Preparing For Life, Transition – And Beyond

Have you ever had that situation where you look at your beloved animal companion and you see – maybe for the first time – that they are through what I call “The Golden Gate”?  You know, that point of no return in their life’s journey.  That moment in time where you recognise that (what often feels like all of a sudden) they are in their Golden Years.  Through The Golden Gate, on that one-way Golden Road towards the Rainbow Bridge.

Maybe, as it did for me, it came as a shock to you.  A sudden realisation that your precious 4 legged, furry, winged or finned animal friend was no longer in the throes of youth. 

“How did it happen so quickly?” was what I asked myself….  Did I miss something?  

Or maybe your precious companion isn’t in their Golden Years at all, but is still walking that Golden Road to the Rainbow Bridge….long before you expected it to happen….

Or worse still, maybe your animal friend died quickly or young.  With no warning or time for you to prepare.

Whatever your scenario, it’s a painful time.  Sometimes a guilt ridden time.  A time that for some, means recovery is a long, long process.  And one that some people never actually recover from….. 

It doesn’t have to be like that!

It’s been a long held dream of mine to create a programme around Transition – helping people avoid the pitfalls – and pain – that I experienced, even with all my training and knowledge.  But what started out as preparing for transition, soon became about dealing with the aftermath too – for so many of my clients have been left bereft and broken hearted when their animals left this physical world.  Some still in pain many decades later….  And I wanted to help those people heal that pain.  And show them how to reconcile with their animal friend/s in spirit….

And then there was that feeling – that desperate wish of regret that I had: “Oh I wish I knew back then what I know now”.  And I want to prevent you from experiencing that awful, gnawing feeling of questioning whether you did enough…

So whilst this Programme is titled Transition, it’s really a Programme For Life – giving you everything you could ever wish – or  need – to know from the moment you bring your dog, cat, small furry, goat, donkey, pony or horse into your life.  And everything you need to know to stay connected with them in the Afterlife.

AND everything you need to know to be able to save hundreds – and possibly thousands – on vet bills, unnecessary medications, procedures, interventions,  mis-matched healing approaches – and even Animal Communication Consultations!

Yes, I’m doing myself out a job with this Programme….

A Programme For Life – And Beyond

So who is this programme aimed at?

  • It was initially designed to help you avoid feelings of guilt, regret or remorse around the loss of an animal companion by teaching you how to be prepared and to arm you with everything you would need to know ahead of time – setting the right foundations for good health and longevity – right from the minute you bring your animal friend into your life.
  • Then it quickly became a programme focussed on how to deal with those feelings of guilt, regret or remorse – because so many people are still carrying those feelings long after the event….. 
  • And it has now evolved to include teachings on how to release the deep and often intense feelings that you are left with long after your companion has departed this world – so you can free yourself from guilt and/or pain and start to live more fully again.  Just as your animal companion would want you to.
  • And, as a beautiful extra, I will share meditations with you to help you connect with your beloved animal companions that are still here with you as well as share meditations to help you connect with those companions now in Spirit.

So this programme is for you if you:-

  • want to create the best possible set up for health and wellbeing for your animal friend/s – right from the beginning.  Or right from now.
  • are concerned about the aging process – and want to know what signs to look out for and when
  • want to know and understand what preventative measures you can put in place long before your companion goes through “The Golden Gate”
  • want to ensure you are doing the right thing/s for your animal companion at all stages of their life – and especially their last stages (regardless of whether they are old or young)
  • want to learn how to communicate with your animal companion so you can check in on how they are feeling on a day to day basis
  • want to know what complementary  health care options are available to you and your animal friend
  • what to expect from your vet – what’s available /what you can ask for
  • want to learn how to support your companion’s transition
  • are experiencing deep grief from the loss of a beloved animal friend
  • what steps to take for yourself when dealing with your grief
  • are ready to let go of the deep pain/guilt/regret/remorse/anger that is holding you back – so you can start to live more fully again (as your animals want for you!)
  • want to learn how to connect with your companion/s on the other side
  • learn to create simple transition and honouring ceremonies to support your beloved animal friends – even after they have left this earth

The Juicy Content:

Week 1 – Setting the best foundations for health and wellbeing 

  • Learn what aging signs to look out for – and when
  • Discover a wide range of options you have for health care
  • Guest Speaker –  vet input on taking care of small animals
  • Guest Speaker – vet input on taking care of large animals

Week 2 – Preparation for Transition

  • How to ensure your animal companion’s needs and wishes are heard – and met
  • Giving Permission
  • Animal Communication Meditation
  • Support Options for your animals

Week 3 – Actual Transition

  • Preparation – ticking all their boxes for them
  • Direct and Indirect support for your animal friend
  • Guest Speaker – What to expect from your vet
  • How to create a Transition Ceremony
  • Understanding that “Empty” Feeling – and what can help

Week 4 – After Transition

  • What to expect
  • How to prepare yourself
  • The key issues that people face after the loss of an animal companion
  • How to manage the grieving process
  • Guest Speaker – Pet Bereavement Services 
  • Why animals die
  • Connecting in the After Life – Meditation for Connecting with Animals in Spirit

Week 5 – Dealing With Grief

  • When you think you have let them down/done the wrong thing by them…
  • Working with 2 participants live to release and clear trauma
  • How to create an Honouring Ceremony
  • Grief Release Group Meditation

When & Where

From the comfort of your own home.

The 5 week programme commences Thursday 28th May  – You can still join us as each class stands alone, so don’t worry about being “behind”.  You will have access to all the classes once you are signed up.

Running every Thursday 8-9pm UK time

All classes will be recorded and uploaded to a membership site for lifelong access


Normal Exchange:  £397

Coronavirus Exchange:  £297 


Free Bonus Gifts:

  • Guilt Releasing Chakra Healing Meditation
  • Learn How To Communicate With Animals CD (mp3 version)
  • Easy Animal Communication Meditation*
  • Connecting With Animals In Spirit Meditation*
  • Deep Emotional Release Meditation*

*These meditations will be contained within the 5 week programme but will also be recorded professionally after lockdown and will be available as separate, easy to access, meditations – available for you anytime you want to use them