How Do You Ease The Passing of Your Beloved?

It’s been an incredibly – and exceptionally – busy few weeks here at Pet Whisperer!  And it’s times like this that my gratitude for having such amazing clients, students, staff and family goes up – and right through the roof!  I truly couldn’t do this work without your support, understanding and patience.  Thank you.
I am especially grateful to my students on the Professional Practitioner Programme who have waited a little longer than usual to receive their Case Study Critiques as I dealt with 8 (yes, count em’ 8!) emergency appointments between Wednesday and Saturday – on top of a fully booked diary.  As I said to the students just yesterday, I can’t wait until they are here standing by my side and sharing the load with me!  Happy Days!  I can’t wait – I truly can’t. 
This work is such a blessing and I always feel so privileged to be able to support both animals and people in their time of need. Especially when that time is the end.  The time to say goodbye and prepare for leaving this world.  This area of Animal Communication is SO important – and essential if you want to live a life without regret and “If only I’d…” thoughts torturing your every waking and sleeping moment…..
I have been working with so many clients recently that are either preparing to pass or are absolutely ready for their great adventure on the other side.  And whist this work can be sad, it is also the area of work that brings the most relief, happiness and sense of full closure when the time to pass arrives.  For when we use Animal Communication to find out what your companion wants, you can ensure that all their needs are met and know that you did absolutely everything that they wanted.  This greatly eases the pain of their passing – to know you enabled their every wish and gave them the send off they wanted.
You can guess at what they would want, but each animal, just like us, is different and some of their requests may surprise you!  Over the past few weeks I have worked with the independent Ziggy who hated to be groomed or handled, yet she requested that she wanted to look pretty when she passed and asked that her coat be brushed out and she have a tiara of flowers – who would have guessed!  Her mum made sure everything she asked for was put in place for her – supporting her in knowing she had seen to her precious girl’s every need.  Then there was the wonderful Max who reassured his family that he was absolutely ready to go – no mistakes were being made, no errors of judgement.  He was ready.  This helped the family make a difficult decision that they had been quite unsure about.  Now they knew it was the right decision for Max.  Last week the stoic Woodie asked for a “Goodbye Party” and created his Guest List!  How cool is that!  And now his mum is putting everything in motion to ensure her boy’s wishes are met.  And this has supported her in moving from devastation at the vet’s prognosis to a place of gratitude that she can give him exactly what he wants in the time they have left together.
There is absolutely NO reason to hold regrets and ask yourself “What if?”.  Animal Communication obliterates all of that and brings a sense of peace and (dare I say) joy in putting their final wishes in place for them.
During my September and October Workshops there will be an advanced day teaching all the key techniques for working with Death and Dying.  Most of the teaching materials are taken from the Professional Practitioner Training Course so you are getting a really value laden day filled with top level teaching.  Don’t miss it!
I can’t wait to see you there and help you ease either a previous loss or prepare for a loss to come.  After all, it comes to us all……
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