Home Study Course – Level 3 – Professional Practitioner Programme

The Professional Practitioner Programme comes with lots of one to one coaching with Sarah-Jane as well as her invaluable Case Study Critique Service.

“Oh Sarah-Jane I always get so excited waiting for your critiques, because no matter how well I, or the client, thinks I’ve done, you always find such beautiful ways to show me how I can grow even more!  I’m LOVING this course more than anything I have ever done in my life before!  Your support has been invaluable and I am learning things at such a deep level in such a fun and easy way!”                           

Colette, Market Rasen

The Professional Practitioner Programme teaches you all you need to know to be fully prepared for working as a Professional Animal Communicator.  Key Teaching Topics include:-

  • Setting up your communication consultations for successful outcomes
  • Compiling your communication findings in the most effective way for change
  • How to remain compassionate and non-judgemental in difficult situations – with either the animal or the guardian
  • Case Studies – each case study is thoroughly critiqued, highlighting your strengths, supporting your emerging strengths and with clear guidelines for any areas that may require development 
  • Digging even deeper on some of Level 2 topics including Tracking Missing Animals, Body Scanning, Changing Behaviour
  • How to use – and transfer – your Intuitive Animal Communication Skills to commune with Nature 
  • Learn how to connect with Non-Ordinary Reality (using Shamanic approaches)


In addition to the academic preparation above, there are  additional teachings focused on supporting you as a Professional Practitioner dealing with clients:-

  • Professional Boundaries
  • Creating Clear Expectations
  • What your role as an Animal Communicator is – and isn’t
  • Dealing with Challenging Situations
  • When you become over invested in a case
  • When – and how – to draw a line under a case


Even if you do not wish to work professionally as an Animal Communicator, many students complete this level because it allows them to know absolutely everything that they can about animal communication.

This allows them to apply their learnings in many different environments without actually being a Professional Animal Communicator:-

  • With their own animal companions
  • With the animal companions of friends and family
  • Animals they care for in rescue centres
  • With their voluntary animal work
  • In their professional animal work ie equine, veterinary practice, animal healing etc


Pre-Requisite:  Completion of Levels One and Two

If you haven’t already undertaken Levels One and Two, you may wish to consider the Fast Track Option (see main page) – all 3 Levels in one Training Package at a discounted price – with additional accountability, 1:1 coaching and support from Sarah-Jane that is not available on Levels 1 and 2. 

AND on the Fast Track Programme, you get to Professional Practitioner Status much quicker than working through the levels individually.   

So cheaper and quicker for you to reach your dreams!

FREE Bonus Gifts To Further Support Your Learning:-

  • Professional Animal Communicator’s Starter Kit 
  • How To Communicate With Animals – A Step By Step Guide to Animal Communication (CD)
  • Overcoming Fear: Part Two (Masterclass)
  • Body Scanning (Masterclass) 
  • Effective Questioning (Masterclass)
  • Confident Animal Communicator – Brain Re-Training Audio (MP3)
  • Shifting The Fear  – move from fearful to flowing (MP3) 
  • Flower Wisdom – discover your unique communication gifts (MP3)

Next Step

It is important to Sarah-Jane that Level 3 is the right and best fit for you.  After all, she wants you to succeed as a Professional Animal Communicator and feel confident in your work. 

By completing an Enrolment Form and then having a “Discovery Call” with Sarah-Jane, together you can decide if this is the right fit for you and determine what, if any, adjustments or additional support may be required for you to complete the course in the most ease-ful way for you.

Whilst Sarah-Jane has never yet had to tweak elements of the course to ensure improved compatibility with her teaching style and the student’s learning style, she is always open to doing that for you.  But in the event that she believes that Level Three is not the best fit for you and your needs at this time, she will loving tell you so and direct you to something better suited.

It’s important to Sarah-Jane’s integrity as a person and a Teacher that you do not waste your time or your money on something that may not be the best vehicle to take you to your dreams.  

Entry onto Level 3 is by application, followed by a Discovery Call.

  • Download your Enrolment Form for Level 3 and submit to the office.  You will then be offered a Discovery Call with Sarah-Jane to ensure that Level 3 is the best fit for you and to explore what needs you have – and how to meet them.
  • Please note that there are only 2 intakes at Level 3 per year (April and October).  Enrolments are currently open for April.
  • Full details of Level 3 Content can be obtained from the office.