Medicine Wheel Workshop

Ever felt completely alone in the world and just didn’t know which way to turn?  I have – and it was the most horrible experience of my life.

When I was at my lowest point I came across a workshop called “The Shamanic Calling” – I had no idea what Shamanism was but just knew I had to be at that workshop.

That day – and that workshop – was the start of a transformational journey for me.  A journey that I never, ever, walked alone.  I discovered at that workshop that we are never alone.  Not ever.  We all have a team of unseen Guides, Power Animals and Helpers – the workshop taught me how to access them and more importantly, how to work with them so I could bring balance and more direction and purpose to my life.

And now it is my turn to give back and teach you how to access your team of unseen helpers too!  I want you to know the support and direction you too can have – at all times.

This workshop is an introduction to Shamanism and working with the Celtic Medicine Wheel.  After all, we are all Shamans!  At least in the sense that we all have the capacity to connect with our Guides and the other realms.  Calling yourself a Shaman is a whole other topic – and one that we will cover on the workshop!

The workshop is a hands on experiential day – so we will be doing it!  Not just talking about it.  During the workshop you will:-

  • Activate your inner Shaman – and be able to travel between the different realms and divine information to support your life and direction
  • Discover what key Guides and Power Animals are with you – and build relationships with them
  • Know who your Protector is – and how work with them to protect yourself from others’ negative energy
  • Understand how the Medicine Wheel can support, direct and enhance your daily life – every day of every year
  • Understand your own internal Medicine Wheel – what life/dream you are playing out and how you can lovingly re-direct that so it is in alignment with your True Self and the life/dream your True Self aspires for you
  • Discover what layers of beliefs, attitudes and fears are preventing you from living your best life – and receive the guidance that will lovingly de-construct them

If you are ready for change – even if you don’t know what that change is – come and join me for a day of loving exploration of the self. 

Are you ready to be living a life that is not only full of purpose but living bang on purpose?  If so, it would be my honour to support you in finding your Best Self – your True Self – and to show you the tools that will help you stay in alignment with that long after the Workshop has finished. 

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Glenrothes, Fife

Date: Sunday 16th September
Times: 10-4pm
Venue: Fife Chiropractic Clinic, Woodside

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Early Bird (until 10th September) £65 

Regular Ticket (11th September) £85