Sharing Our Appreciation With Our Animal Friends

This month’s video blog is all about Appreciation and Gratitude for the animals in our lives.  The short video below gives some easy tips for creating time to show appreciation to our furry and feathered friends.


And what better way to share your appreciation for your companions than by learning how to communicate with them?


There are 2 Animal Communication Workshops taking place over the next month – covering the south and the north of the country!


If you are interested in advancing your communication skills or learning the intricacies of Challenging Behaviour or how to deal with Death and Dying, then the advanced workshop is a must for you! Both these topics will be covered fully – and you are welcome to bring a photo of any animal you are having behavioural problems with!  Or any animal you are concerned may be nearing the end of their life here on earth….   Full details here


As you know, I am SO passionate about Animal Communication and it is my dream to work with students who are keen to spread the magic and work professionally like I do.  So if you believe that this is your calling, don’t hesitate to join me at a workshop soon.  Exciting things are happening in the land of Animal Communication here at Pet Whisperer…..


Enjoy the video and enjoy your own special time with your animal companion/s telling them how much they are loved, valued and appreciated.


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A Tender Moment With Death & My 6yr Old Son

I have literally just experienced something so powerful – on so many levels – that I am just bursting to share it with you. But first, please let me update you with some very important news:
The Early Bird on The Scottish Soul Retreat has been extended to this Friday 19th August at midnight
Many of you have been in touch to say that you missed the email – and the early bird offer – as you have been away on holiday (it’s the school holidays here in Scotland).  And, as you may or may not be  aware, my youngest child has been in and out of hospital with breathing difficulties over the past month and work has taken a back step whilst I care for him. This has meant the publicity went out a little late and I haven’t been able to send out the usual reminders.  So, in the quest of fairness, I felt it only right to extend the early bird offer for this powerful and transformational weekend.
So if you are ready to reconnect with your Soul Purpose and release any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, come along to my “Wild Soul Retreat” this September!
Whilst I have run these deeply powerful and transformational workshops before, this will be a first in taking the workshop right back to where it belongs – in nature!  Surrounded by the Scottish countryside, deep within the hills of Abernethy, we will be held in nature’s sacred healing space as we spend 2 days going deep within to find our true selves.
There are only 3 spots left, so don’t delay in booking your place to experience this nurturing – and empowering – space for yourself.  Time to rest, restore and reconnect with yourself:-
  • Time to really connect with the very essence of who you truly are
  • Time to replenish and restore
  • Time to find out what your soul truly desires
  • Time to bring harmony and balance back to your life
Click here for more details:-  I can’t wait to work with you and hear your soul sing!
And now, back to my truly momentous moment this morning with Death and my youngest son….
I was just leaving the house for my morning swim when I noticed a dead mouse under my car.  He was in perfect alignment with my front tyre and I knew I would run him over when I reversed.  Unable to bear the thought of this (even though I knew his soul would have moved on) I bent down to pick him up.  As I got closer, I noticed a slight raise of his chest – he was still alive!  I could see blood, injuries to his tiny back and sides and his both his back legs were clearly broken.  He was in a bad way!  I knew he needed to put out of his misery.  I also knew I couldn’t do that.  Time to call my husband!
A small crowd gathered and several options were offered, including reversing over him which everyone felt was the quickest and kindest thing to do.  I just couldn’t allow that to happen. And, despite his terrible state, my husband suggested that I carry out some healing – my intuition was telling me it was too late for that and to call in my Death & Dying Guides to take him over to the other side.
I asked my youngest son to go and get me the box from his new school shoes.  He refused saying that he needed it to keep his shoes in!  So I asked him to get me any old box from his room – but he informed me he needed them all!  Before I had time to get cross with him, my husband appeared with a perfectly sized box.  I then asked my son to go and some kitchen roll to line the box.  The box duly lined, I finally asked him to get me my Shamanic Drum so I could preform a Death Ceremony for this tiny little mouse, to which he replied like any typical 6yr old, “Oh! Why do I have to do everything?!?”.
Before I had time to contemplate (not for the first time!) just where on earth this child had come from and how he could even be part of my family, he arrived at my side with 2 drums and said “I didn’t know which one you wanted”.
I held the mouse in one hand and cupped my other hand over the top of him, sending him healing energy to whis whole body.  My son peered over my shoulder as I sat on the front door step and said “No mummy, you are doing it wrong”. He then pushed my upper hand away and preceded to do a Bi-Aura Energy “sweep” off the tiny little mouse’s body.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  My child – who was as interested in my healing work as he was in dolls and the colour pink! – was performing a perfect – yes perfect – energy sweep from this tiny creature’s body.  He looked at me and said “Is that how you do it mummy?  Is that right?”.   As I nodded, the mouse began to move!  He stretched his front legs and did a semi roll on his side offering his injuries to us.  My son continued to clear energy from his body as I held the mouse in the palm of my hand.  Then we heard it.  A queak!  Then another!  And another!  He was now moving his legs and his heart rate was coming down.  Instinctively, I began to clear his energy field with my free hand  (Top Tip for those interested in Bio-Energy Healing for Animals – when creatures are small enough to hold in the palm of your hand you can heal the whole body with the clearing technique instead of going through the individual chakras).
My son quickly told me to stop as that was his job!  I looked on as my independent, strong willed, determined (and often challenging) son stood and worked with such intensity and trust on that little mouse.  The mouse continued to squeak and make small movements. I then laid him down in the box, picked up my drum and brought in my Pyschopomp Guide and asked if  it was time to open the portal to the other side.  It was. As I began the ceremony, my son ran to the kitchen and brought bread crumbs for the mouse to eat incase he was hungry – such kindness from a child who often struggles with empathy.  I drummed and my son continued to clear the mouse’s energy field.  I saw the portal open, my Psychopomp Guide came forward and the soul began to lift from the mouse.  I had the privilege of seeing a whole family of mice waiting at the other side of the rainbow bridge urging their beloved one home.  Within moments, my son tapped my shoulder and said “Stop mummy.  You can stop now”.
I looked up with a huge lump in my throat and tears threatening to fall from my eyes.  My son had a tear in his eye, and wiped his face with his pyjama top.  I put my arm around him as he held the box containing the mouse and we shed our tears whilst I explained to him that his healing work had given the mouse the strength he needed to transition to the other side – and his squeaking was him saying thank you to him.
What a beautiful, tender moment I had just shared with my son and the mouse – each of us connected, each in the moment.  This was made even more special as I had just had cross words with my son prior to this happening about his lack of kindness.  Yet what kindness and caring he showed without prompting.  Something that is often a challenge for my spirited and strong willed child.
It was truly the most tender of moments for us all – me, the mouse and my son.  What a privilege – and a blessing – this work is.  What gratitude I have for that mouse who provided a sacred moment for me to see who my child really is.
My son is now impatiently shouting on me, shovel in hand, waiting to go to the woods to bury the mouse (that he wanted to keep in his room).  “Remember mummy, we need to make a stone too.  Hurry up!”…..
Don’t forget to register for my Soul Retreat if you are ready to connect with who you really are!  Click here for more details:-  
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Nurturing The Soul


I’ve just returned from the most amazing time in Newcastle delivering my Power Retreat.  The Power Retreat was created due to demand from participants after the amazingly powerful Soul Retreat – everyone wanted more!!!!!  And it was my heartfelt privilege to deliver more!!!

These Retreats are incredibly powerful – yet they are such good fun to run it is actually difficult to call them work!  Yet work it is – supporting participants in reconnecting with their inner power and realigning with their Soul’s Purpose.   Both the Soul Retreats and the Power Retreats are incredibly transformational.  They really support you in shedding limiting beliefs and stepping back into your own innate power.

The feedback from these workshops has been so wonderfully positive as each participant felt themselves grow and expand with each activity they undertook.  It truly was a privilege to be of service and hold that sacred space for the groups.

The demand for these workshops is increasing and, in response to your request for me to run more, I have put 2 new Soul Retreat dates in the diary (Perthshire and Sussex) – both in September.  Each workshop is limited to 6 participants so don’t delay in booking your place and experiencing this nurturing – and empowering – time for yourself.  Click here for more details

Soul Retreat

Two beautiful days for the self – what greater gift of love to yourself is there than that? Time to rest, restore and reconnect with yourself:-
  • Time to really connect with the very essence of who you truly are
  • Time to replenish and restore
  • Time to find out what your soul truly desires
  • Time to bring harmony and balance back to your life
I can’t wait to see you there and hear your soul sing!


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Do You Find Making Change Difficult?

Have your New Year’s Resolutions slipped by the way side or are you firmly on track to reaching your goals?  Making change can be tough – otherwise we would all easily be able to lose weight, exercise more, spend more time with people and animals we love, be kinder to ourselves etc etc.  Don’t give up if it’s important to you – it takes 27 days of consistent change to create a new habit.  Think about what behaviour you want to change and then explore what options are open to you to change that behaviour.  For example, if you want to eat more healthily, what are your entrenched behaviours? If it’s reaching for the chocolate/crisps/biscuits when tired or stressed, think about how you can change that behaviour.  You could remove all the unhealthy foods from the cupboards but that doesn’t change the actual behaviour. Think about what changes you could make to the behaviour. For example: stop yourself mid journey to the kitchen and detour to another room and dance to a favourite song for 3 mins?  Stop yourself and do something productive with your hands?  The key is to change the old, deeply held behaviour.  Whatever your goal is, think about the behaviour you want to change and then explore alternative actions you can take that support your new goal.  Good luck!

If your goal is linked to connecting with animals more deeply, there is plenty here already to support you (see link and 3 minute video below).  And, if your goal is to work on yourself so you can be the best you can be, then keep an eye out for some exciting new “New You!” Courses coming your way.

Click here for all the juicy workshop details and dates!


New Dates now in for Lincoln, Nottinghamshire

Healing Workshop – Learn Energy Healing for People and Animals

23 & 24 April 2016


Click here to watch the video

Click here for all the juicy workshop details and dates!

And read about how student Gill saved a dog’s life after attending a workshop last year!  Would you like to make that kind of difference to the lives of animals?  You Can!  I would LOVE to see you and work with you at any of my workshops this year!  Book now so we can hang out together for 2 glorious days and I can teach you all my tricks of the trade, so you too can make a difference in the lives of animals.  Click here to read her story

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Sharing the Magic…..Welcome 2016!

Happy New Year!

I trust you are feeling the magic and sense of endless possibilities that 2016 holds for you?  If 2015 was filled with challenge for you, watch the video and see why that was – and why 2016 is going to be SO exciting for you!
For me, the end of 2015 was a particularly challenging time both personally and professionally.  Personally, there were so many death related incidents including a house fire, car crash, health scare and finishing with my 5yr old being rushed to hospital with breathing problems (all in one month!).  So, it was a pretty full on time and I really needed to walk my talk and take some time out for nourishment, replenishment and recharging.  And learn the lessons the universe was so drastically teaching me……
Professionally, it was also challenging as I had the privilege to work with much loved animal clients as they prepared to leave this earth.  Whilst this can often be a painful time for guardians, there are no words that can describe the relief and peace that is felt when they know they have done absolutely everything their animal companions have requested and they have fulfilled every dying wish.  That is what makes this work such a privilege: to support the needs and fulfil the wishes of an animal who is ready to make their transistion from this world to the next.  What greater gift can there possibly be for your animal friend?
If you are interested in communicating with animals and making that kind of difference either for your own animals or with other people’s, registrations are currently being taken for this year’s Home Study Course.  In addition to the 12 written modules, each month there will be a live online class to help keep you on track where I cover a key teaching aspect of animal communication as well as answer any questions you have – and celebrate your successes with you too.  The first class starts on Wednesday 27th January.  All classes are 8-9pm UK time and a replay is available if you are unable to attend live.  It’s a great course with hands on support from myself as well as your fellow students who you can stay connected with via a private group.
If you have questions or want more information about the course, please contact me and we can have a chat.  Alternatively sign up via the website:-
You won’t regret it!

Watch Video icon

Click HERE (not the image above) to watch my message for you – find out why I am SO excited about this year and why 2016 is going to be your best year yet!



In Loving Memory

I would like to create a sacred space for saying thank you and goodbye to the following incredible animal clients who allowed me into their lives, taught me so much and who have now left this world – each on their own terms and in their own way…..
Ruffles Chua – Your tenacity, spirit and sheer determination has always inspired me – but especially so over the past 2 years.  You defied every medical prognosis and enjoyed 2 years of quality life that no other dog with bladder cancer has yet done.  You are a miracle!  You have taught me so much during our time together and even in your death your legacy lives on and you inspire hope in others.  I will never forget your sparky personality, your sheer courage and all that you taught me.
Zak Robinson – You fought your demons so bravely Zak and I have nothing but the upmost respect for you. Your courage to keep going combined with your love and adoration for your mum and dad saw you wiling to try any of my new treatments – or combination of treatments.  You never gave up when others would have sunk into a dark hole and stayed there.  Thank you for such great teachings. You were in full charge of your departure from this earth and decided to change your mind once in the operating theatre.  Whilst a shock for us all, I respect that decision.  May you now be at peace….
Ben Clayton – Such a wise soul and an incredible teacher.  Your spark and vitality never left you Ben – even when your physical body failed you.  You were still Chief Fox Hunter even when blind and deaf! And I will never forget the neighbours thinking your mum had got a puppy when you were in the garden energised and playing after your Bi-Aura Therapy Treatment!  Your spirit and zest for life was undeniable.  You healed those around you and so wise-fully engineered the timing of your passing, creating space for each of your beloved care-givers.  Your mum’s words “I never knew death could be so beautiful” was the most precious thing I ever heard.  Thank you for teaching us that.

Sage Hellard – My beautiful little Sage.  Here on this earth for such a very, very short time.  Unexpectedly taken and very much missed by your mum.  From the moment of your mum’s email requesting a communication consultation, I never had any doubt that you were Sushi reincarnated.  You confirmed that during our consultation and I had to work hard to remember your new name and body was Sage.  Your time on earth this time around, was short and yet you managed to teach and validate your mum’s incredible intuitive animal communication skills.

And, their legacy will live on…

….I was carrying out a Communication Consultation with the gorgeous and so utterly adorable Rosie (who, like Ruffles above, has bladder cancer).  Rosie is still here – defying the odds too! – and her mum and dad wanted to check in with her and make some cruicial decisions about the details of her passing for when her time comes.  As soon as I connected with Rosie she said “Let me help you teach!” We had a long conversation and she really pushed me to step out of my comfort zone with my teaching.  She sensed my apprehension and said “Ben will help – and so will the others!”  Then to my absolute astonishment, Ben Clayton, Ruffles Chua, Zak Robinson, Sage/Sushi Hellard and some other long since gone animals including Baxter Driver and Shadow Priddis all stepped forward alongside my Power Animals and said: “We want to help you reach out and spread the word about animal communication.  To share how it enriches lives – of both the animal and their human guardians alike.”  The ever so deep and tangible feeling of love that was in my treatment room and in my heart cannot adequately be conveyed.  To say I was overwhelmed with emotion, gratitude and such great love for these amazing animals is an understatement.  I cried huge tears of gratitude for their love and support of me and my work.  And I’m crying now as I type, as that same immense feeling of sheer love engulfs me again as I recall that amazing and powerful communication experience.
So watch out for the soulful and inspired joint project between me and the amazingly generous and supportive animal teachers above.  Mum’s the word at the moment, but it’s going to be big – one of my big stretches for 2016 – so watch this space!
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