Commonly Asked Questions

Who Can Communicate With Animals?

Because Intuitive Communication is an innate ability that lies within us all, everyone has the capacity to reawaken these skills and communicate with animals.  Whilst some may find this easier than others, anyone who is prepared to learn how to shift out of their head and their logical thinking and tune into their heart and their intuitive thinking, will be able to master the loving language of animal communication.

Like learning any new language, it takes time, patience and practice to become fluent and proficient.

How Do You Actually Communicate With Animals?

By connecting directly with their heart and soul using the Soul 2 Soul Connection Technique which is taught at all workshops and contained within all Teaching Materials.

Additionally, I believe that you need 2 things to fully utilise and expand this experience:-

  1. An open heart
  2. The ability to relax and switch off the internal chatter that we all experience

In order to be able to communicate with animals you must first be able to fully open your heart to love.  My training in Bi-Aura Therapy taught me that.  I had been closed off to animals for years but once my energy blockages began to clear, my heart began to open and a new awareness, appreciation and love of animals began to emerge.  If you already have this loving bond and connection with animals you will find it so much easier to communicate with them.  You are probably are already communicating with them – and just don’t realise it!  Every time you look deep into your companion’s eyes and feel that deep love or a “shift” in your heart you have created a communication connection – and they feel it!  Every time you have strong, recurrent or niggly thoughts that often come out of nowhere eg “My dog is fed up”; “My horse needs a rest”; “My cat is cross with me”; “There is something wrong with my rabbit” – these thoughts are not yours – they are your animal friend communicating their needs  to you.

By consciously making a decision to create time for stillness and relaxation you will more quickly be able to get into the deep state of relaxation that is required to communicate with animals.  Once in this state, you will be able to tune into the great Universal energy that all living things are made from and intuitively connect and exchange information with animals.

How Do You Receive Information?

Using the Soul 2 Soul Connection Technique I connect with an animal either in their presence or by using a photograph to create an energetic connection if distance is an issue (this allows me to connect with animals all over the world).  Once the Soul 2 Soul Connection is established intuitive communication begins to flow.  Each person will experience this differently depending on their own preferred style of communication.  For example if you are a thinker, you will receive information mainly as thoughts, if you are predominately verbal, you will hear words.  You will learn what your preferred style of communication is at workshops and through the Distant Learning Course.  Whilst I receive information in all communication modes, my strongest tools are Clairsentience (clear feeling) and Claircognizance (clear knowing).    I therefore receive the majority of messages as feelings, emotions and sensations with a clear, strong, intense sense of “just knowing” information to be accurate.

When I leave your workshop will I be able to communicate with my animal friend?

Yes, you will have been taught how to communicate with animals and will have practiced using these tools.  However, communicating with your own animal companion is more challenging when you are learning as you know them so well and it is therefore easier to doubt and discard information that you receive.  I would encourage you to practice with animals you don’t know in order to build your experience so you can more confidently connect with your own animal companion and trust what you receive from them.

How do I know I am actually communicating with an animal and not just making it all up?

This is the most common question I hear from students.  The answer is to learn to trust what you receive.  Because that is difficult to do when you are starting out, it is essential that you build your experience with other people’s animals so guardians can validate the information that you receive. Continuous validation will build your trust in the process and with practice you will begin to feel the subtle differences between genuine communication and your imagination.

Do animals lie?

I was told many years ago that animals don’t lie.  That is not my experience!  Just like people, animals may occasionally choose to play with the truth to suit their own needs.  In my experience, when animals “play with the truth” it is usually for reasons that I would want to understand ie their insecurities, fear of openness, to protect their guardians from worrying about them – or just like children they don’t want to own up to something!  If I ask 3 dogs who stole the chicken they will all reply “Not me!”.  If I ask 3 cats who brought the mouse home they will all chorus “Me!”.

More commonly the perceived “lie” is usually more to do with a difference of understanding and interpretation.  For example, many years ago when I had not long started communicating with animals, I asked Merlin if he was a rescue dog and he replied no.  He had infact been at a Rescue Centre for some time before his guardian took him to his forever home.  On the surface this appears to be a “lie”.  Wanting to understand his apparent aversion to telling me the truth I gently asked him why he said “no” when he had showed me the imagery of him at the Rescue Centre and his mum confirmed that she collected him from there.  He simply said “I wasn’t rescued.  She was.  I was meant to be there and was just waiting for her”.  Wow!  We have so much to learn from the animals…

Is it possible to communicate with animals who have passed on?

Yes.  In my experience, it is no different from working with an animal who is still here on the earth plane – I am connecting with the soul of the animal which lives on after leaving the physical body.  Using a combination of all intuitive modes of communication I am honoured to be able to communicate with both living and passed on souls who are now in spirit.