What Happens During a Consultation?

An Intuitive Animal Communication Consultation is an opportunity for you to explore areas of concern, exchange messages with your companion and ask specific questions.  This can be hugely beneficial when you need to know information from your companion’s perspective and hugely comforting if you need to share information or want to send specific messages to them.

In order to make Intuitive Communication with animals as accessible as possible, nearly all consultations are carried out “Distantly”.  This means Sarah-Jane can work with your animal friend from a distance regardless of geographic location.  For this work, all she requires is a photograph.  For one to one consultations or group bookings, please contact the office for details.

The Consultation is a two step process.  Once we have received the Communication Information Form (identifying the perceived problem along with any areas/questions that you wish Sarah-Jane to explore with your companion), 2 appointments are then booked in the diary for your animal friend (the second appointment booked at a time mutually agreeable to both you and Sarah-Jane).  Each step is up to one hour duration and comprises:

Step OneIntuitive Communication

Sarah-Jane will connect with your friend via photograph, collecting an impression of their key characteristics and personality.  Sarah-Jane creates a safe and nurturing space for your friend and invites them to lead the initial part of the communication before she looks and at and explores your questions.  In Sarah-Jane’s experience the very areas that you want to explore have usually already been highlighted by your friend when space is created for them to express their self and be heard.  This is because what is often an issue or frustration for you is an issue or source of frustration for them too.  At this stage, attempts are made to understand the underlying root cause of any presenting problems and potential resolutions will be discussed with your companion.

Should your friend request therapeutic support, Sarah-Jane provides “spot healing” free of charge to any areas of your animal friend’s body that are out of balance.  Whilst not a full therapeutic treatment, it is often enough for most animals to create a catalyst of healing change.

You do not need to be present for Step One and your companion is fully able to communicate with Sarah-Jane whilst partaking in their usual daily activities so no changes are needed to their routine.

Step Two3-Way Telephone/Skype Consultation with Sarah-Jane and your companion

Sarah-Jane will personally email you the key findings of the communication work outlining any areas that she would like to explore further on the pre-booked Telephone Consultation.

All information that was exchanged during Step One will be shared with you during the phone call and your companion is invited to comment on anything you offer in response to the findings – allowing quick understanding and resolution of issues.  It is during this time that the root cause of any issues are usually confirmed or established and a compassionate course of action explored.

By the end of the consultation you will have a clearer understanding of your animal friend, what they may need and the steps you can take.  These steps can include continuing what you are already doing, slight changes to walks/hacks, increase 1:1 time, or simply a change of food.  Depending on the issue, more specific actions may be required including therapeutic healing support, referral to other veterinary professionals, grounding techniques to use at home, visualizations for you to use on yourself to support you as you support your animal friend.

Sarah-Jane invites you to use the recommendations that feel right for you and holds no judgement on the decisions you reach for you and your animal companion.

Your companion does not need to be with you during the phone consultation for Sarah-Jane to establish a 3-way connection between you all.