Expansion of the Soul Retreats

Find Inner Peace and Balance – By Discovering Your Soul’s Deepest Desires



Bring balance and harmony to your life by discovering – and getting back in alignment with – your Soul’s True Calling.

Feeling out of balance or “off kilter”?

These are clear indications that you are not in alignment with your true self – or with the calling of your soul. Maybe you already sing the same song as your soul and merely want to fine tune your direction? Or maybe you feel so off your path and directionless that you no longer know where you are meant to be going?

When we don’t listen to the calling of our soul we feel out of sorts and often feel direction-less and purpose-less.  Is that you? Change all that with this workshop!

Come and spend 2 glorious days of deep – and fun! – soul healing and get back in alignment with your soul’s true purpose.

Are you ready to hear what your soul needs? And release all that holds you back from living a full and joyous life?  Great!  You are therefore invited to release your fears and limitations at our magical Soul Fire Ceremony – and to then invoke what you need to move forward in true alignment with your soul’s desire.


You will leave this workshop knowing:

   ♥  who your Soul Guide is

   ♥  what your soul’s purpose is

   ♥  what your soul’s desires are

   ♥  which limitations and beliefs you are ready to let go of

   ♥  what your next steps are to stay on your true path of alignment

I can’t wait for us to be working together and bringing greater purpose and clarity to your life’s true calling.


Overview of The Soul Retreat and The Benefits You’ll Reap

   ♥  Meet Your Soul Guide – and hear exactly what your soul needs to heal and to thrive in our busy world

   ♥  Journey to the Cave of Wonders – and discover your soul’s deepest desires

   ♥  Nature Wisdom Walk –follow the guidance of nature to bring you back into true balance

   ♥  Re-Birthing Meditation – let go the old and stagnant, and feel alive and joyous in your body, re-connected with all of life

   ♥  Soul Fire Ceremony – release limiting beliefs, fears and blocks

   ♥  Shamanic Guided Journeys –learn how to move forward in your life with true purpose and alignment

   ♥  Create an action plan for getting back into alignment with your soul’s purpose and your true calling

   ♥  Learn all you need to know to stay in balance after the workshop ends




Glenrothes, Fife

Dates: 1st & 2nd December 2018
Times: 10-5pm
Venue: Chiropractic Clinic, 112 Woodside Way, Glenrothes                                                    

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Early Bird (until midnight Friday 16th Nov 2018) £170

Regular Ticket (17th November) £190

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