Benefits of Intuitive Communication

Ever wanted to know what your animal companion was thinking, feeling or trying to tell you?

Animals experience the same range of emotions that we do. And, like us, their mood and behaviour changes when they feel out of balance. However, they are completely reliant upon on us to work out what is wrong or what they need. If you would like to know how your pet is feeling, are experiencing difficulties with them or just want to know whether they’re happy then Sarah-Jane can help.

Intuitive Communication Sessions help your companion by creating space for them to be heard and understood. Feedback helps the guardian too – not only creating a better and deeper understanding between you but allowing any issues to be resolved sensitively.

An Intuitive Communication Session with your animal friend can be beneficial on many different levels:-

  • Physical (checking out aches, pains, illness and injuries)
  • Emotional (understanding and releasing fear, guilt, grief, depression)
  • Mental (thought patterns, obsessive behaviours)
  • Spiritual (life purpose, preparation for, or transition to, the other side)

Sessions can be used to understand, and find resolution to, a variety of different challenges.  How amazing – and beneficial – would it be to:-

Understand and resolve behavioural issues Seeing things from your animal friend’s perspective will increase your understanding of their behaviour and help bring an empathic resolution to the situation.
Find out if there are any unmet needs that may be at the core of the behaviour.
Sometimes the behaviour is not an issue for the animal at all – only an issue for you.  By creating this awareness for your companion we can negotiate a positive way forward.
Create space for your animal friend’s input on key decisions Your companion has ideas and thoughts on all the decisions you make – especially the ones that concern them!
Check out how they would like to manage their health issues, what activities they want to try, where they want to stay when you are on holiday, whether they want to move house with you.
Increase harmony in relationships By developing and increasing understanding between you and your companion, harmony will ensue.  Issues between animals in the same household/yard can also be explored and both animals can be given the opportunity to express and resolve their feelings.
Express and resolve frustrations that you are experiencing Should you be feeling frustrated with your companion, there is every probability that your animal friend will be feeling frustrated too!
Having the opportunity to express your feelings and hear your companions response can really help clear the air and create fresh awareness where you can both move forward together with new, increased understanding of each other.
Learn what is important to your animal friend Understanding what is important to your companion allows you to make any necessary adjustments to your usual routines and increase the happiness of your friend.  This allows them to feel heard and understood and can only improve your relationship as they show thanks and gratitude for your understanding and action.
Find lost animals Connecting distantly (via photograph) with your lost companion, Sarah-Jane can determine whether your animal friend is still alive or not, why they left, whether they are being looked after by someone else, whether they want to be found.
Please note: due to work commitments, Sarah-Jane is unable to take on any tracking cases at the moment.
Support sick animals It can be extremely beneficial to obtain your animal friend’s perspective on any physical problem/s they may be experiencing as they often know what they need to heal the situation.  Sarah-Jane will also determine whether there is an underlying emotional component to their physical problem/s or whether it is linked to the guardian’s physical or emotional situation.  In these situations, simultaneous healing treatments will be offered to both parties.
Please note: this is not a substitution for veterinary intervention.  Please consult your vet in the first instance.
Dying, Death… What greater gift can there be than to honour the wishes of your faithful companion as they prepare for their transition over the rainbow bridge to the other side.  Communication with your friend at this time can be a healing experience in it’s own right as Sarah-Jane facilitates a Soul to Soul connection between you where you can ask your companion what their needs and wishes are, tell them how much you love them and share any final messages.  This can help ease the pain you feel as you focus on supporting your friend in the way they want in their final stages of life here on earth.
Healing can also be given to your animal friend to support them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in their transition to the other side.  This can be carried out as a course of treatment as well as at the actual point of transition itself.  Sarah-Jane is always honoured to support animals in this way and considers it a great privilege to be invited to share in the grace and beauty of their ascension.
… and Beyond Whilst death is painful for us, our animals view both birth and death as transitional periods – merely moving from one energetic state to another.  In this energetic state the soul of the animal lives on and Sarah-Jane’s Soul 2 Soul Connection Technique enables her to connect with the souls of animals that have passed on – even if it was many years ago.
Communicating with animals who have already ascended can bring comfort for many different reasons: perhaps you didn’t have the chance to say goodbye, you want to say sorry, you want to know you made the right decision, you want them to understand how loved they were and how missed they are.

It is Sarah-Jane’s experience that the strong, loving bond and connection that you experienced here on earth with your beloved animal friend cannot be severed by death. The loving soul connection between you lives on eternally.