Home Study Course – Level One

Level One of the Home Study Course teaches you the principles of Animal Communication and how it is all possible – yes, it is scientifically proven! – as well as all the key animal communication connection techniques. 

Learn how to:-

  • quieten your busy mind
  • have fun opening up your intuition 
  • discover how to frame your questions to the animals for the best results
  • learn how to accurately interpret the communications that come back to you
  • discover the 7 different ways animals communicate with you
  • identify your own unique communication style and strengths
  • Learn how to utilise your unique communication style so you can always communicate with animals in the way that best suits your receiving style

In addition to teaching you the principles of Animal Communication and all the key connection techniques, Level One has a strong focus on activities that help open up your intuition so you are in the best place possible to hear the animals’ messages.

There is 6 months support with Level One that comprises:-

  • Monthly On-Line, Live Teaching from Sarah-Jane where you can also submit questions, share your successes and ask about any challenges you may be facing
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Accelerated Learning Events
  • One x 30min Coaching Call with Sarah-Jane

Free Bonus Gifts:-

  • CD – “How To Communicate With Animals – Step By Step Guide To Animal Communication” (MP3)
  • Top 3 Tips For Communicating With Animals (Video)
  • Still  The Mind (Masterclass)
  • Boost Your Success (Checklist & Planner)


Payment In Full: £495

Instalments: 4 Payments of £145