Deep Healing & Growth Package

What is the “Deep Healing & Growth” Package?

This is the “crème de la crème” of healing work with me.  A real deep dive into creating positive change – but always working at the pace and depth that is right for you (this includes your physical body/your energetic body/your conscious mind / your subconscious mind – I ensure that all elements move, grow and heal together at the pace and depth that is right for each component).

I work not only in a deeply powerful way, but by combining a specific range of treatments in a tried and tested sequence to bring you the quickest – and most sustainable – changes.

This package of treatments utilises nearly 20 years of training, experience and qualifications across multiple healing disciplines and draws from, but is not limited to:-

  • Energy Healing – bringing balance and wholeness to the energetic system – so you feel calm, balanced and ready for whatever life brings you
  • Belief Clearing* – releasing out-dated, non-serving or limiting beliefs that hold you back – so you can step into the biggest version possible of yourself, living life as your true authentic self – with less doubts, more confidence
  • Neuro-Linguistic Re-Programming* – re-programming the brain to think/act differently – so you can become free from the patterns of thought and/or behaviour that hurt you/your growth or others.  This is where you change your old patterns! Forever.
  • Quantum Release* – the release of deeply held emotions that are stopping you moving forward – look back on once painful memories/experiences and feel no pain.  This is where you really spring forward!  Light and free.
  • Removal of Fears and Doubts* – the release of crippling fears and doubts – fill your body with positive emotions that you can trigger off anytime you need to feel confident / positive / powerful / strong / fearless – or whatever you desire to feel
  • Soul Healing – retrieving and healing traumatised and hurt parts of your Soul –  feel whole, restored and like you again
  • Power Restoration – retrieving power that has been lost, stolen or taken from you and have it returned back to you – feel powerful again
  • Extraction – removal of large energy block/s – feel light and free
  • Ancestral Healing – healing traumas and abuses from your ancestral lines – freeing you from the unseen and unknown energetic ties of your ancestors that impact on your daily life, keeping you trapped in a restriction that you did not create and so don’t know even exists or how to break out of it  – this powerful healing work frees your children, grandchildren and all future generations from these past ties/restrictions too
  • Past Life Healing – healing traumas and abuses from your past life experiences so the Soul can heal and grow in this life time – freeing you from the unseen and unknown energetic ties of your past life experiences that often keep you playing small, wanting to stay hidden or being fearful of certain situations yet not understanding why.  This is powerful work that presents itself in this lifetime when you are most ready to heal what has gone before.

The Deep Healing & Growth Package draws from the above to create a tailor-made course of 5 treatments, matched to your healing needs, with additional supportive elements embedded into the process to create a fully rounded Deep Healing and Growth Experience for you.

Please Note:  With the exception of the last 3 techniques, all Deep Healing & Growth Packages include all of the above (and some additional, unlisted, techniques too).  Inclusion of the last 3 techniques are completely dependent on whether they are appropriate / the right match for your healing needs at this time so may or may not be included.  All others will be included.

The package consists of:-

  • A Preliminary Diagnostic – where I connect with your Guides and identify what Soul Healing is required.  I will carry that out distantly, prior to our first consultation – 1/2 hour
  • Health & Wellbeing Audit prior to Treatments commencing – 1/2 hour consultation
  • 2 Energy Treatments to prepare the body for deep change – 1hr each
  • 2 Transform Your Life Sessions (includes but is not limited to the components above marked with [*] – full details of these sessions can be found here) – 1.5-2hrs each
  • 1 Shamanic Treatment including any or a combination of the following:- Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval, Extraction, Ancestral Healing and Past Life Healing – 1.5-2hrs
  • Health & Wellbeing Review after completion of treatments – 1/2 hour consultation



Is this for you?

The purpose of this Deep Healing Work is to create quick and lasting change – the skill is in identifying the underlying cause and then applying the appropriate healing technique or modality to clear it at source level

My driver isn’t so much to transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary (though that can happen), but is to support you in shifting from frustration or pain  or “smallness” to living a fuller, more vibrant, more true, aligned life for yourself.  A life where you can find happiness, joy and contentment.  That’s what I want for you.

If you are:-

  • Ready for change
  • Fed up – or even sick fed up – of your life or an aspect of your life
  • Not moving forward because of fears, doubts, beliefs or judgements about your capabilities
  • Running the same old patterns, staying in/returning to the same type of relationships/negative routines /issues
  • Holding beliefs that stop you living more fully ie feelings around not worthy/unloveable/ insignificant/ unimportant /unseen / “Who am I to have….?”
  • Constantly broke/in unhealthy relationships/overlooked at work
  • Held back by past life experiences/abuses/traumas

If any of the above resonates for you, then the Deep Healing & Growth Package is a perfect healing match for you. 

All of the above – and  more – is tackled through the sequence of the Deep Healing Package.  Shifting blocks, patterns, painful emotions and fears even if they have been held your whole life.  Or in another life.  Or in an ancestor’s life….


What is Deep Healing?  And how does it differ from ordinary healing?

To be “healed” is to be whole and in balance.  It is my personal opinion that healing is an ever evolving process of growth and expansion rather than an end goal that is achieved when you do X, Y and Z.  Therefore, I see healing as the act of creating movement towards wholeness and balance. 

Healing can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and/or behavioural.  As each element moves towards wholeness, the different elements function better and begin to work and inter-relate in a more harmonized way, bringing that improved sense of balance and peace.

“Surely That’s Good Enough?” you may ask

Deep Healing takes this a stage further, bringing this sense of balance and inter-relationship not only to all aspects of your internal systems – healing not just each area individually but healing the complexity of the inter-relationships between these different areas too – ie how our emotions can impact our physical health, how our mental thoughts can impact our behaviours, how our behaviours impact our thoughts etc etc. 

Healing at this deeper level, we create deeper connections / more positive relationships firstly within ourselves – establishing an inner strength and balance that isn’t dependant upon anyone or anything outside of us – but also establishing  similar deeper connections / more positive relationships outwith ourselves too ie helping restore our balance and relationships with others (partners, colleagues, family) and beyond (ie communities, any external influencing factors) and even further (ie nature, the planet).  This enables us to handle situations and challenges more easily and more calmly than before from a place of connection, balance and sense of relationship with all around us.


Cost of the Deep Healing & Growth Package

In Full:  £495

Free Bonus Gift:  “Grounding Technique” MP3     

Instalment Option #1:  £249 x 2*       

Instalment Option #2:  £115 x 5*       


*Instalment Terms:-

Instalment Option #1

  • First Instalment to be paid at the time of booking first treatment
  • Second Instalment will be invoiced after 2nd treatment and must be paid before 3rd treatment commences
  • Late payment of 2nd instalment will incur a £10 late payment fee 

Instalment Option #2

  • First Instalment to be paid at the time of booking 
  • Treatments commence after receipt of 2nd instalment
  • Second Instalment will be invoiced  3 weeks later with payment due on week 4, 48hrs before first appointment (it can be paid sooner if you prefer)
  • Third Instalment will be invoiced 3 weeks after first appointment with payment due on week 4, 48hrs before second treatment
  • Fourth Instalment will be invoiced 3 weeks later with payment due on week 4, 48hrs before third treatment
  • Fifth Instalment will be invoiced 3 weeks later with payment due on week 4, 48hrs before fourth treatment
  • Fifth treatment bookable anytime after 4th treatment
  • Late payment of any instalment will incur a £10 late payment fee for each late instalment