Current or Past Students – Special Tuition Packages

Everyone’s dreams and goals are different – and everyone’s study needs are different too.  Whether you are a current student wanting to focus and fine tune your Animal Communication skills or a previous student who wants to get back in the “Communication Saddle” after some time away, you will only reach your goals and realise your dreams when you have a clear plan to get there. 

And this beautiful, focused package I have put together for you includes lots of personalised, one to one coaching with me, Sarah-Jane Pet Whisperer, to help you break down blocks, cast aside barriers and get you riding high on the wave of Animal Communication!

So, what is the Special Tuition Package and what can it offer you?

The Special Tuition Package has been created to support students in getting the absolute best out of the Animal Communication Course.  Nothing breaks my heart more than:-

  • a gifted Animal Communicator believing they are not good enough and giving up
  • a promising Animal Communicator just not able to prioritise their time/life so their studies fall behind and they lose momentum
  • someone like myself who had a bad experience with an animal communication consultation, didn’t understand how it happened, felt super shit and decided never to go there again!  Yes, that was me.  With no one to turn to it was a scary place and I don’t want that for you.
  • or worse than all of the above, your course materials could potentially just lie on a shelf gathering dust because you just need a bit of extra support to get going…

So, in addition to the usual Monthly Live Coaching Calls, Facebook Group Support and Accelerate Your Learning Events that are available to all students on the Home Study Course, this Special One Off Tuition Package provides you with additional frameworks and structures to keep you bang on track to reaching your goals.  The Special Tuition Package includes identifying:-

  • your starting point
  • your end goal
  • a clear structure to take get you there
  • lots of personal, one to one support from me via our Coaching Calls

The Special Tuition Package comprises:-

  • A Baseline Audit
  • Goal Setting Exercise
  • Goal Setting Session with Sarah-Jane
  • Coaching Calls x 2 with Sarah-Jane
  • Review of Progress with Sarah-Jane
  • Accountability Check In System

Getting Started

You already have your Teaching Modules so you will receive your Baseline Audit, Goal Setting Exercise, Coaching Proforma, Review Form and any Free Bonus Gifts you may be entitled to on:-

  • 1st August (Priority Waiting List Entry Point)

The Tuition Programme officially commences on the 3rd September and Coaching Calls can be booked from this point onwards.  

Baseline Audit

This identifies exactly where you are in your Animal Communication Journey ie a complete beginner, someone with a little experience, someone with lots of experience but no confidence, maybe you feel stuck or haven’t done any practice for a while and feel like you are back at the beginning.  Whatever your current position, the Baseline Audit will help you identify:-

  • What difference you want to make in the world for the animals
  • How you want to show up for the animals
  • Your biggest dreams for yourself and the animals
  • The impact of not fulfilling your dreams  – for both you and the animals
  • What is stopping you from achieving your dreams
  • What you need to achieve your dreams
  • What support or structures will help you achieve your dreams
  • How to create a “Success Schedule” that works for you, your life and your learning style 
  • Implement strategies that ensure you achieve all your Animal Communication goals 

The Baseline Audit is your starting point – to identify exactly where you are, where you want to get to and what you need to get there.   This will create the basis of your Goal Setting Exercise.

Goal Setting Exercise

You complete this ahead of our “Goal Setting Session” to get really clear on the goals that are most important to you.  

You bring your dreams and goals to your “Goal Setting Session” with me.

Remember, there are no right or wrong dreams or goals – complete it honestly so you can get the best matched support for reaching your dreams. 

And your dream can be big ie

“I want to be the very best I can be and become a Professional Animal Communicator”

or more modest but equally as important ie

“I just want to complete a course of study because I never felt good enough at school/failed at college etc”.

Goal Setting Session

At this first session, we will set relevant, realistic goals in a clear timeframe with identified “evidence markers” to measure your success and progress.

Here is where we will set your personalised, relevant to you goals.  These goals will be achievable (even if they may feel a bit of a “stretch” for you) and will be set in a realistic and clear timeframe.  Each goal will also have clear measurements set against it so you can evidence your success and progress.   

Coaching Calls

Just image how wonderful it would be to know that you have time with me to help you understand something that came up in your communication work or to help identify what is stopping you moving forward or to find a way to do something more easily!  A great thought isn’t it!

Coaching Calls are an integral part of the Professional Practitioner Programme and I see student’s learning – AND RESULTS! – catapult after their coaching sessions with me.  Your Coaching Calls can be used in a variety of ways:-

  • To clear confidence blocks
  • To learn how to move from fearful to fearless
  • Implement strategies that induce confidence, self belief and trust in your abilities
  • To show you how to get the animals you are working with to help you and guide you as you learn
  • To understand how you best learn so you can be more effective when following the Modules
  • To critique a Case Study and help you become more effective in your sessions

Please note:  All Coaching Calls must be taken by:-

29th November 


Accountability Check Ins

Accountability is crucial to moving forward and really supports action taking. Check Ins can be carried out in a variety of different ways and will depend on numbers in the Tuition Programme and your own communication preference.  Current formats include:-

  • Accountability Buddy (with a fellow student)
  • Mentor (with an Associate or Experienced Animal Communicator)
  • Facebook Group support (run by Sarah-Jane)

Please note:  Sarah-Jane’s direct role in any Accountability Check Ins cease on:- 

29th November  


Review of Progress

Our final Session!  This is where we review how far you have come!  There is no room for emotion (unless it is to celebrate!) or self doubt in these sessions.  Not only will we have cleared any doubts, blocks or limiting beliefs during the Coaching Calls but all your progress will be measured using the evidence markers we identified at the beginning.  Demonstrating clearly that you ARE an Animal Communicator – and it’s not just in your head, or you making it up, or you not believing it to be true.  The evidence will be clearly presented to you so you can move forward with confidence and belief in yourself and your ability to make a positive difference in the lives of animals.  Now is that not something!!!


The Exchange For Becoming A Competent and Confident Animal Communicator With Clear Evidence Of Your Ability, Success And Progress:-


Special Tuition Package 

  •  3 months Support
  • Commences 3rd September and ceases 29th November
Content Value Your Special Price
Starting Base Audit £75 £50
Goal Setting Exercise £75 £50
Goal Setting Session £150 £75
Coaching Calls x 2 £150 £150
Accountability £Priceless FREE
Review £150 £75
TOTAL £600 £400

Your Special Personalised Tuition Price: just £400

All of that for LESS than the cost of my one to one coaching time with you!

And because I really want to help you reach your goals…   

  • Save more than £150 off discounted price! 
  • Receive a FREE Planning Guide to support your “Success Schedule” (worth £75)
    • “3 Steps Ahead Planning”

Just £249!!!!    

Must be paid in full by 31st  August.  Thereafter £400