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Hot Off The Press!
There will now be a Masterclass in all the Animal Communication Connection Techniques on Friday 14th December 7-10pm – ahead of the Advanced Training Weekend 15/16th December.
So if you haven’t attended a Level One Workshop you can now attend the Masterclass and then join me at the Advanced Workshop.  You WILL be ready for it!  And there will be a nice easy, gradual flow into the Saturday….

4 Fabby Black Friday Special Offers for you 

Hot Off The Press #2
I had intended to write at the end of the year about the forthcoming 2019 price changes to the Animal Communication Home Study Course, but I was guided to share the information early and create a very special Black Friday Offer for you – along with some amazing Animal Communication offers too…  But remember, only 10 places available for each Animal Communicator.  So grab it quick! 
In 2019 the Home Study Course in Animal Communication is going through some radical changes.  The content will not change – as that is tried, tested and proven to produce excellent Professional Animal Communicators.  However, the delivery will be changing for Levels One and Two.  I love to work closely with students and really be a part of their journey – walking it and experiencing it with them.  Whilst I have a good handle on where most of the students are at – and interaction during the Live Monthly Coaching Classes keeps me up to speed with progress, achievements and challenges – the current format for Levels One and Two is just not allowing me to work as closely and deeply as I would like with students.  And, after all, it is this closer, more guided support that will ensure that students make it to the end and their modules don’t sit gathering dust on the shelf.  And the thought of that truly breaks my heart.  And the hearts of the animals that won’t be helped because the modules lay unused and the student lacks confidence in their ability….. 
So, there are some big changes up ahead for Levels One & Two which will create, amongst other things:-
  • More accountability for students
  • Weekly goal setting
  • Weekly reflection of goals
  • Monthly check-ins with Sarah-Jane
  • Regular case study practice sessions
  • Additional Coaching Sessions with me to blitz fears/anxieties and to discover and build upon your strengths as an Animal Communicator
This change in approach and delivery will mean a much more personalised and 1:1 study experience with me.  This also means a shift in the pricing of these two levels to accommodate all the extra support, 1:1 coaching, guidance and direction from me.  The prices will be changing on 1st January and I am super excited to be offering a much more personalised studying experience. THAT is what will take you from being a good Animal Communicator to being an extraordinary Animal Communicator.  Let’s bring it on!
So, in view of the impending price change, your Black Friday Special on the Home Study Course is:-
Offer One – Home Study Course : Available for Levels One and Two
Purchase your desired Level at it’s current price and receive ABSOLUTELY FREE, the following Coaching Package, worth £300, to give you the best start:-
  • Baseline Audit – to establish your starting point, your end goal and uncover your deep desires for why you want to do this work 
  • Goal Setting Exercise
  • 1/2hr Strategy Session with me
  • 1/2hr Coaching Session with me
All of the above completely FREE when you purchase either Level One or Level Two at it’s current price – which is going to change in 6 short weeks…
Grab it now before that low price finishes forever AND get free coaching and guidance from me.  Now that’s what I call a no-brainer!
Offer only available at this price until Friday 30th November at midnight.  Then it’s gone.  Forever.
LIMITED AVAILABILTY – There are only 6 of the above offers available – don’t hang around….first come, first served.
Offer Two – 1hr Animal Communication Consultation and FREE Healing Treatment with Pet Whisperer Associate Jan
Find out the things that are most important to you about, or for, your animal companion.  Jan’s diligent ability to lovingly drill down to the core of the issue will help bring resolution and understanding and clear steps forward.
Offer only available at this price until Friday 30th November at midnight. 
Offer Three – 1hr Animal Communication Consultation and FREE Intuitive Communication Drawing with Pet Whisperer Associate Colette
Find out the things that are most important to you about, or for, your animal companion.  Colette’s natural rapport with animals creates clear understanding of the animal’s perspective. This lends itself to creating artistic impressions of the animal’s true essence (please see notes at foot of this section for more information about the Intuitive Artwork)
Offer only available at this price until Friday 30th November at midnight. 
Offer Four – 1/2hr Animal Communication Consultation and FREE Black Panther Power Animal Healing with Sarah-Jane
Sarah-Jane will bring the powerful healing of Black Panther into this special half hour communication session. Light and understanding will be shone upon the areas you would like to explore with your animal companion.
Offer only available at this price until Friday 30th November at midnight.  
Remember, there are only 6 available appointments with each Animal Communicator, so quickly book your value laden slot for your animal friend before they are all gone.
A few things to note:-
  • All Black Friday Specials are available for purchase for the next 10 days only (until Friday 30th November at midnight)
  • Animal Communication Consultations will be booked in December but can be delayed until January if purchased as a Christmas Present or other type of Gift (please advise the office if this is the case so we can get that set up for you/the recipient in January – thank you)
  • Any of the Black Friday Offers can be given as Gifts and the recipient will receive a Gift Email detailing their gift – contact the office so we can arrange this for you
  • All Consultations must be taken by 31st January.
  • Animal Communication Consultations with Intuitive Drawings by Colette:- 
    • These beautiful pencil drawings will be posted out First Class.  Postage and Packing will be added at the checkout
    • If purchasing a Communication Consultation with Intuitive Drawing as a Christmas Gift, please be mindful of the last posting dates for Christmas.
    • The Intuitive Drawings are guided pieces of Artwork and Colette will be guided by your animal companion during the consultation.  Therefore, the sketch may be of your Animal Companion, an interpretation of how they presented themselves to Colette during the consultation or an artistic portrayal of the key message they have for you – the animals will guide this part of the work
  • All Communication Consultations are distant appointments.  If you wish to be seen face to face please contact the office for a different pricing structure
  • Home Study Course & Coaching Package – Teaching materials will be issued on date of purchase (or next working day if purchased outwith office hours).  The official start date for your 6 months (Level One) or 12 months (Level Two) support will commence on 1st December.  So you can get a few weeks extra facebook group and email support if you sign up early!

Coming Soon….Save The Dates

  • Monthly Drumming Circle – November 21st, 7-8:30pm, Fife – email the office to book your place as numbers are limited
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