Home Study Course – Professional Practitioner Programme: Fast Track

Become a Professional Practitioner more quickly and for less cost than purchasing all 3 Teaching Levels separately

The Fast Track Option is the crème de la crème of the Professional Practitioner Programme and comes embedded with lots of additional one to one coaching with Sarah-Jane as well as her invaluable Case Study Critique Service.

If you haven’t already enrolled in Level One or Two and absolutely know that you want to go all the way to Level 3, the Fast Track Option is perfect for you. 

The Fast Track Option is set up to support you in moving through all 3 levels, in 12 short months, with lots of inbuilt additional coaching and support that is unavailable when the Levels are purchased separately.  This ensures that you are supported, motivated and stay on track throughout the Programme.

In addition to 12 months of Live Coaching Classes, Facebook Support Group (optional), Accelerated Learning Events, the teaching content already outlined under Levels 1,2, & 3, you will also have:-

  • Weekly accountability to keep you on track to completion
  • Target Dates set to ensure you stay on track
  • 2 Coaching Calls during completion of Level One
  • 1hr Review with Sarah-Jane at the end of Level 1
  • One Case Study Critique at Level One
  • 2 Coaching Calls during completion of Level Two
  • 1hr Review with Sarah-Jane at the end of Level 2
  • One Case Study Critique at Level Two
  • 6 Coaching Calls during the Level 3 element of the Programme

The Professional Practitioner Programme provides the quickest route to becoming a Professional Animal Communicator without compromising on any of Sarah-Jane’s teachings or your learning.

Sarah-Jane utilises her background in Education / Teaching, Personal Development and Belief Clearing to create a robost support system to ensure you are clearing any blocks to your communication work whilst increasing your confidence in your abilities as you move through the Fast Track Programme.

Become a competent – and Confident – Professional Animal Communicator in just 12 months.  


Next Step

It is important to Sarah-Jane that the Fast Track Option is the right and best fit for you.  After all, she wants you to succeed as a Professional Animal Communicator and feel confident in your work. 

By completing an Enrolment Form and then having an “Exploration Call” with Sarah-Jane, together you can decide if this is the right fit for you and determine what, if any, adjustments or additional support may be required for you to complete the course in the most ease-ful way for you.

Whilst Sarah-Jane has never yet had to tweak elements of the course to ensure improved compatibility with her teaching style and the student’s learning style, she is always open to doing that for you.  But in the event that she believes that the Fast Track Option is not the best fit for you or your needs at this time, she will loving tell you so and direct you to something better suited.

It’s important to Sarah-Jane’s integrity as a person and a Teacher that you do not waste your time or your money on something that may not be the best vehicle to take you to your dreams.  

Entry into the Fast Track Programme is by application, followed by an Exploration Call.

  • Download your Enrolment Form for “Professional Practitioner Programme: Fast Track” and submit it to the office. 
  • Book a 1hr Exploration Call to ensure that the Fast Track is the best fit for you and to explore what needs you may have – and how to meet them. Book here using Sarah-Jane’s online diary (should you have any problems, contact the office and book the appointment directly with us).
  • Please note that there are only 2 intakes for the Fast Track per year (April and October).  Enrolments are currently open for April.
  • Full details of the Fast Track Programme Content can be obtained from the office.