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Sarah-Jane’s life purpose is to support those who want to grow and be the best they can be!  Especially with the Animals!

With a Degree in Education, a background in teaching and further qualifications in Energy Work, Shamanic Practice, Quantum Thinking Technologies, Belief Clearing and Emotional Release, Sarah-Jane brings all these skills together to provide a robust Educational Training Programme in Animal Communication embedded with Personal Development tools and techniques to support you in not only being the best Animal Communicator you can be, but the best version of YOU you can be!

“When I started Sarah-Jane’s Home Study Course I never knew how much it would impact on my whole life!  I am much more calm and patient than I ever was and things don’t wind me up like they used to – Sarah-Jane’s Playwork has really helped me with this.  Interestingly I have also felt my confidence growing rapidly, I am more confident now than I have ever been in my entire life!  It’s wonderful! So thank you so much for that!  This course is far more than just an Animal Communication Course!”                                                                                                 Lisa, Lincolnshire

Sarah-Jane’s teaching style is supportive, encouraging and loving.  She will hold your hand every step of the way and champion you like no other!  Make no mistake though, she has an eagle eye for spotting gaps and omissions in your work – and has a tremendously gentle and loving way of helping you recognise areas for growth.

“You are such a kind and compassionate teacher – I always feel so supported by you even when I feel like I haven’t done very well.  You have an amazing way of pulling out all the positives in any experience – this gives me confidence to go on.  And then I achieve!  Thank you for your incredible support and confidence in me.”

Margo, New York    

The Pet Whisperer Home Study Course is a comprehensive step-by-step programme that covers every aspect of Intuitive Animal Communication in a systematic yet experiential manner.  It is divided into 3 Teaching Levels so you have freedom and flexibility to study at the level and pace that is right for you.  The Home Study Course delves much more deeply into subjects covered in workshops and, as such, no previous experience or intuitive ability is necessary as everything will be taught on the course.

Initially designed for those unable to attend workshops, it is proving to be hugely successful as a “Post Workshop” teaching tool, allowing you to integrate what you have learned at the workshop and immediately start building your practice and confidence.  The Course reinforces and builds upon the key building blocks to strengthen your intuitive communication skills.

When you register in the Pet Whisperer Home Study Course you are automatically enrolled in Pet Whisperer’s International Training School.  Being a part of this exciting and forward thinking school ensures you keep your motivation high as you grow and develop your newfound skills with continuing support from Sarah-Jane.                                      

Learn Animal Communication In 3 Easy Steps!


Step One – Introduction to Animal Communication

Step Two – Advanced Animal Communication

Step Three – Professional Practitioner Programme (2 intakes per year: April and October – limited places available) 

NEW!  Fast Track Programme – Quickest route to Professional Practitioner Status (2 intakes per year: April and October – limited places available) 



Level One: Get the basics in place!

Get your foundations set, your intuition muscle flexed and your heart and soul open – and ready – for animal communication. 

Everything you need in 4 meaty modules with 6 months direct support and additional on-line teachings with Sarah-Jane.

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Level Two: Progress your learning!

Step up your learning by digging down on the real nuts and bolts of animal communication issues.  Learn how to expand your heart, mind and soul as you grow through this Level.

Everything you need in 9 meaty modules with 6 months direct support and additional on-line teachings with Sarah-Jane.

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Level Three: Take it all the way to the top!

Want to be a Professional Animal Communicator?

Level Three of the Home Study Course is a Certified Programme of Professional  Study. 

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NEW!!! Fast Track Option – the quickest way to become a Professional Animal Communicator and at less cost than purchasing the 3 Levels separately

Know you want to be a Professional Animal Communicator and don’t want to take 2 years to get there?  The Fast Track Option offers you all 3 Training Levels in one place and an intense support structure to support you moving through the levels quickly and confidently.

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Silver Programme – Monthly Subscription

This is an additional support and coaching service only available for students who have completed Level One and/or Level Two of the Home Study Course

Silver Mentoring Monthly Membership

Sarah-Jane looks forward to supporting you further in your magical journey of intuitive communication with the animals….

Young student communicating with an albino wallaby in Western Australia