Home Study Course – Level Two

Level Two of the Home Study Course steps up a gear and teaches you more indepth topics of Animal Communication including, but not exclusively:-

  • Body Scanning for illness
  • Animal Healing
  • Determining if an animal is ready to leave this world – or not
  • Supporting animals as they prepare to transition
  • Understanding challenging behaviour
  • Tracking missing animals
  • Dowsing


The advanced element of Level Two is not just the more advanced teachings above, but in learning the fine art of how to:-

  • Ask more effective questions
  • Avoid interrogation
  • Get to the core of a problem
  • Find positive resolutions


Level Two also has a complete Module dedicated to overcoming blocks and fears.  This Personal Development and Growth Module teaches you how to:-

  • Increase your receptivity to hearing animal’s communications
  • Overcome your blocks – both as a communicator and in other areas of your life too
  • Develop your positive thinking
  • Boost your confidence! 

Level Two is where you really start to GROW! Growing as a person and an Animal Communicator.


Pre-Requisite: Completion of Level One

There is 12 months support with Level Two that comprises:-

  • Monthly On-Line, Live Teaching from Sarah-Jane where you can also submit questions, share your successes and ask about any challenges you may be facing
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Accelerated Learning Events
  • 2 Coaching Calls with Sarah-Jane


When Paid In Full: £745 + 2 Free Bonus Gifts:

  • Shift from “Fearful To Flowing” Teaching Class 
  • “How To Still the Mind” Teaching Class

Instalments: 3 Payments of £249  

Instalments:  11 Payments of £79