Manifest Your Dreams and Desires!

Manifest Your Dreams and Desires!

 – And Have The Life You Desire and Deserve!

Are you ready to live a greater, better, healthier or wealthier life?  Well, you can!  It is completely achievable!  And with this short course, bringing your dreams and desires into reality is right within your grasp…..starting the second week in January.

Do you feel like your life is missing something? 

Or worse  – do you feel like you are living half a life? 

Does your love life fall short?

Or your finances flow out as soon as they flow in? 

Maybe you are basically happy yet feel that life has somehow cut you short?

Or perhaps you have landed on this page because you are raring to grow and expand your consciousness!

If you are feeling the pain of not living your life the way you expected or wanted, then this short course will act as the catalyst to get the life you want – and deserve – back on track. 

Using a blend of energetic, spiritual and practical strategies, you will rocket fuel your mojo and – more importantly – get back in alignment with your soul’s desires so you can attract the life you deserve more easily and effortlessly.

I will be teaching 4 different Manifestation Models so there will be something for everyone’s preferred learning style.

By the end of this 4 week course you will :-

  • Have super clear clarity on how you want to live your life
  • Have closed the gap between where you are now and where you want to be
  • Be in energetic alignment with your dreams and desires
  • Know how to raise your Energetic Vibration
  • Know how to turn on your Manifestation Mode – in an instant
  • Have re-ignited – and embraced – your joy!
  • Discover which of the 4 Manifestation Models works best for you
  • Learn why most people fail at affirmations, visioning and manifestation – and get my top 5 strategies for ensuring you succeed in yours!

Are you ready to commit to having the life you desire and deserve? 

Four short weeks – for a lifetime of transformational teachings, tools and strategies all for LESS than the cost of an “Unblock Your Flow and Release Your Potential” Session with me!  It really is a no-brainer!

Fire up your mojo and ensure that 2018 is going to be your best year yet!

Course Structure

  • Four Weeks of Transformational Teachings including:-
    • What manifestation is and how it works
    • Formulas to get super clear on what you want in your life – and where your gaps in fulfillment are
    • Apply different manifestation models and learn how to combine them for your best results
    • Understand how – and why – your subconscious may be sabotaging your best efforts
    • Create Amazing Affirmations – that work!
    • Make a Vision Board
    • Design your Personal Passion Plan – and embrace your inner Joy
    • Learn techniques to shift your energy and raise your vibration
    • Experience meditations, relaxation and grounding techniques to help you switch on your Manifestation Mode
  • Teachings are delivered through live online classes each week
    • Not very technical? Don’t worry – if you can click a link in an email you can easily join these online classes!
    • Concerned about not being able to attend the live classes?  Again, don’t worry, recordings of all live coaching classes are emailed to you 2 hours after the class takes place – and are yours to keep forever
  • Weekly Playwork to keep you motivated and on track to bringing your desired life into reality
  • Private Facebook Group for sharing progress, continued discussion, support and celebrating successes
  • Power Coaching Sessions to clear your blocks and boost your success can be added onto this Course either now or later

Join us!  And have the life you desire – and deserve!

Support Options

This Course has 5 Packages available – offering you a range of support options.  Don’t know which one to choose?

  1. Look carefully at the different types of support that are available to you
  2. Take a moment to consider how you like to learn and how you best make sustained change. 
  3. Choose the Package that is most closely aligned to your learning needs as this will not only help you stay motivated and on track to creating your new – and improved – life, but will supercharge your success!

“Manifest Your Dreams and Desires” commences Thursday 18th January (8pm-9pm) for 4 weeks – completing Thursday 8rd February.

The first 6 registrants will receive a FREE “Boost – And Retain – Your Confidence” Technique (this retails at £80)

Early Booking really helps the administration process at our end and avoids a last minute rush of registrations and paperwork just before the course commences.  So as a thank you for aiding a smooth lead up to this Course, I lovingly gift you this powerful technique which, once carried out, will not only change and increase your energy vibration but that new vibration will be locked into your energy field – available for you to access any time you need a boost of confidence.

So book now by selecting your best support option before 18th January creeps up and bites you on the bottom!

Basic Course – £120         

  • All the teachings as outlined above    


Silver Level – £199

  • Basic Course
  • Unlimited email or facebook messaging for the duration of the Course – great for private questions around your vision, affirmations, statements and any emerging blocks or limiting beliefs you may notice coming up


Gold Level – £240

  • Basic Course
  • 1hr Power Coaching Session to blast through your limiting beliefs and blocks (Normal price: £150)


Platinum Level – £360

  • Basic Course
  • 2 x 1 hr Power Coaching Sessions to blast through your limiting beliefs and blocks (Value £300)
  • Fortnightly coaching, support and accountability will keep you right on track and help you sky rocket your dreams and desires (Value: £150)


Platinum Plus – £399

  • Basic Course
  • 2 x 1hr Power Coaching Sessions to blast through your limiting beliefs and blocks (Value £300)
  • Fortnightly support and accountability will keep you right on track and help you sky rocket your dreams and desires (Value £150)
  • Unlimited email or facebook messaging for the duration of the Course – great for checking in with private questions around progressing the positive changes from your Power Coaching Sessions, supporting you with deeper emotional release as well as providing ongoing guidance with your vision, affirmations and statements (Value: invaluable)