New Year, New You!

I hope everyone has settled back into normality after all the hustle and bustle of December’s festivities.  All of the staff here at Soul 2 Soul Therapy/Pet Whisperer enjoyed some time off which we spent with our families.

Now we are refreshed and back to work, into a brand new year.  Have you made any new year’s resolutions?  Are they realistic?  Managing to stick to them?   I never really have bought into the idea of New Year Resolutions – even as a youngster I saw it as just something else to feel pressure about – or fail at!  That said however, I do completely buy into the notion of taking time to think about how I want my year to pan out and setting goals to that effect.




“If you don’t know where you are going, you will never get there.”

That, for me, is the difference between fantasizing/dreaming of what you want and purposefully taking action to make it happen.  So, now is as good a time as any to start the year as you mean to go on.  Shaking off old habits is not the easiest of tasks – but by identifying and starting new, positive habits, it’s the best way to eradicate what you no longer want in your life.  Research shows that it takes 30 days to build a new habit. So be patient and kind with yourself as you identify what changes you want in your life and then work out what positive steps you need to take to create the life you want to lead.



“A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step”   Lao Tzu.



Whilst you bask in the delights of how your ideal life looks, here are out top tips to help you create positive change – and sustain it!

1.       Make A Vision Board

Make a visual collage of the goals which you have set for 2014. This will allow you to ‘see’ on a daily basis where you would like to be in the future.  Use pictures from magazines and books, write encouraging quotes upon your board, include things which you know will encourage you to stick to your goal and focus on your life changes.  Be as creative as you like.  Once you have completed your board place this in a prominent place so you will see it every day. This will not only help to keep your goals fresh in your mind and give you daily encouragement and inspiration, but will also create a point of focus, which brings positive energy to your goals – and by the universal law of attraction – will attract your goals to you!   We even have one in our office!

2.       Buddy Up

You are more likely to succeeded at your goal if you have someone there to support you.  If a friend or relative shares a similar goal – team up.  Provide support and encouragement to each other when the going gets tough.

3.       Pen To The Ready

Keep a daily diary.  This is another good way to keep track of your progress.  This is a great tool for allowing you to recap on your accomplishments and to help you focus on areas which you may need to improve on.  This is a great place to air all your worries, concerns and accomplishments – try to do this each day.  For those of you on the Animal Communication Home Study Course, Module 5 outlines how to do this in detail with the added benefit of changing negative thoughts into positive ones.

4.       You Are The Director Of Your Life

Only you are responsible for your life – no one else.  This is a challenging concept for many and took me many years to understand – and accept.   It’s easy to blame others or circumstances but ultimately, it’s your life and your decision how to direct it – and your decision how you respond to the challenges that life throws at you.  So it is important to remind yourself of the changes you want and stay strong and focused.  Take little baby steps – you are more likely to succeed if you do it this way.  Reward yourself for every achievement you make – big or small.  Recognising your achievements and valuing your progress helps you stay strong when things become challenging.  Remember, long held views/patterns/behaviours and habits sometimes need more specialist help to shift.  If speaking to your best friend isn’t enough, you might want to consider booking yourself an appointment either with myself or with another qualified practitioner to shift your blocks to happiness.  Be the Director of your own life!  You can do it!

We would love for you to share your journey with us….

The Soul 2 Soul Therapy / Pet Whisperer Team xx

We would love for you to share your goals and manifestations with us….



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