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Level One – Introduction to Animal Communication

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Who is the Introductory Course for?

  • YOU! if you are ready to deepen and improve your relationships with your animal companions in the most loving, understanding and compassionate way possible
  • Anyone who works with animals – the teachings in this course will show you how to connect more deeply – and improve your understanding – of the animals you work with
  • Everyone who has a desire to improve and enhance the lives of animals
  • You don’t even need to have animals to do this Course – everything is provided for you!

What are the Pre-Requisites to undertaking this Course?

  • Internet access and an open heart.  That’s it!  Simple!

What do you get?

  • 4 Teaching Modules – containing 20 teaching topics (see breakdown below)
  • 6 months Live Coaching with Sarah-Jane
  • 6 months Private Facebook Group Support
  • Powerful Exercises and Meditations to support your connections and communications with the animals
  • Powerful Exercises and Meditations for your own daily health, peace and wellbeing
  • A Transformational – and Priceless! – Relationship with your beloved animal friend/s


And just for you – my FREE BONUS GIFT – because I’m in an even more care and share mood than usual!

  • A One to One personalised Coach and Review Session with Sarah-Jane at the end of Level One worth £150!


And The Exchange?

Regular (and current) Price £195

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Teaching Modules:-

Module One – Understanding Intuitive Animal Communication

  • Understanding Animal Communication
  • The Importance of Relaxation
  • The 7 Key Communication Tools
  • Preparing for Communication
  • Connecting with Your Own Animal Friend

Module Two – Sending Messages

  • Basic Communication Skills
  • How to Frame your Questions
  • How to Use Your Communication Tools
  • How to Recognise Your Communication Style and Strengths
  • Asking of Your Animal Friend

Module Three – Receiving Messages

  • Preparing to Receive Messages
  • Key Stages of the Communication Process
  • Receiving Messages
  • Message Interpretation and Accuracy

Module Four – Intuitive Animal Communication Practice

  • Setting Up Your Session
  • Case Study One
  • Case Study Two
  • Case Study Three
  • Case Study Four
  • Client Feedback
  • Identifying and Clearing Negative Thought Patterns

And The Exchange?

Regular (and current) Price £195

Your Special Price Today £95

Save £100!