Booking A Consultation

Any questions before booking a Consultation? Please feel free to contact the Pet Whisperer office by phone or email; the team will be happy to answer any queries.

Booking a Consultation is fast and easy:


  1. Complete the Communication Referral Form click here
  2. Email completed Communication Referral Form and photo of your animal friend to the Pet Whisperer office
  3. Make online payment  click here

By Post:

  1. Either print off the Communication Referral Form (click here) or contact the office requesting one be sent out to you
  2. Send Communication Referral Form, photograph of your animal friend and a cheque made out to SJ Le Blanc to: Pet Whisperer, 11 Sauchie Place, Fife KY5 0YY, enclosing an SAE if you wish your photograph to be returned.

Emergency Appointments

In the event you are extremely concerned about your animal companion and wish an Emergency Consultation, please email or telephone the office on (01592) 882349 in the first instance to ensure Sarah-Jane is in the UK and available for a consultation.

  1. Follow either booking process above
  2. Our team will schedule a telephone/Skype consultation with Sarah-Jane.  Emergency Consultations are conducted within 3 business days of your request for help, wherever possible.

Booking Policy

As there is great demand for Sarah-Jane’s one-to-one consultations, we operate a strict policy of scheduling appointments immediately upon receipt of payment.   You will be offered an appointment for your telephone feedback consultation with Sarah-Jane when we send your payment receipt.  Your animal friend will be booked in the diary with Sarah-Jane prior to your telephone appointment with her.

If you are booking an consultation with one of Sarah-Jane’s Certified Consultants, the process is exactly the same.  

Please remember that you do not need to be present at the initial consultation, nor do you need to alter your companion’s daily routine in any way.