Learn How To Let Go

– so you can live the life you desire and deserve to have

Are your emotions or attachments to past or painful experiences holding you back from experiencing a full and joyous life?

Do you run the constant “video loop” of something that happened to you, something that you did or something that you saw?  Each time we run that video loop, we re-live the experience and the associated emotions again, strengthening them and embedding them deeper into our energy field and psyche.

The subconscious mind then works ever so hard to protect us from experiencing those painful and often crippling or debilitating emotions again and sets up all kinds of wonderful “stoppers” for us, to prevent us from experiencing that pain again – usually in the form of anxiety, depression and (often) crippling fear.

When you learn how to release these non-serving emotions that can permeate your waking thoughts, invade your sleep, fill you with dread, fear, anger, rage, shame or anxiety, you can then create space for new and more positive emotions to flow in. 

You create space to live a lighter and more joyous life.

The Letting Go class is for you if:-

  • You want to enjoy life more 
  • You want to experience feeling lighter – take the weight off your shoulders
  • You are dreading Christmas because of how you feel – whether it is loneliness, loss, anger, people/family or a specific situation
  • You are coming to terms with betrayal, rejection, violation
  • Life/people have treated you unkindly or unfairly and you are struggling to move past that experience


During the class I will draw from a variety of different teachings and approaches to Letting Go and you will leave knowing how to:-

  • identify where in your body you are holding that experience or emotion
  • release the emotion or experience from your body
  • bring new positive energy into your body to facilitate increased peace and calm


I will use 3 key Quantum Healing Techniques to support you in letting go the emotion/s that are preventing you from living the life you desire – and truly deserve – to live.

Please note: Should the particular experience or emotion/s that you are encountering require more indepth or individual attention, I will happily reimburse you the cost of this webinar against a 1:1 “Blitz The Past” treatment with me.  This offer is valid until the end of January 2018.


Come and join me Thursday 14th December at 8pm for an hour of healing and releasing in a safe and sacred space.