Riding On The Crest Of The Wave…..

I am noticing with loving observation and great compassion how many of my clients, colleagues and friends are feeling at the mercy of their emotions just now.  They are in varying stages of this emotional onslaught – for some the emotions are quietly, but relentlessly, lapping at their ankles. Some feel they are in a shallow pit of depression whilst others feel they are drowning in turbulent seas with high tidal waves of emotion crashing around them without direction or purpose.

Does this resonate for you?  Or perhaps you are experiencing more of a challenge with who you are just now and where you are going in life?  Are you questioning whether you are following your soul’s true purpose? Or perhaps you are questioning whether you even have a purpose?

If none of that resonates for you just now – great!  I truly am delighted that you are swimming with the tides so effortlessly in this time of autumnal change.  If this does resonate with any part of where you are at just now: “Welcome to the Way of The West!”  We are currently in Direction West (Water) in the Celtic Medicine Wheel – the element of water and the emotional realms.  This is the time of the emotions!


This is my second year of travelling with the Celtic Medicine Wheel with awareness – and I am managing so much better this year!  Last year I was on my knees – quite literally.  When I was asked to summarise my experience of being in Direction West (referred to as Water) last December, my response was a depressive”Turbulent”.  This year I have been able to use last year’s experiences to support an easier and more fluid ride through Water where I can swim with the tides rather than against them.

My experiences last year found me crying for days on end, questioning what my life’s purpose was and where I was going.  I felt I had lost my way and no longer knew what my soul’s true calling was.  My ride through Water was turbulent and choppy and I found myself questioning everything in my life. I remember watching the geese departing and feeling jealous as I longed to be flying high with them instead of being here feeling stuck – with very clipped wings.

In comparison, this year has been a much more fluid journey where I am ebbing and flowing with the tides of emotion rather than fighting them.  I encourage you to do the same, whatever your personal challenges may be.

I am actively using water to aid my own personal healing in this natural time of casting off the old.  Whether it be unwanted or outdated patterns, behaviours, friends, clothes or anything else that there is no room for in my life anymore – instead of fighting it, I am moving with it, always open to letting go and releasing.  Emulating nature, and it’s natural surrender to the dying and letting go process.

In the main, (this year!) it has been an easy flow – when I listen and respond to my emotions – constructively working with the issues they raise.  At times it has been painful and I had nearly 3 weeks of intense back pain after finally tapping into the very core of a long held challenge in my life.  The back pain is now gone and so is the old pattern.  Hallelujah!  Bring on Water!

The Medicine of Water is “POWER”. This time in Water is all about being true to our feelings and our authentic self – that is when we are most powerful. By giving ourselves permission to experience whatever emotions arise – and working with them – allows us to unlock the door to our soul’s true calling.

Whilst this can be a challenging time, it is also a time of great discovery, enrichment and POWER as we openly and loving embrace our true self.  There is nothing more powerful than being your true, authentic self: standing in your own skin, knowing who you are and what you are here to do.

Here are my top tips for supporting you through this potentially challenging and unsettling time:-

  • Drink lots of water
  • Swim, bathe, shower, have saunas,
  • Spend time near water – burns, streams, rivers, lochs, sea
  • Be in water – walk in the rain, splash in puddles, rage at the sea
  • Walk, run, exercise to ground yourself and your emotions
  • Allow the winds to blow the cobwebs away
  • Surround yourself with loving friends who will listen if you need to talk
  • Be gentle, and, more importantly, be compassionate with yourself

Even if you are swimming effortlessly through Water, the above will all aid your general wellbeing in these times of natural change.

I encourage you to embrace your emotions – let them have space and be open to where they take you…..

Please let me know how you get on.

Where is Sarah-Jane?

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What’s New?

CD – my new CD is finished and because I want to get it right for you, I am awaiting group feedback from the new Bi-Aura Therapy Students incase any last minute adjustments are required before it goes to mass production. I hope they like it!!!

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  1. A 30 minute Animal Communication Consultation where I explain to your beloved companion where you/they are going and what will be happening.
  2. An MP3 recording where I will guide you through the process of explaining to your companion that you are going away and how to update them on what is happening. A CD version could also be available – let me know what format you would prefer!

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Remember and let me know your thoughts on this blog – and whether you prefer MP3 format or CD.

Wishing you effortless swimming with the tides…..

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6 Responses to Riding On The Crest Of The Wave…..

  1. Liana Ledwith says:

    Sounds as if you wrote this personally for me! Rings so true. Am surrounded by water here in the Lakelands of Fermanagh, not to mention our high rainfall. Take it for granted but now ready to embrace this natural element and look forward to its healing properties. Thank you for your insight.

    • Many clients have emailed to say they felt it was personally written for them too. Just goes to show none of us are alone with the challenges that are presenting just now. A perfect time to reach out in support to those around us.
      Enjoy the beautiful waters that are around you Liana – it’s a privilege to be so close to nature. Looking forward to meeting you in Edinburgh at the Animal Communication Workshop!

  2. Carol Mason says:

    This explains a lot! Things are happening in my life that I cannot control and sometimes it’s hard to keep being the strong person. I’m going to try your suggestions. Much love as always to you and yours Sarah-Jane.
    Carol x

    • Yes Carol, it is hard being the strong one all the time. Water teaches us to let go and go with the flow. I trust my suggestions are useful to you in creating your flow through these current challenges.

  3. Anabrese says:

    Hi Sarah, I can totally relate to your post, there is so much change going on the world at this time and is affecting us all, calling each one of us to truly walk/find our path/soul purpose. It can be very disorieting at time and at times, liberating. As you say, the water and the waves are such a good metaphor for riding the waves of the challenges that come our way. We are all being pushed to go beyond our comfort zone, I believe. Learning to just Be and go with the flow is ever more important.

    Well wishes on your journey

    • Yes Anabrese, I too, believe that we are all being guided to walk our true path, to shine our light and own our own power. And of course you are right, it can be scary as well as liberating – going with the flow is, indeed, the easiest way to find where you are meant to be. Best wishes to you on your journey too.

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