can be done on your own but sometimes the help of a good friend or therapist can be helpful
  • Meditate or journey to your Power Animals for guidance
  • Identify the key areas of your life ie work, home, relationships, finance and write out how you would like each area to look
  • Identify what “gaps” there are between your current reality and your future vision
  • Once your needs are clear, focus on the end product – how your life looks and feels with all your needs being met.  Really focus on the feelings too – you need to feel it to believe it! Believing it makes it happen!
  • Just following this process will create change – you will feel empowered and more positive about life.  Change will start to happen…..

Wishing you heartfelt magic for 2015

Sarah-Jane x

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