What Happens During A Consultation

An Animal Communication Consultation is an opportunity for you to explore areas of special concern regarding health, behaviours or preferences, and to exchange messages with your animal companion and ask specific questions to ensure their needs and concerns are being met.

This can be hugely beneficial when you need to take into account information from your pet’s perspective before deciding upon a course of action, and hugely comforting if you need to share information or want to send specific messages to them, even if from afar.
Nearly all consultations are carried out ‘distantly’ which means Sarah-Jane can work with your animal friend from any distance regardless of geographic location.  All she requires is a photograph.  For one to one consultations or group bookings, please contact the office for details.

Each Consultation is a two-step process.  Once we have received the Communication Referral Form identifying the perceived problem along with any areas/questions that you wish Sarah-Jane to explore with your companion, you will be booked in the diary for a one hour appointment for a telephone/skype call with Sarah-Jane.  A separate one-hour appointment is also booked in the diary for your animal friend – this takes place on the same day, usually immediately prior to your telephone appointment.

Step One: Intuitive One-to-One Communication

Sarah-Jane connects with your friend via photograph, collecting an impression of their key characteristics and personality traits.  Sarah-Jane then creates a safe and nurturing space for your friend, and invites them to lead the initial part of the communication before she even looks at the Communication Referral Form and explores your questions.

In Sarah-Jane’s experience the very areas you want to explore have usually already been highlighted by your companion because what is often an issue or frustration for you has a similar impact on them too.  At this stage, focus is on understanding any underlying root causes of any presenting problems, and considering potential resolutions.

Should your friend request therapeutic support, Sarah-Jane provides “spot healing” free of charge to any area(s) of your animal friend’s body that are out of balance.  Whilst Spot Healing is not a full therapeutic treatment, it is often enough for most animals to create a catalyst of internal healing change.

Note: You do not need to be present for Step One and your companion is fully able to communicate with Sarah-Jane whilst partaking in their usual daily activities, so no changes need to be made to their usual routine.

Step Two: 3-Way Telephone/Skype Consultation with Sarah-Jane, You and Your Companion

Sarah-Jane  will call or skype you at your agreed appointment time.  Prior to calling you she will have connected with your animal companion – ensuring all 3 of you are linked up energetically during your feedback call.

You are encouraged to comment freely during the feedback session, as your verbal input adds valuable energy to the process, keeping the 3-way communication links strong and involving you as an active and integral part of the communication process.  Working in this way allows Sarah-Jane to immediately gauge your animal friend’s reaction to anything you offer in response to either the findings or recommended compassionate courses of action – resulting in quick understanding of root causes and empathic resolution of issues.

By the end of the consultation you will have a clearer understanding of your animal friend’s needs and the steps you can take to support them.  These steps can include a vast array of recommendations, such as:

(1)  Continuing what you are already doing

(2)  Slight modifications to walks/hacks/routines

(3)  Increased 1:1 time, or

(4)  Simply a change of food, sleeping space, or even a new bed

Depending on the issue, more specific actions may be required including therapeutic healing support, referral to other veterinary professionals, grounding techniques to use at home, visualizations for you to use on yourself to support you as you support your animal friend.

Sarah-Jane invites you to use the recommendations that feel right for you and holds no judgment on the decisions you reach for the highest and best good for your animal companion.

Note: Your companion does not need to be with you during the telephone/skype consultation for Sarah-Jane to establish a 3-way connection between you all.