Energy Healing Workshop: Level One

sarah-janeSaturday 28th July 10am – 5pm (Level One)
Sunday 29th July 10am – 4pm (Level Two)

Faraway Farm Alpacas, New Heights, New York

Early Bird finishes 31st May


Saturday 26th May 10am – 5pm (Level One)
Sunday 27th May 10am – 4pm (Level Two)

Glenrothes, Fife TBC

Early Bird finishes 2nd May


Level One can be attended on it’s own (£100)

Weekend Workshop Early Bird:  £190.00 (Day Two is Animal Healing)

Weekend Workshop Regular Price £220.00 (Day Two is Animal Healing)

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Course Information

Energy Healing Workshops are designed to provide an insight into the theory of energy therapy and to create an awareness of how we unconsciously influence our lives on every level.  The day will be relaxed and informal with a mix of theory and hands on practice.

Subjects Covered include:-

  • The origins of Bio-Energy Work
  • Understanding the Energy Field
  • Chi-Kung induced Energy Flow
  • Sensing Energy
  • Working with chakras

During the day you learn about the origins of energy work, how the energy matrix works and what it’s influences are – both positive and negative.  You will then:

  • See a  Bi-Aura Therapy demonstration
  • Learn Healing Techniques that you can safely use on yourself, friends and family
  • Practice your healing techniques on others
  • Receive healing treatments from others

On the day

Please bring with you:-

  • Water – energy work is thirsty work
  • Clothing Layers – energy work can be hot/cold
  • Extra socks if you are prone to cold feet – as we will be shoe-less
  • Pen and paper for note taking – Student Pack will be issued on the day

This is a basic introduction to Energy Healing and is suitable for working on self, family and friends only. The Diploma course must be undertaken if you wish to practice professionally.  If you are interested in healing work with animals, Level One is mandatory unless you are a qualified Bi-Aura Practitioner.  Level Two (Healing Work With Animals) can only be undertaken once Level One is completed.  Even though your passion may be to work with animals, it is important that you practice with people. This is so you can build your experience of feeling and sensing energy whilst getting feedback from your clients.

This feedback will enhance your learning and your practice so you can confidently progress to working with animals where you will not receive verbal confirmation of your findings – unless of course you have attended my Animal Communication Workshop and you can hear what they have to say!

Looking forward to being part of your energy journey….