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I hope you are enjoying this glorious weather we are having.  I know I am!  I LOVE the sun.  If the sun is shining I never want to be indoors!  Housework is left, non essential computer tasks are left to after sunset and the children moan that meals are never on time.  Sadly though, our animals really suffer at this time of year and still we hear of dogs dying in hot cars despite all the media warnings.  So, if like me, you love the sun and can’t wait to get out in it, take a moment to spare a thought for our animals.  Leave dogs at home at peak heat times (11am – 3pm) and ensure outdoor animals have plenty shade and access to water.

When did you last count your blessings?  I know I am not always as good at that as I would like, but I’ve been counting my blessings recently – lots.  I have had such amazing experiences at work with so many different animals.  And the highlight of this month was being asked to open the Kilmany Dog Charity Event – proceeds going to German Shepherd Rescue, Springer Spaniel Rescue and Dogs for the Blind Rescue.  It was a truly amazing day and I had the privilege of speaking to, and supporting, many wonderful animals.

German Shepherds

I count my blessings as I see the magic and wonder of Intuitive Animal Communication and Bi-Aura Therapy work all around me every day.  Seeing the transformations take place as animals are heard and their feelings and opinions valued.  For those with more deeply rooted issues, therapy work has really supported them in building their confidence and letting their individual lights shine.  And it never ceases to amaze me how many guardians email me to say that they can really see their animal friend “coming into their own” during a course of therapy work.  Wonderful, wonderful stuff.  Magical.

It is no secret that I feel entirely blessed to be able to do the work I do.  It is also no secret that I do not believe that I am special in my ability to intuitively communicate with animals.  I believe that each and every one of us has the capability to connect intuitively with our animal friends and deepen the wonderful, loving relationships that we already have with our furry, feathered or hooved companions.

If you want to learn how to open this wonderful door of connection, or want to know how to communicate even more effectively with your own animal companions, then join me on any of my forthcoming workshops.  There is something for everyone from the complete beginner, to the more advanced and for those wanting to refresh.  Click here


There are also both England and Scotland dates for learning basic energy healing techniques too – always great, fun filled days of love, laughter and healing!

Feeling your energy

It would be great to see you at any of the events – live or on-line.  And please take advantage of the FREE Teleclasses – they are there to help and support you in your quest to communicate with animals.  Numbers for all classes and workshops are limited (to ensure personal attention and support) so please contact the office to note your interest as soon as possible.

I would like to finish my first official blog by encouraging you to make comments so you can engage with me and our thriving community of animal loving friends.  Let us know what you would like to see written here – as always we will do our best to serve you in the way that you need.

Until next time, with much love and blessings – and make a point to count your blessings today!

Sarah-Jane x




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