Animal Communication Workshop

The Scotsman Wouldn’t it be amazing to communicate with your animal friends and learn how they are feeling and what they are thinking? Learn How To Communicate with all animals – whether near or far!

Everyone has their own, and often different, reasons for wanting to learn how to communicate with animals.  Yet what unites us all is our deep love for our furry, feathered and finned friends – and our great desire to ensure their lives are as happy and comfortable as possible. 

  • Have you ever been so deeply pained as when you look into your friend’s sad and searching eyes and you have no idea what they want or need? 
  • Have you felt that grip at your heart as you watch them in pain and don’t know what else to do for them? 
  • Have you known that gut wrenching and helpless feeling when you are told your best friend is dying – and you would give anything to know their last requests……
  • Worse still, are you tortured and haunted with “What if’s” and “If onlys” long after your companion has left this world?

If any of that pain is familiar to you, know this:  You can erradicate all of that with Animal Communication.

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Animal Communication is the ability to connect with our animal friends and converse with them using a variety of pictures, thoughts, feelings and /or words.  This is an intuitive ability that we all are born with.  Yes, each and every one of us!  It is not a special gift for the chosen few – it is an innate ability that we are all born with and can all tap back into – even if we have shut it down and it has lain dormant and unused for years.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to connect with your animal friends and be able to check in on their needs ie Do you like your new food? How are you feeling today? Are you in pain? Would you like to get checked over by the vet?  Where would you like to go for your walk/hack? Do you like the new brand of cat litter? Do you need a job? Or, the most painful question of all: Are you ready to leave this physical earth?

Well you can!  Many of you will have already experienced this form of communication with your animal companion/s – usually in times of emergency when our animals work really hard so we can get their heartfelt message.  For example, have you ever “just known” that your friend isn’t feeling well?  That they are bored or even that they are unhappy?  Yes?   

GREAT!  At those times you were intuitively  connected with your companion and understanding the messages that they were sending you.

Even if that hasn’t happened to you, developing your communication skills will not only transform your relationship with your animal friend and enable them to find their voice, but it will almost certainly be a life changing experience for you too.  

Wouldn’t it be great to hear your animal companion’s concerns at any time – and not just in an emergency?

So why not join Sarah-Jane and rediscover your inherent ability to communicate with all animals.  At the very least, you will uncover a powerful tool to deepen the loving relationship and understanding that you already have with your animal companion/s.

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Do you want to:-

  • Deepen and enhance the loving bond you already share with animals?
  • Find out your strongest mode of communication so you can learn to trust information you receive from your animal friends in that mode?
  • Find out who your Power Animal is and how they can support you in your communication work?
  • Clear the blocks that veil and prevent your magnificence as an Animal Communicator?
  • Do you want to make a magical difference in the world of animals and their guardians? 

If you do, what are you waiting for?  Join Sarah-Jane now and allow her to do what she loves to do – teaching and supporting others in making amazing differences to the lives of animals – and their human guardians!

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Would you like to make the kind of difference this student made?  Here is a post that a student posted up on facebook after attending my workshop.

Thank you, thank you , thank you………..thanks to you I literally saved a dogs life today!

It transpired that the dog had a suspected brain tumour and was scheduled to be put to sleep that very evening.  Gill’s amazing work discovered that the dog had horrendous tooth ache and was shaking his head and rubbing against everything in a bid to rid himself of the pain.  After this revelation the guardian took the dog back to the vet who checked his mouth and right enough – he had a tooth infection!  He is now on antibiotics and the appointment to have him euthanized has been cancelled!

Would you like to save an animal’s life like Gill?  You CAN!

Do what Gill did and come along to a workshop. She was extremely nervous and nearly didn’t turn up because she was scared and didn’t believe she could do it!  But she came and she learned how to connect and hear what the animals have to say.  And now she has saved a dog’s life.  It really is that simple.

Workshops are kept small so you can get the BEST support and tuition, so book early to avoid disappointment – as well as secure your reduced Early Bird Booking Fee! 


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  • 22-25th April – Newcastle
  • 6th & 7th May – Alness, Ross-shire, Scotlanad
  • 20th-23rd May – Sussex
  • 17th & 18th June – Berkeley Heath, Gloucestershire

Don’t see a Workshop near you? Contact the office and see how you can help us get one set up in your local area!