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Animal Communication Workshops are for anyone who loves animals and has an interest in, or a desire to learn, how to deepen their understanding of animals and how to lovingly connect and communicate with them.

Sarah-Jane’s Intuitive Animal Communication Workshops are designed to create a safe and supportive environment for you to engage with that inner part of you that already knows how to intuitively communicate with animals.  Her unique teaching style encourages self belief whilst gently supporting you on your personal road of discovery.  You will leave the workshop having practiced with a variety of communication methods, knowing what your strongest communication tools are, as well as identifying any individual challenges to communication that you may have.

In order for Sarah-Jane to provide the high level of personal attention that is her natural teaching style, workshop sizes are limited to ensure individual attention and support.

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NB.  Sarah-Jane is currently reducing the number of workshops she runs so she can create time to nurture and develop several exciting new projects as well as continue her own advanced training so she can be the best that she can be for you and your animals.  Should you be keen to get started on your journey of discovery with Intuitive Animal Communication immediately, you may like to consider the Home Study Course.

Workshops and Events

Animal Communication Workshops  

Two Day Workshops Click here for full workshop details

Ever wondered what your beloved animal companion was thinking, feeling or trying to tell you?

Learn the secrets of how to communicate with our beloved animals on these amazing weekend workshops.  You will learn all you need to know over the two days to start communicating with animals both in person and distantly. You will also discover your key communication tools and identify any blocks to your communication practice.  Sarah-Jane will help guide you in overcoming any blocks that you may identify.  There will be lots of opportunities to practice with live animals.

Ballina, County Tipperary – Basic Animal CommunicationSeptember 2019Full details here

Ballina, County Tipperary – Advanced Animal CommunicationNovember 2019Full details here

Omagh, County Tyrone – Basic Animal Communication – Autumn Date to be confirmed – Full details here

Sussex – Basic & Advanced Animal Communication – Autuum date to be confirmed Full details here  

Australia (Melbourne & Perth) – 2019

New York – 2019


Create space to listen to the Calling of Your Soul and re-discover yourself, your Guides, your Power Animals and your Life’s Purpose Full details of Soul Retreats found here

Fife Soul Retreat – Autumn date to be confirmed  Booking info here



Energy Workshops are for anyone who has a passion for self development & personal growth – and healing for the self, others and animals.  Like the Animal Communication Workshops, all Energy Workshops and Courses are similarly designed, to ensure a safe, nurturing environment whilst Sarah-Jane guides you to that inner part of you that already knows what is needed for greater inner peace and balance.

This will be the last year the Energy Healing Workshops run

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Basic Healing Techniques: Level One  – One Day Workshop:

Ever wanted to learn basic healing techniques that you can use on yourself and with friends and family?  Well this fun workshop will teach you just that!  Energy Healing Workshops are relaxed and informal with a mix of theory and hands on practice.  Learn how to feel your own energy and detect blockages in other people’s energy by giving and receiving healing treatments on the day.

More information on Level One: Healing With People

Level One is a pre-requisite for Level Two: Healing With Animals

Basic Healing Techniques: Level Two  – One Day Workshop:

Using Level One as the starting point, this workshop focuses on adapting and applying the

previously learned healing techniques to animals.

Suitable for qualified Bi-Aura Practitioners or those who have undertaken Level One training.
More information on Level Two: Healing With Animals



Glenrothes, Fife – Level One & Two – Spring Date to be confirmed

New Heights, New York – Level One & Two – 28th/29th July