CD: Step by Step Communication With Animals

Meditations and Techniques suitable for both beginners and experienced communicators alike

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It is Sarah-Jane’s dream to ignite the inner Animal Communicator in everyone!  She firmly believes that we ALL posses the ability to communicate with animals – only most of us have forgotten how to use this innate birth right gifted to each and everyone of us.

This CD teaches you the very steps, meditations and techniques that Sarah-Jane uses daily in her busy international Pet Whisperer Practice.  And, whilst the cd has been created as a step by step guide for the complete beginner, Sarah-Jane has structured the tracks in such a way that it remains a flexible teaching aid for you as you grow in confidence and experience – allowing you to use the cd over and over again – making the CD suitable for complete beginners and more experienced Animal Communicators alike.

Whatever your animal communication experience, Sarah-Jane encourages daily use of Track 2 for inner strength and calm which will support the flow of your daily life, as well as your animal communication practice.

If you have ever been to one of Sarah-Jane’s workshops you will know how fastidious she is about working safely.  In this CD she teaches in you in a step by step format how to safely set up and close down your animal communication consultations so both you and the animals are safe and protected at all times.  All you need to do is press play and follow the cd in it’s entirety and allow Sarah-Jane to take you through the whole animal communication process – from preparing yourself and calling in your Power Animals to communicating with your animal friend and safely disconnecting from the soulful communion you have shared.

Follow her beautiful meditations to support you in feeling grounded and calm in your daily life.

Go with Sarah-Jane to meet your Power Animal – your personal guide to support and guide you in all your animal communication work.   Once connected with your Power Animal you have that precious connection at your fingertips where you can hear their messages at any time and learn key teachings to support you in growing and evolving as a person – not just as an animal communicator.

Last, but by no means least, learning how to connect with animals on a soul level with Sarah-Jane’s unique “Soul to Soul Connection” Technique will transform the way you connect with animals for ever – bypassing mere verbal communications to find a way to connect soulfully from your heart to theirs – connecting Soul To Soul – the deepest connection possible.

This CD contains the key connection techniques outlined in the Home Study Course.


Tracks to support your Intuitive Communications with All Animals:-

Introduction (3.20)

Grounding Technique (7.53)

Meet Your Power Animal (11.05)

Soul to Soul Connection Technique (10.50)

Instrumental for communication practice (10.37)

Disconnection Technique (3.32)

Bonus Tracks: 3 instrumental tracks for longer communication practice

Running Time: 77.08



A personal message from Sarah-Jane:
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