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Can you believe how quickly 2016 has drawn in?  Do you want to make 2017 your best year yet?  I know I do!  And I will!  Are you on the same page as me?

A lot has happened in my life over the past year and I have been really guided to step out of my comfort zone and make a bigger difference in the world.  I’ve been really pushed (uncomfortably at times!) to really step up and out of my familiar routines and work zones.  I am being guided to live a bigger life with a bigger reach into the world.  This has been scary!!!  Yet it is what I set out to do when I took the plunge to leave my “proper” job with it’s decent pension to go self-employed against the better judgement of my friends and family all those years ago….

How do you feel about stepping out your Comfort Zone?  Does it scare you?  It terrifies me!!!  Yet we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t feel fear and trepidation.  As I often say to my therapy clients “If it doesn’t scare you and you can see a way out, then you’re still in your comfort zone!” 

I’ve had quite a few “tests” over the past year – or “gifts” as I prefer to call them now that I am through the darker pieces of them.  These gifts have pushed me into uncomfortable places, forced me to look deep within and really assess how I want to live my life and what kind of difference I want to make in the world.  This has led me in two different, yet completely compatible, directions.

Firstly, I’m stepping up to the bigger plate with my Animal Communication Work – in loads of different and exciting ways!!!! 

And secondly, I am stepping up with my transformational client work too.  See the foot of this newsletter for more information on that!

Here are just some of the ways I am stepping up my Animal Communication and Healing Work:-

  • I have set a goal of quadrupling (gulp!) my impact on the animal world
  •  I have requested to volunteer with two major animal rescue services
  • I have offered to do a weekly Animal Communication column in a national newspaper
  • I am going through the process of having my Pet Whisperer Home Study Course formally certified
  • I have created a really sound, robust, Animal Communication Course for aspiring Professional Practitioners
  • I have set a goal of doubling the number of Animal Communication Students I teach – this will then double the impact that we, together, make in the world of animals.

If you too, want to step up the impact you make in the lives of animals, come and join me!  The more of us there are the bigger the impact!  All it is, is a decision!  That simple!  When you decide “YES! I want to make a bigger difference”, just work out what level you are at and what support you need – and I will have something to offer you to help you on your quest:-

  • If you are just starting out into the world of Animal Communication, look out for some free classes for beginners that I will be running in the New Year
  • If you have attended a workshop with me and haven’t taken it any further – but want to, look out for some no-strings attached free coaching sessions I will be providing in the New Year to see how I can support you with my offerings
  • If you’ve completed the Pet Whisperer Home Study Course and want to work Professionally, my “Preparing for Professional Practice” Course starts in April.  There will only be one intake for this course each year so if you know this is your destiny – don’t hang about!  I will also be offering free coaching sessions for students who are interested in taking this course.

And in a different – yet completely compatible and supportive  – direction,  I have been inspired to create “Manifest Your Dreams & Desires – How To Have The Life You Want”.  This short, life transforming course was inspired by the Soul Mates in my Soul Therapy group who have been having some amazing successes with the Manifestation Challenges I have offering in there.  Interestingly, once the decision to create the Course was made, the Universe literally stepped in and gifted me the material to use.  It’s going to be exciting!  It IS exciting!  And all for less than the cost of a  Belief Busting Therapy Treatment with me!

So, if you want to live your life differently and are ready to live the life you desire and deserve, come and join us! You will love this course!  Click here for more details. 

If you love the sound of this course and resonate with the self healing and self growth aspect of my work, sign up to my Soul2SoulTherapy Newsletter where there is so much more on that topic!  Sign up here 

Finally, but by no means least, if you no longer want to receive emails about animals and animal communication, I lovingly invite you to unsubscribe from this list. (you can do so at the foot of the newsletter).  As you can see from above, my vision is huge for the next year and I want the material that is coming into your inbox to be a good match for you and where you are at.  If it’s not, that’s okay – I am happy for you to unsubscribe or you can let me know how I can improve these newsletters for you.  No offence will be taken either way – I just want to be the best that I can be for you.  If unsubscribing is the right decision for you, I would like to thank you for all the support you have given my work and the animals.  And remember, I will always be here if there is a better time for you  to connect with me again in the future.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas filled with love and magic and a 2017 filled with health and prosperity!

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