Effortless ways to increase our animals happiness

 Don’t you just love Spring?  It is the season for new growth and new beginnings. Just look around you – newness everywhere! Against all the odds, the bulbs push through the earth, buds start to grow on trees, colour starts to flourish in nature, the sun comes out to play – and so can we!

I know I have written about the importance of play before, but hands up (oooh, here comes a self-confession moment!) I need to remind myself from time to time to play – especially when work and life is very busy, as it has been over the last few months.  So, inspired on a recent walk in the woods, I decided (again!) that I need to play better, eat better and rest better.  Yes, I have made that decision before – and stuck to it brilliantly.  Well, until the next busy spell hit!


So, I find myself here in this familiar territory, looking for better balance in my life.  And that’s when I decided (again!) that I need to be my most favorite client.  To treat myself like I treat my clients: with love, empathy and lots of space for healing and growth.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I apply these tools of self care regularly, but I’ve been finding recently that I need a little more. So I have decided that the first appointment of every day is mine.  To treat myself like a client – how blissful. I invite you to do the same. Give yourself permission to bloom and grow in this wonderful season of awakening and growth.

Now you might be wondering how this is connected to having happier animals – but boy, it is integral! Your happiness is the key to their happiness.  When you are relaxed, your animals are relaxed. When you are happy, your animals are happy. When you self heal, your animals heal with you.  And just as I need to be my best client before I can be the best therapist for my own clients, you need to put your own wellbeing first in order to be the best care-giver you can be for your animal friends.

My top 3 tips for creating a happier you and happier animal friends:-

Step One

Take time every day to switch off your internal mental chatter.    I advocate just 5 minutes every day to start with. It’s enough to reach that place of inner peace and harmony.  This will really set you up for the day and the peaceful energy that you connect with will radiate out to your animal friends – and everyone else around you.  Perfect!


Step Two

Play every day!  Even if you don’t have a child of your own, get in touch with your own inner child – we all have one!  If you truly have forgotten what used to bring you joy and laughter, try something different every day until you find what works best for you.  Quick ideas include: playing your favourite music, dancing, singing, drawing, jumping on the trampoline, giving yourself permission to take time out and watch a favourite movie/read a book, go for a sauna, jump in the puddles, climb a mountain, let your hair fly wild in the wind.


Step Three 

Get enough sleep!!!!!  Historically, studies have shown that we need around 6-8hrs sleep a night.   Latest research shows that it is much nearer to 7-10hrs but most of us have just learned to survive on less sleep.  The only way to know how much sleep is right for you  is to go to bed for several nights WITHOUT setting your alarm clock (difficult I know when you have work to get up for or, in my case, a toddler who has his own internal early rising alarm clock!) .  But by allowing your body to wake naturally, lets you know how much time your body truly needs to completely rest and recharge.  


By recognising that we actually give more to our animals when we look after ourselves well, makes it easier for us to return the unconditional love that they give to us in limitless supply – whilst helping them be happier and healthier by default! What more could any of us ask for?

If you haven’t been following the last couple of newsletters, you might be interested in the FREE Animal Communication Summit that is taking place during the course of May.  If you want to learn top tips from the world’s best animal communicators, and you haven’t already signed up for the FREE teleseries click here to register:-


Love and blessings – and as always – wishing you much magic and success in your communications with animals!

Sarah-Jane x


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