Medicine Wheel Wisdom – Uncovering Your TRUE You

Do You Feel like YOU? 

Or Do You Feel Like The True You Is Hidden Deep Beneath Everyone Else’s Expectations Or Projections Of Who You Should Be?

Would You Like To Live In Closer Alignment With Your True Self? 

…And Then, As A Result, Find Your Path To Greater Peace, Balance Contentment & Self Awareness? 

This 12 month Programme is not about finding a “New You” it’s about re-discovering your “True You”

Start living your true – and best – life now

I saw a quote recently which completely summed up the aim and focus of my “Medicine Wheel Wisdom” programme (full details of programme are further down the page):-

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything.

Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t you so you can become who you were meant to be in the first place.”

Paulo Coelho 

If you are ready to uncover who you are and/or find deeper alignment with your True Authentic Self, then please don’t miss this final run of this transformational programme.

I regularly tweak, revamp and update my programmes, ensuring you are always getting the best from me.  And over the past month I have been drawn to carrying out the “True You” work very differently – as a high end, super focused, laser coaching style programme working with just 2-3 people over a shorter 12 week period.  This will be a much more exclusive way to work with me and what will become my Flagship Healing Programme.  Naturally this more exclusive, personal and tailored programme will be more expensive than the current “Medicine Wheel Wisdom” programme.

But, because I already have participants enrolled in the current 12 month programme, it makes sense to keep it open for anyone new for this last intake – and I still love this programme to it’s very core.  After all, it completely transformed my life.

If you are ready to transform your life – or just want to deepen your self awareness – come and join me for a transformational year, complete with full support which includes:-

  • Weekly check Ins & Accountability for the whole year
  • Monthly 1:1 Review Calls with Sarah-Jane
  • Quarterly Shamanic Treatments with Sarah-Jane
  • End of Quarter 1:1 Review & Support Calls with Sarah-Jane
  • Access to 4 FREE Full Day Events ran by Sarah-Jane to deepen your healing and growth
  • 8 online group meetings (optional)


Medicine Wheel Wisdom

Work With The Wisdom Of The Celtic Medicine Wheel To Find Your Unique Path To Greater Peace, More Balance and Deeper Self Awareness & Connection

This 12 month Programme is not about finding a “New You” it’s about re-discovering your “True You”

Start living your true – and best – life now

Do you know what it feels like to feel stuck, unsure, indecisive, unmotivated, depressed, in pain – and maybe even that you don’t want to be here anymore?

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • “Who am I?”
  • “What am I here for?”
  • “What’s the point?”


  • “I want to feel more deeply connected with life and nature”
  • “I want to live a fuller, more vibrant, more spiritually connected life”
  • “How do I live a life with more peace and balance?”

Take a moment to imagine your perfect day – how does it look?  How does it feel to be living the life you desire?  How good would it feel to know that you always have a wise seer to turn to who will hear you, advise you and direct you with great love and care?  How amazing would it feel to know that you are never truly alone?

How far do you feel from that dream of your perfect day?  Are you close and nearly there or does it feel like the Grand Canyon stands between where you are now and where you want to get to?

You are not alone. 

When you are near, you  might just need a little hand to lift you that extra bit higher so you can reach and touch your dreams of a more balanced/connected life.  And if you are far from it, then all you need is a larger hand to guide you over the chasm that always feel much larger and insurmountable than it ever actually is.

So what’s stopping you claiming back your life or stepping into a fuller life?  Is it fear?  Does fear grip you?  Fear of change? Fear of what might be ahead? Fear of the unknown?

Or maybe it’s a lack of confidence?  

Whatever it is that is stopping you take that vital first step to fully claiming your life back, know you are not alone in facing that.  And know that these fears can be overcome – all of them.  No matter how long they have been around.  No matter how much you have tried to blitz them before. 

How do I know this?  Because I have overcome similar fears and I have supported many, many clients and students overcome them too. 

During a period of debilitating Post Natal Depression where I just wanted to die, my first step back to myself was connecting with the “Medicine Wheel”.  I had never heard of Medicine Wheels before, knew nothing about this type of work but as soon as I sat in that workshop, I felt like I had “come home”.  Why?  Because I had been shown a way to connect with myself – with my core – with my Soul.  And when we connect with our Soul we are home….

“Medicine Wheel Wisdom” is a beautifully crafted programme of healing, growth, expansion and empowerment that will help you transform like a caterpillar into the beautiful, bright and vibrant butterfly that you are destined to be. 

Working with the Celtic Medicine Wheel which follows the nature cycles, will allow you to re-connect with nature, Mother Earth, your Guides and Power Animals who are all desperately wanting to support and guide you (see further down for information on how the season’s will support your opening, release, healing and growth). 

Working in this way allows you to re-connect with yourself so you can start to re-engage with your Soul.  Hear your Soul’s desires so you can fulfil them and find your inner happiness, balance, strength and connection.  Find your way again! Find YOU again – your TRUE you.

Are you ready to metamorphose into the beautiful, bright and vibrant butterfly that you long to be?  The beautiful, bright and vibrant butterfly that you know you can be with the right support, guidance and direction?

Yeah!  What are you waiting for?  Come on board with “Medicine Wheel Wisdom” now and know you need never feel alone in this world ever again.


Your journey of greater self awareness and re-connection to you, and all around you, starts here.

There is only one question you need to ask yourself:- 

“What is the cost to me if I choose to do nothing and stay exactly where I am?”

  • Imagine experiencing a deep, inner connection with yourself that brings you so much peace regardless of what is going on around you
  • How great would it feel to know that you have the skills, support, guidance and direction from your most trusted allies to get you back on track with life no matter what faces you?
  • Feel the wonder of being alive and connected with everything around you
  • Imagine being able to tap into your own inner joy at will, knowing no-one can touch it or take it from you – not a grumpy partner, bad tempered boss, annoying neighbours or infuriating relatives
  • How amazing to feel the sheer deliciousness of living a life in balance, peace, love and connection

Cost of Year Programme: £1,500

Payment in full: 

Payment in 4 instalments:-

£438  per Direction/Season, invoiced the week before the new Direction starts

Doors Close for Direction North on 10th January 2020

Next intake for Direction East opens March 2020


The Practical Details of “Medicine Wheel Wisdom” for those that like to know the nuts and bolts of it all:-

The Medicine Wheel represents the natural cycles of life and shows how all of nature – including humans – move, grow and evolve through each of the seasons.

Working with the Medicine Wheel you will learn:-

  • About the Seasons, Directions and energetic forces of the Medicine Wheel and how each influences your life – so you can work with them rather than unconsciously work against them – or be at the mercy of them
  • How to journey to divine information and guidance – so you can obtain positive guidance on your life, situation/s, relationship/s, direction and purpose
  • Who your Guides, Power Animals and Seasonal Elements and Directions are
  • How to work with the Medicine Wheel to identify blocks and obstacles – and discover how to overcome them 
  • How to work in harmony with each of the seasons – so you can experience greater flow and balance in your life
  • How to access the Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel to get your life back on track
  • How to align with your Guides, Power Animals, Elements and Directions so you can live your best life
  • Discover all the support mechanisms and networks you need to transform your life – they are there, waiting for you!

If you are ready to tap into the Medicine Wheel Wisdom to increase your self awareness, heal your past, identify and break down blocks so you can begin to live the life you desire and deserve, sign up for the “Medicine Wheel Wisdom” Programme and start your transformation today.

This Programme is not about finding a “New You” it’s about re-discovering your “True You”.

Start living your true – and best – life now.


Additional Support included in this Programme

Medicine Wheel Wisdom is a 12 month programme working with the seasons:-

  • Winter – Direction North 
    • Time to hibernate and dive deep into rest and rejuvenation.  Time to plant the seeds of our desires and manifest the life we desire
  • Spring – Direction East 
    • Time for new beginnings and possibilities.  Explore the mental realms and the thoughts, beliefs and patterns that are holding us back
  • Summer – Direction South 
    • Working with the power of the sun it’s time to burn through your blocks and limitations
  • Autumn – Direction West 
    • Just like the trees who lose their leaves, we surrender all that no longer serves us, ready to re-plant our new desires and start the cycle all over again…. 

Each Season (or Direction) covers a 3 month period and has clear start and finish points throughout.  The Programme is predominately online and includes the following additional Support:-

  • Monthly Check In with Sarah-Jane
  • End of Direction Check In with Sarah-Jane
  • Quarterly Shamanic Treatment with Sarah-Jane to:-
    • assist in healing any issues that may have arose for you working with the element of the season
    • bring closure to that season
    • prepare you in opening up for the next season
  • 4 FREE full day events with Sarah-Jane
  • Weekly Accountability and Check-In email correspondance
  • 8 online Group Meetings (optional)

Do you want to bring greater balance and more ease to your life?  Are you ready to heal and grow and re-discover the True You? 

Come and join me for a joyous year around the Celtic Medicine Wheel experiencing “Medicine Wheel Wisdom” every step of the way!

Your journey of greater self awareness and re-connection to you, and all around you, starts here

Cost of Year Programme: £1,500 

Payment in full:

Payment in 4 instalments:-

£438 per Direction/Season, invoiced the week before the new Direction starts


Doors Close for Direction North on 10th January 2020

Next intake for Direction East opens March 2020


A Final Thought:

Take a moment to think about your life.  Are you happy?  Even if you are, I invite you to ask yourself: “Am I happy enough?”.  Then wait and see how you feel/your body responds when you truthfully answer that.  After all the body never lies…

If you are fed up living a life that isn’t the life you desire, and are living life in a way that doesn’t fuel your Soul or bring you joy and happiness, all I want for you is to know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Often, people think that how they feel about themselves or their life would change if only they had a better/different job, or a partner who would do x,y,z, or if they lived in a bigger/better house/neighbourhood, had more money or parents who loved them.  The list is endless….

Yet whilst these things can factor in our “Happiness Score” they are rarely at the root of it.  Let’s face it, we have all come across people who don’t have what is socially considered to be a “good” job, or great housing or a lot of  money or have a tragic background of childhood abandonment and/or abuse, yet they can have inherent happiness.  And love their life. 

So why can’t everyone have that?

That’s because happiness really is an inside job.  And if you are living your life from the inside out, you can’t help but find happiness.  Because you are living your life as your True You.  The YOU you were born to be.   And it is that, that brings happiness and contentment, regardless of the external circumstances.

I have been working with clients for more than 15 years, supporting them in healing emotional wounds, healing the many layers of childhood conditioning and expectation, finding who they really are – and uncovering how they really want to live their life.    And several years ago I packaged up the best of my healing techniques & transformational strategies and created a 12 month programme following ancient shamanic healing traditions that work in connection with nature and the nature cycles – every step of which, takes you closer towards uncovering your True Authentic Self.  So you can BE you.  Feel like you.  And LOVE you.

The real you.  The True You.  The YOU you were born to be.

If you are ready to live a life that is more aligned to the truth of who you are, then come and join me – knowing that I have been through this process of transformation and will hold your hand if you get scared and help you navigate new, unfamiliar areas.

And remember, you have your quarterly treatments to deepen the opening, releasing and healing process.

Cost of Year Programme: £1,500 

Payment in full:

Payment in 4 instalments:-

£438 per Direction/Season, invoiced the week before the new Direction starts