Two Day Workshops

Sarah-Jane no longer teaches One Day Workshops as she feels students get so much more out of attending a 2 day teaching event.  In addition to there being more practical experience and learning on over a two day workshop, there is more focus on working more deeply to support your personal growth and development.  This includes exercises and meditations specially designed by Sarah-Jane to identify and clear any blocks you may have to intuitive communication. Thus ensuring that you are as fully equipped to progress with your learning as possible.

Students are always amazed at what they can achieve in the first day and finish the day feeling confident in their abilities.  However, something magical happens by the end of the second day and students leave feeling much more self assured in their abilities and become both excited and inspired about using – and taking – their newfound gifts further.

Sarah-Jane encourages you to continue with your training after the workshop so you can continue developing your newfound skills and keep your confidence high.  Sarah-Jane offers ongoing support to assist you with this (please see “Continuing Support” ).

Day One:

The first part of the morning creates an overview of what Intuitive Animal Communication is and teaches the essentials of how it works – including the science behind the communication process and an explanation of why some people will find communicating with animals easier than others.  Developmental tools will be discussed and practiced to assist you in overcoming any barriers that you may face.

The day is geared around guiding you to that quiet part of the mind that opens the door to intuitive communication and supporting you in finding your key communication method.  The day is relaxed and fun with the intention for you to be inspired to go out and build upon your practice after the day has finished.

Areas that are covered include:

  • Understanding the science behind the communication process
  • How animals send and receive information
  • Activities that stimulate and enhance your intuition
  • Meeting your Animal Guide
  • Learning and practicing with 4 of the 7 key communication tools
  • Working with live animals to build your experience and confidence

Day Two:

You will continue to build upon the teachings of day one to enhance and consolidate your learning.  Additional teachings include:

  • Meditations to identify any blocks to communication
  • Self-healing practices to overcome identified blocks
  • Enhanced intuition and trust exercises
  • Learn and practice with all 7 key communication tools
  • Use Body Scanning to identify areas of dis-ease and pain within an animal’s body
  • Working with live animals to build your experience and confidence
  • Working with animals long-distance
  • Opportunities to work with animals that have crossed over the rainbow bridge
  • Have questions about your own animals answered by fellow students