Reconnecting With My Amazing Community

Have you ever experienced that awful feeling of waking up in the middle of the night with a gnawing feeling about something you have either forgotten to do or need to do?  That same feeling that hits you like a bolt whilst catching up with a friend, watching a movie or when you are trying to relax?  Well, that’s been going on with me for ages as I keep realising that another week, another month and yet another, has gone by and I haven’t sent out a newsletter!  I’ve really been beating myself up over that…..  So I am really delighted to be back here with you again.
The summer is always a real challenge for me as I juggle carrying out a job I love with spending time with the children whilst they are on school holidays. And this year was no exception.  If anything it was even more of a challenge as I really wanted to spend as much time with the children as possible, especially as my youngest was starting school this year.  I had a real awareness that there would now be no more opportunities to have fun in the afternoon with him or spontaneously take him out of nursery and go on an adventure with him. I really felt that heavy sense that time is flying by too fast for me and I can’t get it back….  That required a change of thinking!  I now feel so much lighter seeing that we now have new adventures and new opportunities awaiting us both.
So the past week has been particularly busy for me as I return to work after my summer break and I see my last baby off to school (yes hankies were at the ready last wednesday!). Scroll to foot of newsletter for a picture of my (very tired) big boy after his first morning of school – jumper on back to front and one shirt collar in and one out – and too exhausted to smile for the camera because he’d been up since 5:45am waiting to go to school!
Yet despite the busy-ness and the juggling – and trying to fit in lots of fun and special things with my son before he starts full days at school next week – I have been in real creative flow with lots of ideas and projects coming up for exploration.  Watch this space for new ways for me to serve you!
And it was this morning whilst out walking Lady and thinking about which topic to write about in my newsletter (I have a zillion things I want to share with you!) that I suddenly had the idea to do a video!!!!!  I thought it would be much more personal and more engaging – and a nice way to reconnect with you after such a long absence.  I warn you though, it’s spontaneous and unedited – just me after walking my girl Lady in the woods.  Enjoy!


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4 Responses to Reconnecting With My Amazing Community

  1. Louise Miller says:

    I loved watching your video and feeling as though we were connecting face to face once again! I appreciate your apprehension of being taped but it is a joy hearing you speak and sending us such wonderful thoughts. I am sending you the same!

    Thank you Sarah-Jane.


    • Thank you Louise. It’s funny, now I’ve done a couple and the feedback has been so positive, I feel more relaxed and I, too, feel like I’m talking to you face to face. I never thought I would have heard myself say that I’m LOVING doing the videos! As long as no one minds the casual look and dodgy editing!!!!

  2. Suzanne Crawford says:

    I loved the video!! I love listening to your Scottish accent!! One if my favourite accents!! I am South African😉. It was convenient to merely watch the video, I am a slow reader, so it helped me a lot on stitching time. Have an awesome day!! 😁

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