Get Unstuck – 5 Easy Steps To Clarity, Flow & New Direction

Are you feeling stuck or directionless?  Not sure what path to follow?  Or maybe there is no path in sight and you feel lost and unsure of your next steps? 
If you are feeling at all stuck  – or just plain fed up/frustrated with how your life is panning out (or not panning out!) – and want to get clear on what is holding you back and, more importantly, how to move towards what you desire, then read on.

I’ve been inundated with clients complaining of feeling stuck – either feeling directionless and frustrated with “their lot” or experiencing physical issues/pain that relate to stuck-ness in the body’s energy matrix. After all, most physical issues in the body stem from an emotional root cause….

Yesterday, I was leaving the gym when I asked the instructor how her knee was (it’s been bothering her for quite some time). She replied that it was still an issue and she is working on strengthening the quadricep muscle in order to support her knee as much as possible. Suddenly I found myself going straight into “work mode” and asked her if she was feeling stuck in her life.

“Oh yes!  For sure!”
she replied with an enthusiastic nod and an exasperated expression.
Bingo!  Here was yet another example of someone with either knee, ankle, leg and/or back issues that was feeling stuck in their life.  The body doesn’t lie…
Then, during my meditation this morning, I was guided to create a short online workshop where I will help you shift from stuck to flowing – using quick, easy tools that you can continue to use long after the workshop has finished.
AND….(this is the uber exciting bit #1)…. it’s a New Moon this week.  This particular New Moon has a focus on encouraging us to reclaim our power, joy, self expression and truth.  Perfect timing for stepping into who you truly are.
AND….(this is the uber exciting bit #2)…. we are in Direction South on the Celtic Medicine Wheel which is element Fire.  Fire Energy focuses on our passions, ignites our dreams and burns through the blocks that are holding us back from being the best that we can be.
So I have created a powerhouse of an online workshop that includes harnessing these powerful nature tools (that are here to assist us in life) alongside therapeutic approaches to blast away the stuckness and create clarity, flow and new direction for you.
So here is the plan:-
“Get Unstuck – 5 Easy Steps To Clarity, Flow & New Direction”
Thursday 1st August
8pm – 9:15pm
From The Comfort of Your Own Home
In 75 minutes you will:-
  • Identify what areas of your life feel stuck/are holding you back
  • Determine what you want your life to look/feel like – and know what to do to get there
  • Be introduced to Guides who will direct you to what you are ready to let go of/release in your life – and show you how to let that go
  • Create a step by step Action Plan for how to bring flow and new direction into your life – all in alignment with your Soul’s needs and desires
  • Have all you need to create a New Moon Ceremony after the workshop (optional)
This is my usual, hands on, style workshop where you will be doing it as we go along.  So expect to feel completely differently after just 75 minutes with me.
Just imagine how amazing it will be to feel lighter, free-er, clearer, supported and with clear direction?  Having clear steps taking you toward the life you dream of.  The life that is in alignment with your Soul’s needs and desires…
Who would not want that?
And for just £15 it really is a no brainer….
Come and join me and get Unstuck and Flowing – Book your place on this exciting workshop below:-
Workbook and details of how to join the Workshop will be sent with receipt of your payment.