How Can You Use Animal Communication To Improve You or Your Animal Companion’s Life?

The past few days have been glorious here and I have found myself finishing work and heading off into the woods with my dog, my youngest son – and all the neighbouring children too!  A bit like the Pied Piper!  We’ve had great fun building secret dens and hideouts – and collecting lots and lots of fallen branches for a garden fire.  The children have had competitons between themselves to see who could carry the most branches home (nothing like a bit of child labour!!!!).
Today whilst in the woods I was getting really excited about my forthcoming Animal Communication Workshops and all the enquires that are already flooding in.  So, in my usual spontaneous style, I set the children on a task of finding some secret treasure while I filmed a short video on what the workshops entail – especially for any of you that are a little shy about attending group events!  You will hear the children playing happily in the background until my son’s best friend lets out a whoop of delight at the half tree he has dragged back for me – then he knocked the camera (which was precariously balanced on a tree branch!) clean to the ground!  However, my editing skills are slowing improving as I managed to cut all that drama out but I see that the camera lost some vital information about the best part of day 2 which is working with your own animals!  Full details on workshops can be found here.
And only 2 days left until the early bird runs out!!! 9th October
And if you want to see that the sun does shine in Scotland even in October, watch the video here  or underneath the beautiful story of Woodie, the Golden Retreiver.

Story of the Week – Woodie the Devoted and Caring Companion

I received the following email from Diane, a long standing client of mine:-
“Hello Sarah-Jane, I hope you are having a good week and the weather is being kinder to you than it has been of late!   I have a situation for which I am asking for your help.  I am going into hospital on Friday for an operation on my throat and Woodie is going to be in kennels on Thursday afternoon for a couple days till I’m home.  Although he is going to people he knows and I want to prepare him as best I can, as I know he will be stressed because we have never been separated for years now.
Love, hugs and wuffs
Diane and Woodie”
I carried out a “Preparation for Separation” Consultation with Woodie and updated him on exactly what would be happening, when and why.  Woodie understood why he had to be separated from his mum for the first time in many years and wanted her to know that he would be fine.  He requested something of hers to take to the kennels with him so he could nuzzle into it if he missed her.  I let his mum know this and received the following email from Diane in the morning:-
“Good morning and thank you Sarah-Jane, I feel better now about everything and Woodie is fine.  Woodie actually came and slept at the side of my bed last night something he has never, ever done before.  Now that speaks for itself!    What a wonderful gift he is. 
Love hugs and wuffs  Diane and Woodie “

What beautiful confirmation that Woodie understood what was going on and wanted to comfort his mum and let her know that he was there for her.  What love.
Woodie and his mum Diane below.  I don’t know who dotes on who the most!!!
Woodie and mum 2
Watch a short video on what happens in my workshops here:-
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